Open House

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  1. Darin says:

    I just re-upped CR for a another year,a special thank you to all the CR family for your comments and time reading!

  2. KG says:

    And thanks to you, Darin, for making the continuation of CR possible. It’s in good hands.

    • Darin says:

      I should also say thanks for tolerating my third grade grammar and hamfisted typing :mrgreen:

    • KG says:

      Right now, I’m reading “Chaos” by James Gleick, published in 1987. In it, he describes research which shows that long-term climate changes are almost certainly driven by solar activity (or lack of it) and that climate is more or less chaotic, impossible to model.
      It seems Warmistas haven’t noticed that big yellow thing up there….

      • Darin says:

        Yep,it’s like Dr Bell once said-“ignoring solar activity and water vapor and focusing only on Co2 ,is like taking your car to a mechanic and telling him to ignore the engine and transmission and instead look at one left rear lug nut”.

          • Ronbo says:

            Manmade Climate Change is The Great Hoax of the 20/21st centuries that later generations will laugh about when the read the articles in history books – along with the other great hoaxes like selling tickets to heaven by the RCC, or that the earth is the center of the universe and all the stars and planets revolve around it.

  3. Darin says:

    Finally some push back- More men accused in college sex assault cases are taking their accusers to court.

    “Most campus cases are never reported to police, leaving it to school officials to determine if an assault occurred. Once that meant rape or other forcible offenses. Now, as student attitudes toward sex trend toward the casual, college officials are sifting through case after case of what both parties frequently say started as a consensual act but then disagree over whether consent was withdrawn.”
    “Frequently, heavy drinking is involved. In other examples, female students file complaints about misconduct ranging from rape to unwanted kissing weeks or months after the events occurred”

    Now the colleges are complaining that they are being sued.Well tough nuts,if there is no evidence and no criminal charges then what business is it of the college what went on?And furthermore if there is evidence and there are criminal charges,then let law enforcement handle it,again the colleges have no business in the matter full stop.

    • Ronbo says:

      What comes around, goes around.

    • Gregoryno6 says:

      I’d like to think the QUT case involving Cindy ‘I’m so triggered I can’t come to work for years but keep paying me anyway’ Prior has given heart to young men around the world. That wasn’t a rape case, but they stood their ground and won their rightful victory.

  4. Darin says:

    BPS-Red Pilling of the Far Left

  5. Ronbo says:

    Let’s see: small white man with an attitude, wearing a white suit, getting coffee at a south side Chicago Starbucks full of mean blacks….So the question is, “Did the white guy do this to launch a civil law suit because Starbucks encouraged his behavior. Latte’ is white on top, a not so subtle claim of white supremacy.”

  6. Grog says:

    Firehand links to a story of LEO abuse of power and the victim’s vindication.

    Off topic, for Darin and KG, what is a good email to send you some words?

    • Ronbo says:

      RIP Batman The ….Tenth?

      I was in high school when the series started in 1965 – it was a laugh riot.

      Famous Scene: Batman and Robin are effortlessly walking up the side of a tall building using a rope. They stop at about the 50th floor and have a conversation concerning what do when the get to the top and attack the Joker and his thugs. Batman lets go of the rope to use hand gestures while talking to hard headed Robin who just doesn’t get the plan. He doesn’t fall…

  7. Ronbo says:

    I’m glad I didn’t go to the “peaceful” anti-Sharia Law March here in Seattle today…It got a bit violent – and I’m old and break easy.

    Ditto for 25 other cities today.

    Such events are rare in Seattle – that is for the Right to march in protest and kick Leftie ass – but the hate spewed by the Leftist Media 24/7 has made Leftists crazy and Rightists finally combative on the streets.

    Also, the Right is getting mobilized and organized on the street level- and we can expect a long hot summer this year.

    So far the opponents are fighting with words, fists, clubs and lots of pepper spray – However, soon the guns will come out per my long prediction.

  8. KG says:

    ‘Australian police pup Gavel, booted out of training for liking cuddles too much, gets a new job’

  9. KG says:

    We need one of these. For the groceries run:

    • KG says:

      Nice, but a Cat A licence for it? Why??

      • Darin says:

        Classed as a firearm :lol: but the barrel is slugged,so that takes all the fun out of it.

        • Ronbo says:

          I had veteran friend in Florida who became wealthy selling real estate. and now owns a warehouse full American and German WW II rifles, assault rifles, submachine guns and numerous MG 43s the infamous Hitler zipper that fires so fast you can’t make out the individual shots – just a buzzsaw sound. This was the machine gun that killed thousands of Allied soldiers. It is perhaps one of best machine guns of all times.

          All the old NCOs guns in his climate controlled warehouse are operational and only require ammunition and a gunner. The seasoned sergeant has plenty of ammunition and knows lots of willing gunners in Central Florida.

          I asked after I spent the better part of a day in Titusville, Florida touring the facility and hearing all his stories about these historic weapons, I jokingly asked the retired soldier if he planned a Putsch – a military style takeover of Florida – and appoint himself as El Supremo of America’s fourth most populated state, since he has the weapons and maybe the willing gunners to do the job.

          The old warrior at first laughed and then said seriously, “Are you asking me if I’d do it today? The answer is clearly a big fat No….But if you are asking me if the Communists takeover Washington, D.C. and burn the U.S. Constitution – I do my best to make Florida an independent republic.”

  10. Darin says:

    Russian shotgun slugs-or how to juice a watermelon-

  11. KG says:

    Time to retire this creep – one way or another. :evil:
    ‘McCain says American leadership was better under Obama…

    • Ronbo says:

      I’m afraid we will have to wait until God takes McCain out of the game – but every rational person knows McCain is the poster boy for term limits – In baseball it’s three strikes and you are out, but in politics it should be two terms and that’s it for you as a federal politician.

      I say if two terms was good enough for George Washington, it’s too for traitors like John McCain…Spit!

    • Michael in Nelson says:

      I made the mistake of checking this out. You owe me KG! My blood pressure damaged the gauge on my sphygnomonometer.

  12. Ronbo says:

    The American Commonwealth of Puerto Rico went bankrupt a few weeks ago, so they went to Plan “B” and voted to be come the 51st state and would be the first Spanish speaking state if Congress agrees.

    If I were a Puerto Rican living on an overpopulated and poverty ridden pest hole whose motto is, “Well, at least we are richer than Cuba” – I’d vote to join the Union and have the Mainland Yankees pay off the credit cards – and start a First World welfare state and make Cuba turn green with envy – but it ain’t gonna happen with a Republican Congress unless the PRs sign a contract only to elect Republican Senators forever, which ain’t gonna happen.

    Does anyone know why we invaded Puerto Rico in 1898? BTW, the PRs didn’t fire a shot when the U.S. Marines landed, much to their disappointment, because the Army got all the glory and medals when we invaded Cuba the same year, although we were smart enough not to make Cuba a Commonwealth.

  13. KG says:

    This could win the Labour Party a lot of votes in the coming election, and it’s about time there was a clampdown on these scams:
    ‘International students doing “low-level” courses and who want to work and stay in New Zealand after their study will bear the main brunt of Labour’s immigration policy as it tries to slash net migration by 20,000 – 30,000 a year.
    Labour leader Andrew Little released Labour’s new immigration policy in Auckland today, saying an “industry” of low-value courses had developed in New Zealand as a back door for immigration and it was damaging the country’s reputation.
    The policy includes halting student visas for courses considered to be “low value” – a step Little said was to clamp down on “sham” courses which were a back door to residency….’

    • Ronbo says:


      It happens all the time in this country.

      Foreign student gets Visa and comes to the States to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Basket Weaving….

      Ten years later, the student is still here with student Visa long expired living with a woman – also an illegal – with three kids by him who are American citizens by virtue of being born in America. Anchor babies we call them.

      Now you can’t break up the family and send the parents back to their countries of origin….now can you? Also, we are a nation of immigrants – your ancestors were probably illegal aliens from somewhere.

      Of course, the illegal on a student Visa could marry a USA citizen – like what happened to a guy I knew in Florida – a Chinese woman doctor taking English courses at the University of Central Florida and looking for the big bucks in the land of doctor shortages. He was a humble high school dropout and drunkard ground’s keeper at the Veterans’ Administration Hospital in Orlando, so they had lots and lots in common.

      A match made in heaven, heh?

      It’s the American Way!

    • Michael in Nelson says:

      I disagree, the start should be allowing innocent citizens to arm themselves in order to protect themselves, their families and their property.

      • Ronbo says:

        Yep! They do in this country – and the bad guys know shop owners have guns – and the higher end Jewelry shops and Gold sellers hire armed security guards you really don’t want to mess with.

        House and apartment break ins are low in the USA for the same reason: The armed home owners and the “castle doctrine” saying if your home is entered by a bad guy in the dark of night, you have the legal right shoot him dead even if it turns out he isn’t armed.

        And the Trump Administration is pushing legislation to make “concealed carry” gun owner legal in all states and the District of Columba. The way this works if you have a CC permit in Texas and visit New York where they have strict gun control laws like Australia, your concealed .45 automatic pistol goes with you all hidden away under your shirt…Ditto anywhere else in the USA and her Territories.

        Now Crusaders just on the one issue, do you see why Trump is such a threat to the International Left and who want him dead? If Britain, Canada, Australia and NZ follow America’s example and liberalize their gun control laws it will be a game changer Internationally.

  14. Grog says:

    Hmm, this group probably wouldn’t hire Ronbo, as he’s kinda outspoken.

  15. Darin says:

    PJW: Idiots react to UK election-

    • Ronbo says:

      It is a proven fact that Leftists have lower I.Q.s than Rightists like us.

      • KG says:

        If they’re “the future” then God help us all. A few million years of evolution down the drain.

        • Ronbo says:

          @KG: Did you see the comedy movie, “Idiocracy?”

          I think it’s free on youtube.

          Anyhow, this guy get frozen in an experiment and wakes up in a future America where he – with an average I.Q. – is the smartest man in the country….and the world.

          The real deal: “The Rock” star of many a “B” rated muscle man action movies will run for president in 2020…..In the futuristic comedy “Idiocracy” a Rock-like character is PUSA and the smartest man in the country.

          • mawm says:

            It sounds like “Groundhog Day” all over again; a man who lies on the left hand side of the bell-shaped curve being claimed as “the smartest person in the room”. Nightmares are made of this stuff!

  16. KG says:

    ‘Swedish womyn social (justice) workers love refugees – literally. What could be a better deal for a young male refugee?  Immigrate to Sweden, get a visa, a place to live, a welfare check, and have sex with your caseworker while you’re waiting to scope out younger and prettier targets in town.
    …So, congratulations to the men of Sweden.  The chickens of your passivity have come home to roost.’

  17. Ronbo says:

    Video of the Top Secret Ronbo Bunker and Seattle Republican Headquarters.

    Yes, this is where the Northwest Chapter of the Vast Right Wing American Conspiracy has its monthly meetings – and we plot a hostile takeover of City Hall – less than one mile away.

    “Today City Hall. Tomorrow The State Capitol” is our motto.

    You will be impressed with our modern communications/entertainment center complete with the last word in microwave communications – where we are in constant contract with like minded patriots in the four corners of the earth!

    Next: Complete Tour of The Ronbo Bunker and Complex.

    • Ronbo says:

      Good find, KG!

      In the south of the USA – the southwest, and in many of the southern states east of the Mississippi – air conditioning in the summer – which in places like Texas and Florida starts NTL than May – is as necessary as heat in the winter in more northern places.

      This is the reason large parts of southeast and southwest had low populations until after WW II when AC became widely available. In Florida – for example – Orange County where Orlando is located was mostly cattle ranches and orange groves populated by hardy white Florida “Crackers” whose ancestors were tough as nails pioneers who moved into the state in the early to mid 19th century and by planting lots and lots trees to shade their homes were able to survive the hot summer months.

      Of course, while the young could survive those six months of long, hot summers, the sick, weak, and elderly couldn’t – and died like flies in the old pre-WW II days of Dixie.

      Indeed, those cops saved the old veteran’s life!

      You gotta love Texas: they take care of their own in the Lone Star State.

  18. Ronbo says:

    Meanwhile, to the north of Texas in a northern Virginia swamp laughing renamed “The District of Columbia” after the sharp owner sold his swampland to the new federal government in the late 18th century for three times what it was worth to be the capital city of the new republic.

