Hiding In Plain Sight?

Pffft…they don’t even bother hiding anymore-

Insanity on display-

“Butt, who was named as one of the three attackers along with Rachid Redouane, was filmed by C4 with an ISIS flag, was linked to notorious British ISIS executioners and was being probed by MI5 and cops for the past 2 years”

What next,their own reality show?

And what do you do with two muslim men,caught in a car with a loaded AK-47,several magazines of ammo,bomb making material and a remote controlled drone?

Well you release them on bail of course :evil:


How many attacks have we had,that have been carried out by “known wolves”,10 in a row?Do we see a pattern here? :evil:

This is madness!

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27 Responses to Hiding In Plain Sight?

  1. Ronbo says:

    It’s like the man said, Darin, this is an Muslim insurrection – the Muslim soldiers are no longer terrorists hiding in the shadows – they are insurgents doing recruiting drives on national television!


    I think the English silent majority have just been mugged by reality – and it’s a brutal and scary reality they look at on this D-Day.

  2. Robertv says:

    All terrorism is State funded. It is only in the interest of those in power to create a constant state of fear to stay in power. And a war is an even better way to take your rights away.

    • Ronbo says:

      In Britain’s case your remark is right on – The Muslim insurgents were all on WELFARE! The sun never sets on the British Welfare State. The English people murdered literally paid for the knives and van that killed them. Yes, the current British Leftist Establishment Regime was the de facto sponsor of this latest act of the old Middle Eastern ultra violence because they did nothing to stop it until it was happening.

  3. mara the deplorable says:

    And after Sharia May’s anodyne, weaseling, banal comments following the latest Muslim attack in London, the killers will continue to hide in plain sight. Repeated calling of these killers as cowardly is ridiculous; sure, the lure of 72 virgins and date- eating luxury for eternity is probably more attractive than spending a lifetime in a council house in Barking with breeding, resentful wives who probably hate their entitled, scrounging, brutal guts. But these killers at least have the courage to die for their conviction. “Enough is enough?” When was enough not enough? Think about this people who think that her comment is tough. May should have said “never again” and immediately enacted changes that may have brought this to happen. Most of Europe will not defend themselves, they still vote for Merkel, Macron and May. It is a curious thought to imagine how any of these three people might respond if their own children were killed by jihadis. Ah wait ….

    • Darin says:

      “Most of Europe will not defend themselves, they still vote for Merkel, Macron and May. It is a curious thought to imagine how any of these three people might respond if their own children were killed by jihadis. Ah wait ….”

      The only hope for Western Europe is if Putin or the Visegrad decide to invade and drive the muslims out once the jihadis burn the place down.I figure once Paris looks like Mosul,Iraq,eastern Europe will see the need to directly intervene.

    • Ronbo says:


      Don’t you agree the West as a whole is fighting the WW III with Islam the same way we fought the Cold War with Russia and China – and the 1930s pre- WWII with Germany and Japan?

      The policy of appeasement on the home front and limited war overseas?

      Think about it…During the Cold War you hardly ever saw an anti-Communist major movie. In fact, “Red Dawn” in the 1980s is only major movie I can remember. Ditto television. Seldom a television program with the Russians as the bad guys….even the James Bond movies quickly did away the Russian controlled SMESH (“Death To Spies” that really did exist during WW II) in favor of the hi tech criminal organization SPECTRE that would only work for the Russians for a price – a high price.

      I could go on and on about appeasement in the Cold War days….the anti-nuclear marches….the nuclear war scare movies without number where civilization is wiped out and the zombies, mad max, apes or whatever come after the “Nuclear Winter” and the fallout….Remember? Recall all the peace songs by groups like Peter, Paul and Mary with a single theme – the Cold War is our fault – Russians and Chinese would settle down if we only held hands across the water in brotherhood and etc., etc.etc, PUKE!

      The same sort of thing is happening today. Defeatism, defeatism, DEFEATISM! “Europe is gone!” How many times in the Cold War did we hear that crap? “Communism will rule the West: it’s inevitable?” over and over and over…more crap!”Don’t you see the Cold War is all our fault? If we just cut back on ICBMs the Russians will do the same!” Think back to the 1970s to how many times a day we heard that nonsense on television talk shows. The Russian were the poor misunderstood good guy – the Americans and the British were really the bad guys whose big military machines and racism made the poor good Russians afraid, so built up a massive machine to counter it.” On and on the Cold War Leftist propaganda rolled down our backs like Florida thunder storm in July.

