Sorry Liberals,There are no Oppressed Americans


The only truly oppressed groups I know of are the working class and taxpayers.

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15 Responses to Sorry Liberals,There are no Oppressed Americans

  1. MacDoctor says:

    Indeed. A taxpayer has no choice about his contribution to government. Unpleasant things will happen to him if he does not pay.

    And even Pharaoh’s slaves only had to give him 20% of their produce. Therefore we are less than slaves…

    • Darin says:

      Yes,I have argued before that paying punitive taxes,especially payroll taxes,is akin to slavery.The example I used was Social Security tax,it’s a system I was born into,that I had no say in and don’t have a choice in paying that takes 14-15% of my gross income.How is that not like slavery?I have also maintained that if most workers had that money back,they could easily afford buying their own health insurance.

  2. Warren Tooley says:

    The power to tax is the power to destroy.

    • Darin says:

      It definitely isn’t a wealth creator as Nancy Pelosi once claimed.

      I have and will always be in favor of a Constitutional amendment making sales tax the only legal form of taxation.It will never happen though because the government will never cede power back to the taxpayer/producer.

  3. Warren Tooley says:

    Actually Darin, Warren G Harding, and now Trump have made steps towards that. They both reduced or will reduce income tax by a country mile, by raising a tax on imported goods, and in Hardings case drastically cutting government spending. Their were only 3 taxes, import tax, domestic sales tax and property tax. And while the US held to that, their were budget surpluses in almost every year.

    When Warren G Harding and Coolidge to power came their were budget surpluses in almost every year. And in Harding’s first year, unemployment went from 12% to 6%. So it isn’t quite as good as no income tax, but its going in that direction.

    • Darin says:

      The system I have in mind is a two-tiered system of sales tax and tariffs.

      The first tier sales tax would be 30% on new,mass produced consumer goods.All of the stuff at the local big box store (Walmart.Target,Cosco etc) would be taxed at 30% at the register.All those companies will be employing fewer and fewer people as time goes by,but they will still have 30% or better of the market place.So as an example,that brand new $40,000 car which just rolled off the assembly line would cost $52,000 after tax.

      The second tier would be 10% on low production new merchandise and used or re-manufactured items.So as an example,that 10 year old $20,000,newly re-manufactured car would only cost $22,000.

      What this would do I believe is create a demand for low volume,custom built items,used items and re-manufactured items all of which would be produced by small mom&pop businesses and craftsmen.This I believe would make small entrepreneurship possible again and lead to full employment.
      This would also help close down landfills and help end needless pollution.I’m no tree hugger,but I do believe we are wasting resources and polluting the environment in the current disposable culture.

      The two tiered tariff system would be based solely on market access and trade balance.The more open the market the lower the tariffs.I say that with a caveat however,we should only trade for items and products we don’t domestically produce.

      • Warren Tooley says:

        That’s very similiar to what I had in mind. Domestic Sales tax is 10% or less. For instance 4% in Hawaii. While tax on imports has been far higher, in previous US history. So right their the overview of your idea and mine are almost identical.

        The way I’m interpreting your idea, is that new stuff will be imported into the US, some of it that is. And the old stuff will be assembled in the USA. Your higher percentage will also make up for the property tax, but not make up for the unemployed tax accountants. So all in all, this way instead of saying tariff and sales tax, your saying new luxury goods this rate, assembled in USA goods lower rate.

        So you wouldn’t get called protectionist.

        • Darin says:

          Not a protectionist,instead a nationalist/localist.
          As to what we import,only things we can’t manufacture on our own.This wouldn’t apply to raw materials,only finished products,and there could be exemptions for food and drugs since those are life requirements.

          It’s a silly system we have now where a $.10 bar of soap is manufactured in China,shipped 8,000 miles,trucked half way across the country and sold for $.85 when we could make it here,even locally,have a better product,and employ people in the process.

          Let’s take it further with the same example. The soap from China would cost $1.30 on the shelf,Domestic mass produced would be $1.00 and locally produced would also be $1.00 but after the sales tax our three choices would be $ 1.69 – $1.30 – $1.10 which would you buy? More precisely which would you buy if one was produced by someone in your own town?See where I am headed?
          Back in the day,if we bought something “imported” it was because the item either wasn’t available locally,or the imported item was of superior quality.Now it’s all mostly just cheap junk and common day to day items we used to make locally.
          One historical example in the US was Sheffield steel.There was a time long ago that no one in the US could produce steel used to make cutting edges in tools.All of it was imported from England and at a significant price.Some industrious gents here realized that they could produce steel as well and cheaper than the British product.They had an immediate advantage over the Brits,simply because they didn’t have to ship it across the Atlantic and so an industry was born.

          I want us to return to a time when we were an industrious people and able to stand strong again.

          More like Switzerland and less like Venezuela.

  4. Warren Tooley says:

    Oh I forgot, income tax is a wealth creator for the tax accountant.

  5. Warren Tooley says:

    This should really make you smile, if you don’t like unfair taxes: