First They Came For The Confederates

Just like the Taliban,the left has a penchant for tearing down statues-

“It’s in the pursuit of this aim that Beauregard’s statue has fallen – for he and the others who are to follow now form the Constitution’s guardians.  To slander and revile them is to slander and revile it, and to physically strip them away from history and law is to do no other than expose it to the same fate.”

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9 Responses to First They Came For The Confederates

  1. Ronbo says:

    All the work of the Democrats/Progressives – In Orlando, Florida – for example – The Republicans on the city council were able to allow speakers to talk in favor or against “Johnny Reb” a statue of a Confederate soldier in Lake Eola Park near the downtown. This statue had stood their for well over 100 years and was a landmark – and the focal point for many pictures you see of that park.

    However, as it turned out, during the council meeting where Orlando citizens spoke 3 to 1 in favor of keeping the beloved Johnny Reb only one vote actually counted – that of the corrupt Democrat mayor.

    So Johnny Reb is gone to an uncertain fate…something that is happening all over the South.


    I would refer you to “1984” by George Orwell – the infamous “Memory Hole” where Big Brother sent all of yesterday’s history for destruction: HE WHO CONTROLS THE PAST, CONTROLS THE PRESENT, HE WHO CONTROLS THE PRESENT CONTROLS THE FUTURE.”

    Yes, today our little home grown Bolsheviks are going after the statues and monuments of things past, but at some point they will start burning the books – starting with the history books – then the movies – then the television programs -and finally they start burning people like us who disagree with them.

    It’s good to be an old man or woman – I smile when I think the worst case for me is to lose a few years of often painful elderly life, but I feel sorry for the young ones who have no future in the Oceania I see being built lie by lie.

    • MikeH. says:

      I fully agree, Ron. One only need look back a few short years when many school boards opted to “edit” American history back to a certain point in time. I recall someone saying that going any further back in history is a waste of time. It is, plain and simple, dumbing down the youth and preparing them for a life of ignorant subserviency.

      When the old farts of our generation are gone, history will pretty much die along with us.

      • Ronbo says:

        It wouldn’t be the first time in human history the wisdom of generations has been destroyed by barbarians – Recall the burning of the Great Library at Alexandra by the Muslims in 639 A.D.

  2. Gregoryno6 says:

    Off the main point, but what is happening to the statues once they’re torn down? Are they being destroyed, or are they going into storage somewhere?

    • Ronbo says:

      I think most of them are moved to out of the way locations, where no doubt they will be at the mercy of SJWs with jackhammers at the ready.

  3. Contempt says:

    My thing is let’s make deal! For every monument, park whatever they want to destroy then I get to destroy one of theirs. Hey keep it simple. Naturally that is too complicated. 😳

    • MikeH. says:

      Problem is Contempt, those cretins don’t own anything for a quid pro quo destruction. Like cancerous cells, they feed off the host.

  4. KG says:

    Cold Fury:
    ‘…You are now expected not just to humbly tolerate but actually be grateful for insults, slander, and physical assault by primordial dipshits without the slightest comprehension of how the world works. You are expected to work your ass off in order to keep these same thumbsucking, bedwetting shitweasels fed, clothed, and housed. You are expected to welcome hordes of third-world barbarians with no understanding of our culture and no interest in assimilating; their depredations against you—including harassment, gang rape, and occasional mass murder—will be met with no retaliation or even acts of self-defense from the likes of you. To even speak of them as enemies will bring virulent disapprobation at the very least.
    Your compliance with your new serfdom will be tracked by cameras on every street corner. Step out of line in the smallest way, and you will assuredly be made to pay for your treasonous insubordination.
    Government of the people, by the people, and for the people has now officially perished from this earth….’

    • Ronbo says:

      Yep! It’s “1984” with a “Telescreen” in every room and on every street corner!

      ….and as for the “friends” today like the Muslims and the Homosexuals – Tomorrow Big Brother may decide you are Enemies of the State, so don’t get comfortable in Oceania.

      After all the Russians thought they’d be pals with the Left forever.


      See you at the Two Minute Hate, Comrade!