Paging Gillian Triggs, et al:

‘Australians Warned to Cover Up Crosses in Public After Muslim Gang Assault’

So, what are you and your “human rights” gang going to do about this, you hypocritical cowardly piece of crap? Or is this rather too dangerous for you? Much easier to persecute a few white students for using ‘indigenous computer spaces’, isn’t it?
People like you and the gutless backstabbing prick PM Turnbull are allowing islamists to win, standing idly by while Australia’s culture is being damaged. A culture which has a stellar record of absorbing millions of immigrants after WW2 and integrating them into Australian society.
You bastards belong in Sweden – they do cultural cowardice very well there.
May you rot in hell for presiding over the destruction of one of the most tolerant, decent cultures in the world.

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11 Responses to Paging Gillian Triggs, et al:

  1. MikeH. says:

    If the butt wads in government refuse to protect the public, it becomes incumbent on the public to protect itself. If islamists start disappearing, maybe their friends and relatives will get the hint and move, or get disappeared too.

    Looks like Ronbo and I need to arrange for airdrops of Liberator pistols to our brothers down under.

      • Ronbo says:

        Well, the criminals in Australia have no trouble arming themselves, so why would it be a problem for an honest Aussie serious about self defense?

        The black market in guns asks no questions.

        Yes, Mike, I like your idea about dropping “Liberator” pistols all over the formerly Free World to allow Patriots to protect themselves and their Motherlands.

  2. Darin says:

    I guess the next step will be telling people to chop their own heads off to save the muslim bastards the trouble :evil:

  3. MacDoctor says:

    Will there be #illridewithyou for Christians to protect them from the Christophobics?

    Apparently not.

    Advice to Australians: go round in gangs wearing large wooden crosses – and crowbars…

  4. Oswald Bastable says:

    I suggest a new game called ‘Crucify the muslim’.

  5. Contempt says:

    Nasty Muslims. Attacks such as this simply strengthen resolve of guys like me. Come and take it. There is a boiling point.