    Hereafter things went downhill for the swamp because today some of the swamp creatures – grown paranoid with Trump hate – absolutely insist that the Russians stole the election of 2016. This is an interesting theory, but unsupported by facts, which as we all know, never stopped a good witch hunt.

    So today poor old former Senator Sessions, the head of the Department of Justice, the august DOJ no less, was forced to tell the Democrat Swamp Creatures – who only live in the deepest and darkest parts of the swamp – for the 1,000th time, the Russians weren’t involved in the election. This was not what they wanted to hear, but they couldn’t attack and eat the elderly former Senator on national television, so he was allowed to retreat to the more sunny section of the swamp and eat flies in peace.

  19. Ronbo says:

    Did the Religion of Murder burn down the high rise apartment building in London?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

    • mawm says:

      If not, they will watch and learn. I expect more high rise buildings to go up in flames in the foreseeable future. Bastards!

    • Ronbo says:

      @Pascal – you obviously don’t understand satire… When I said “Inquiring minds” my reference was to The National Inquirer” a supermarket tabloid that features aliens kidnapping earth women. My point was the Leftists of the world don’t want to know the truth because the Muslim terrorists are their allies….and just for the record, I’m getting a tad bit P.O.’ed at your lame remarks directed at me, so I would encourage you to post elsewhere.

      • Pascal says:

        Hold on buddy. We were both posting the same thing at the same time (you at 14:25, me at 14:26). Didn’t you notice?

        This comment above was a short version of ‘great minds think alike.”

        • KG says:

          Ronbo, you have no business encouraging ANY CR commenter to “post elsewhere”
          You asked for the ability to edit your own comments, not supervise others (or put up posts).
          Don’t abuse the fucking privilege. :evil:

          • Ronbo says:

            I didn’t mean to imply that, KG.

            I’m sorry I gave that impression.

            The power to delete guests belongs to you and Darin. I’m just a humble guest h and allowed to set the agenda. I get it. Darin is the de jure owner. You are the manager of operations.

            I will say in my defense that several times Pascal made remarks I found to be ironic. In my teachers’ training we called this sort of thing, “sharp shooting” where a student who resents your knowledge of the subject pretends to ask a question, or make an observation that undermines the lecture in the minds of his fellow students.

            The more intelligent students who resent your knowledge of the topic because they think only they have mastered the subject – and it appears to me that Pascal was such a person, so I smoked him a bit to find out.

            I consider the matter closed.

  20. Pascal says:

    Looks suspicious. Housing code incompetence or ISIS related? ISIS may even claim the latter, but the official cause will be the former you racist pigs.

  21. Ronbo says:

    Breaking News: attempted assassination of the Republican Whip in Alexandra, Virginia!

    The Cold Civil War is getting hotter!

  22. KG says:

    ‘..So — my bottom line question is this. By the constitutional definition of “treason in time of war” quoted above, are we witnessing a treasonous conspiracy against our duly elected President of the United States today? ..’

    • Ronbo says:

      If Trump declares a “State of Insurrection” as did Lincoln for the duration of the U.S. Civil War – He could cut the Leftists to tiny pieces like a hot knife cutting up a stick of butter.

      He does have over 2 million well trained troops at his command…

  23. Michael in Nelson says:

    The EPA using dodgy conclusions to promote a leftist green agenda? This guy shows that that the particulate and ground level ozone conclusions from the EPA are better explained by weather and season changes. Note when the report was first submitted and the reason the editor gave for rejecting it.

  24. KG says:

    NZ, the naive, uninformed soft touch:
    ‘Migrants are piling into NZ at nearly twice the rate than in Australia and more than three times the rate of the UK. ..’
    Already, the price is being paid in the breakdown of infrastructure and the most unaffordable housing in history. But hey, multiculturalism is grand, eh? And it’s only the peasants being screwed after all….. :evil:

    • Ronbo says:

      The good news about New Zealand is the fact only 10% of a given population has to favor revolution for it to be successful – and less than 3% have to come to arms to do it.

      Maybe Kiwis should think seriously about starting all over again in a free republic with a constitution they have approved?

      Nationalism is rising on the world scene….We are on the offensive…the International Left is on the defensive.

      So join the parade!