Australian Government Gender Bender

More proposed child indoctrination as detailed here by The Independent Man-


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2 Responses to Australian Government Gender Bender

  1. mara the deplorable says:

    When my child, now a young adult, used to come home from school pumped full of leftie nonsense, I calmly and precisely noticed and undid the damage. Sadly most of her friends came from daft progressive households and so were easily indoctrinated. Interestingly my child is still very popular with her friends despite her ” non-progressive ways” but for some odd reason I scare them silly.

    • Ronbo says:

      In America home schooling by patriot stay-at-home mothers is quite popular – as are private and church schools were the 3 R’s are still taught – and for post secondary education there are a number colleges like Liberty in Virginia where academics are taught and not lying Leftist propaganda.

      So it’s possible for the wise Rightist parents to educate their children in the traditional time tested way and totally ignore the Leftist academic B.S.

      ….and a recent ray of hope for Rightist parents who cannot afford private education for their children – “Charter Schools” where the tuition is paid by the government. These are the public education version of elite private schools and have strict academic standards and a minimum of Leftist Cheap Think.

      President Trump is said to be quite interested in this venue.