      The bottom line to my rant is that we older Crusaders have heard this Leftist propaganda line before during the Cold War. We have seen the Leftist Appeasement Card played. We have seen the defensive limited wars card played again and again during the Cold War conducted by various Leftist governments. This is Leftist playbook tactics that go back to the 1930s with variations.

      Okay, what’s the endgame for the Left? In two words: Absolute Power over all nations of the world. In order to accomplish the takeover of the most stubborn of their opponents – The West – The Left always allies itself with the greatest outside threat to the West – which today is Islam and yesterday was Russia and before that was Germany. In order to accomplish this task that must first introduce a climate of fear into the West, of soon-to-be-doom, to make that outside threat to the West look undefeatable, inevitable. – oh, and the last thing – keep voting for them and keeping them in power so they can accomplish this task.

      The real enemy we face – and I include myself – is falling into a mindset of defeatism. I know I get up some mornings and turn on the news and think, “Jeez, it’s bad outside. I’m doing good. I have money, a job (or pension)and roof over my head. I feel safe and loved. BUT THE WORLD IS FALLING APART!” Hmm? However, the reality is that it’s not over, it’s not even HALF over. We are still alive and we have lots of options and the ability to make them happen.

      No, I’m not telling you all to be Pollyanna of Sunnybrook Farm and NOT concerned about dangerous threats, especially in regards to the Islamists -if someone tells me they are going to kill me, I take them at their word and look for defense.. (You can take action against them. We all can.) – but for goodness sake don’t be Cassandra every time our side receives a bloody nose and spiral into a mood of defeatism, and take that dusty history book off the shelf and read of all the bloody battles – many of them lost – fought by the West World since it was created by the valor of ancient Greeks who – always outnumbered – defeated the mighty Persian Empire.

      • Darin says:

        Ron,look here-

        Side to Side was the song Ariana dedicated to the Manchester victims.Here a snippet of the lyrics,the rest is unintelligible bull shit.-

        “This the new style with the fresh type of flow
        Wrist icicle, ride dick, bicycle
        Come through yo, get you this type of blow
        If you wanna Minaj, I got a tricycle”

        I’ll leave to your imagination what the lyrics mean,but picture the scene of thousands of little,mostly white,8-17 y/o girls in the audience,singing and smiling swaying in unison like a bunch of zombies.
        Oh,and be sure and read the stuff in the side bar-
        “Jack just explained that the song Side to Side is about getting railed so hard you can’t walk. SO MANY EMOTIONZ.”

        Sure,she means getting “railed” by their preferably muslim boy friend I’m sure :evil:

        Ya,that’s why we are fucked and that is why I say pass me the beer and popcorn http://falfn.com/CrusaderRabbit/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_sad.gif

        • KG says:

          And Ronbo, the Cold War was different in a number of important ways and has limited value as an example for those reasons. I only just got my first coffee of the morning, so suffice to say our own societies weren’t degenerate and ill-educated. Take that as a starting point.

          • Darin says:

            And I would add,we didn’t allow the enemy into our midst and we sure as hell didn’t pay them to be on the dole while they plotted their attacks.

            It’s not a war,if you have already surrendered.

          • Ronbo says:

            I disagree…I lived in the golden twilight of the “traditional” American society in the 1950s – My poor father was an idealistic WW II veteran who got into politics for few years and actually got elected as a Republican city councilman in Huntington, West Virginia – and he told when I was older about the dark under belly of crime, corruption and sexual degeneration in what I thought as a kid was a nice, quiet, reasonably wealthy middle/working class city with beautiful parks and nice schools on the banks of the scenic Ohio River.

            My point is that all the vices and crime we know today were present then – it was just the general public didn’t know what was going on in their own neighborhoods and cities because the newspapers didn’t report it, and the Internet was a gleam in the eye of a scientist somewhere, so there was no social media, no blogs, no smart phones,no conservative websites. In America during the 1950s the Federal Government controlled the Media by means of the FCC – and this included the television, newspapers and radio. There was just the grapevine and gossip where stories couldn’t be proven, or discarded.

