Bolton is right Again

John Bolton on North Korea-

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton — you know, the guy leftists hated because he dared to stand strong in the face of Israel-hating globalists and anti-America elitists — offered up a pretty blunt assessment of the North Korea thang that went like this: Want to get rid of the nuke threat from the regime? Then take out the regime.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell isn’t it?

“I think the only long-term way to deal with the North Korean nuclear weapons program is to end the regime inNorth Korea,” Bolton said. “Reunite the Korean peninsula. … We need to bring them to the realization that reunification is going to happen one way or the other.”That’s a realization that is going to require a strong stomach from America. Why?

Because it’s not going happen peaceably.

“We can either do it the sensible way,” Bolton said, “or it will happen in a much more threatening way. I don’t pretend that’s easy, but that’s the real solution.”

Sooner or later it will happen,the only question is how many people will die in the process.I’m betting more the longer we allow this to rock on,and let’s not forget the military commitment the US has made to S.Korea,which has cost billions per year for decades.

It’s a rock and hard place foreign policy face-off that comes down to this, for America: Ignore the regime and pretend they’re not a threat — a la Obama. Or recognize the regime as a nuclear threat and prepare for a long haul, dig-in military operation that’s not going to end until the dictatorship is crumbled.

Ignoring them isn’t a viable option IMO,sure,right now their rockets explode after leaving the pad,but each failure get’s them one step closer to success,that’s how rocketry and spaceflight works.

We must also be aware of the fact that ten minutes after they develop a miniaturized warhead ,Iran will be their first customer.Some say they would never attack the US or their neighbors for fear of retaliation,I think that’s a flawed assumption to make.

The West and the Soviets practiced the MAD doctrine,Mutually Assured Destruction.That doctrine only works with sane people,all throughout the cold war the US and Soviet Union never went that extra step to a hot nuclear war.The reason I believe is because the POTUS and the Soviet premiere in the back of their minds knew that if they ever launched those nukes it was their families that would suffer the consequences.

In North Korea we have a dictator that is insane and has no problem killing his own relatives and in Iran we have a religion that believes martyrdom is the highest calling of their religion. 

I think it’s time to kill the little fat boy.

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11 Responses to Bolton is right Again

  1. KG says:

    “I think it’s time to kill the little fat boy.”
    So do I, but I don’t believe America alone should take on the burden. A protracted battle would weaken America, cost the taxpayer trillions and mire the U.S. once again in more “nation building” bullshit.
    In concert with China and South Korea, yes. Otherwise, no.

    • Darin says:

      Agreed,the best path forward would be Trump convincing Xi that a reunified Korea is in everybody’s best interest.
      Dealing with the little fat boy and his seconds is another reason we need better stand off capability.The Rod from God would be ideal.

  2. Grog says:

    KG, I think Japan should be included, if only as a supporting partner, because in some ways, excluding them would cause a rift between them and several other countries, not only the US, because of the tension that has existed for decades between them and China.

    For that matter, China could get this done with minimum fuss on their own, it didn’t require much effort to remove the fat boy’s half brother two months ago in Malyasia, and China has an abundance of people that are skilled at this type of task. So does Russia, but they’re not the step-parent any more, just an uncle with a big wallet.

    • andy5759 says:

      You beat me to the Japan suggestion, Grog. Japan and Korea have a troubled past making of their involvement a message that the region is working together.

  3. Pascal says:

    On the reunification thing. Have you noticed that the Chinese seem to be willing to consider a peaceable deal version of this? Have you noticed the outcome of the peaceable reuniting of East and West Germany? And after 10 years of reunification we got Frau Stasi Merkel running things in a manner that looks more E-G than W-G.

    The Seoul republic hopefully has noticed, and subsequently are weighing how much they can trust their “allies” making deals with the Chinese. The non-Left Koreans probably have, but how many of the voting masses have been convinced by their media “better red than dead?” Sanity and courage both are far too often in short supply.

    Nothing in global politics ought be taken at face value when you look at the tyrannical developments post USSR collapse.

  4. MikeH. says:

    If Lil’ Kim is taken out, would the responsible party PLEASE take soros out too? There’s just no sense wasting talent on one piss ant when so many are deserving.

    • andy5759 says:

      Please do. That man is being backed into a corner and a cornered rat is at its most dangerous. Let’s get rid. Now.

      • Ronbo says:

        North Korea is China’s Cat’s Paw because without Chinese support and trade they are as dead as Custer at the Little Big Horn and the NORKS know it…If China tells them to jump, the NORKS only ask, “How high?” Little Fat Kim Ding Dong is nothing – If Big Brother China wants it, he gets replaced in a palace coup tomorrow.

        So the real problem is not the NORKS – it’s China – and if the story is correct that Kim Ding Dong has went rogue and is acting on his own – and killed any possible replacement to him, making a palace coup impossible – the Chinese will step back and allow the USA to take out him and his Regime.

        After all, we owe the Chinese a trillion dollars and they want a happy USA around for many, many years to repay the loan.

        • KG says:

          Maybe. What if handing Taiwan to China is part of the deal?

          • Darin says:

            A Trillion dollars is chump change,China I don’t think wants a nuclear armed North Korea either and it maybe that they will help get rid of fat boy because they don’t want a nuclear armed South Korea,and Japan as well,which I am sure Trump has offered both governments.