Cassie Jaye: It Has To Start With Listening

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11 Responses to Cassie Jaye: It Has To Start With Listening

  1. Darin says:

    I watched the Red Pill the otherday,very good documentary,I highly recommend it.It’s available on Amazon and a couple other outlets.

  2. paul scott says:

    The Men’s movement start in New Zealand in the sixties as an Alimony defence group.
    It morphed into the ‘ Families need fathers’ society when seventies feminists claimed and achieved sole right to custody of children after divorce.
    We managed to achieve the ‘non preference ‘ principle to parental custody.
    However the feminist hysteria and antagonism used real and derived violence cases to tighten the law back up to a seriously discriminatory position against men.
    Since then of course the Men’s movement has become broader and is concerned with our health and welfare generally.
    I do not think women have a lot to contribute directly to the movement.A men’s movement isn’t a social or business gathering where women tell men how to do it.
    Men’s issues are men’s issues. Get real

  3. KG says:

    If I can get hold of a copy of the doco I’ll make a couple of dozen copies and hand them out.

    • Darin says:

      There are 5 and 10 minute bits and pieces floating around on Youtube if nothing else.
      This one was part of the segment where it’s revealed that through history men and boys have been considered disposable.It’s why men and boys still make up 90%+ of the war and workplace deaths till this day.In this clip it’s pointed out that we hear all sorts of pleas for help for the girls kidnapped by Bokoharam in Africa,but we hear nothing about the hundreds and thousands of boys,because they were burned to death and slaughtered like cattle.Their main fault being male and Christian,not a peep is ever said about them.

  4. Warren Tooley says:

    Guys I’ve been doing a lot of research on this. The name for parent is guardian when there’s two parents. When their’s a court case over the child, the person who wins is the father. In England, Canada, the USA both parents get to battle over the child, it says so in my law dictionaries.

    In my New Zealand law dictionary it quotes the care of child’s act section 97 to say the one looking after the child on a day to day basis is the custodian of the child. And that’s how it works here in New Zealand, the mother is automatically considered to be the custodian of the child. Guys I’m not having you on here, I have a Canadian, American, English and New Zealand law dictionary and have read a book about this by a judge. This is how it really works here in New Zealand.

    But there is hope ‘She who is faithful in little is faithful in much’, why are us guys allowing a woman to be a guardian of our children if we wouldn’t trust her to be guardian of $1 million. Those women who play head games with you, have to be dishonest to do so. And those women who play head games are the most pushy.For instance Ku said but it got you in here. She said something that isn’t true, but that doesn’t matter it got me in there and that’s all she cared about.

    So again if guys just understood how it really works, we wouldn’t be having these problems. We don’t have much time the Care of Child’s Act is a UN convention, so what’s happening here is going to happen overseas.

  5. Warren Tooley says:

    Sorry for the typo, the person who wins is the custodian. So in other countries both guardians will fight to be the custodian. In NZ, it’s automatic, the mother will automatically become custodian.