            For instance, I was only about ten years old in 1958, when a young boy from the next street over drowned himself in the Ohio River, which was just at the end of our street on the other side of a floodwall made of earth and easy to walk over to the river bank. I witnessed the firemen and police pull the dead little boy from the river. The firemen attempted to keep the little body covered while this was going on, but his small right arm fell over the side of the litter. I never will forget that sad detail. I was one of 40 or 50 people who witnessed this incident. However, nothing appeared in the local newspaper (I was a newspaper reader even at that young age) I asked my dad – still on the city council – several days later why no mention was made of the death in the local newspaper. Dad said, “Son, the newspaper does not report the suicide of children, it’s just too depressing a topic and too shocking for the general public to handle.”

            Are people less moral today than in my father’s day? I doubt it. Were they more honest? I doubt it. Were they better looking? I doubt it. Were they smarter? I doubt it. Were there more stupid people then as today? I doubt it. Were they more religious? I doubt it. Were the politicians more honest than today? I doubt it. Were people more intelligent? Better educated? More altruistic? Did the sun shine brighter then and a summer last forever? No, but looking back on it from 60 years, it sure seems to be true.

            But what they were better at a couple of generations ago was being much, much better at sweeping all the dirt under the rug…much, much better at “packing up their troubles in the old kit bag and smile, smile, smile”

            The only difference in people then and now is that our generation lets it all hang out: the good, the bad and ugly. In the world ruled by the Internet and instant communications privacy no longer exists and dirty deeds done in the moonlight are all known.

    • Darin says:

      Th left should be well aware that the last sound they will hear from us,is the sound of safeties coming off.http://falfn.com/CrusaderRabbit/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

      • KG says:

        :twisted: http://falfn.com/CrusaderRabbit/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif
        Or the click as the hammer on the Marlin .357 is pulled back……

        • Ronbo says:

          ….and no future historians can say we didn’t walk an extra mile to avoid the conflict!http://falfn.com/CrusaderRabbit/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif

  4. Jamie says:

    “What next, their own reality show?” Darin

    About that….


    “One of the London Bridge suspected attackers appeared in a jihadi documentary on Channel 4 and had previously “tried to go to Syria”, it has emerged….”



    • Darin says:

      Yep,all these clowns were well known.As Tommy says,the UK has 37,000 on their terror watch list and and 3,500 more are labeled as “extreme risks”.

      It’s well past time that the 3,500 are made to disappear and the rest are deported/prosecuted.

        • Ronbo says:

          Well, America does have Club Gitmo in beautiful Cuba sitting around nearly empty – and I say – to help our Mother Country and stalwart ally: Great Britain – we Yanks should step up and offer our nearly empty prison for the temporary use of Her Majesty’s government to house these 23,000 dangerous security threats until such time as they are sorted out…

          ….or executed by our newly invented painless Muslim execution machine approved by the Sharia Law and thousands of mullahs:



          • Darin says:

            We need informants that are able to infiltrate the muslim communities here ,figure out who the key players are and then we need to make them disappear.
            Same tactics the death squads in SA used to use.The teams would move into an area,blend into the local population,figure out who the players were and round them all up in one night.Then they simply saw to it those in the raid were interrogated and sent on a one way trip to the jungle.

            • Ronbo says:

              ….and we will get them at some point, Darin. We Crusaders have known for years this is civil war on at least three fronts: The civil war against the Islamists living in our cities…even in our neighborhoods. The civil war against the Left who may be even closer as a family member – the Reds aren’t under the bed anymore…They may be sleeping right beside us. The civil war against the black racists who swear they will kill whitey.

              …and on top of all this conflict, somehow have a national defense to protect the Homeland from the foreign powers who will inevitably find parts of the USA to their liking: For example, many Russian maps include Alaska – and Mexico still makes claims on the Southwest to include Texas and California.

              Your position is that the current generation of Snowflakes is not up to this job…I submit a great generation only becomes a great generation when they are tested in fire of war, and like a piece of scrap iron being shaped by a blacksmith becomes a necessary tool or beautiful weapon.

              You know the story of Shakespeare’s Prince Hal? To refresh your memory he is the hell raising young prince who makes the contemporary Prince Harry look like a choir boy – a boon drinking companion of Falstaff. Then the old king dies and he becomes King Henry V and victor of the almost bloodless (for the English) Battle of Agincourt.

  5. Darin says:

    PJW-Sadiq Kahn is a complete idiot


  6. KG says:

    No, he’s not an idiot – he’s a cunning asshole.
    London Mayor’s ties to radical Islam EXPOSED…