So fire the rest then?

Government report finds only 6.5% of EPA employees “essential”

More from the Beacon-

“The Environmental Protection Agency has been riddled with employee misconduct, including workers who drink, smoke marijuana, and watch porn on the job.”

“The most notorious case of misconduct was the EPA official who earned $120,000 and performancebonuses after being caught watching pornography for up to six hours a day.”

“The agency also has employed convicted child molesters, including one employee who the EPA paid $55,000 to retire because officials could not fire him.”

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8 Responses to So fire the rest then?

  1. One of my favorite comics is the Dilbert where the pointy haired boss announces that because of the impending snowstorm, all non-essential employees could leave early.
    Whereupon he gets binoculars and notes who in the parking lot is leaving.

  2. KG says:

    My guess is, the 6.5% figure would be replicated across a whole slew of fed agencies. And then there are the State agencies…..

  3. MikeH. says:

    I think I have mentioned before, there are 2.5 million federal government employees in the U.S. and that figure does not include military personnel. That is probably a million more than absolutely necessary. For comparison purposes, there are 116,400 military personnel.

  4. Pascal says:

    Connections was a BBC series created by James Burke about its role in real progress.

    The Atlas Shrugged regressive nature of this Massive power outage hits San Francisco, shuts down businesses, BART station, cable cars, traffic lights similarly can be connected to the Prog’s fingerprints on what was revealed by the thread starter at the top.

    Well, at least for those who comprehend the connection between risk, behavior and consequences: a targeted for extinction variety of humanity known as adults.