New Weekly Feature Post:-Arse Hole of the Week

I’ve been thinking of adding a new weekly feature post to compliment the weekly Open┬áHouse post.What I came up with was – Arse Hole of The Week,a post where you can comment with your nomination for Arse Hole of The Week.

Tell us who you think deserves the title this week and why.

Given the current state of the world,it is a target rich environment! :twisted:


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12 Responses to New Weekly Feature Post:-Arse Hole of the Week

  1. Darin says:

    My Pick? The entire Golden State Warriors basketball team,that’s right the whole team-

    Mainly due to their idiotic turd in a punch bowl protest,but also because basketball sucks !

  2. MacDoctor says:

    So many to choose from. So little time…

  3. Ronbo says:

    Special Counsel to the Fourth Reich Herr Mueller gets my nomination as asshole of the week: He just gave James – “You’re obviously guilty of treason” Comey immunity to federal prosecution.

  4. MikeH. says:

    MacDoc is dead nuts on the mark. There are just way too many deserving recipients and the majority cannot be given this honor for a mere week at a time. We may have to consider bumping this up to a fuck-knuckle lifetime achievement award. Of course Michael In Nelson most deservedly nominated the grandmother queen of all fuck-knuckles, Nancy Piglosi.