The Left Owns This One

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  1. Ronbo says:

    It’s gonna get far worse than this before it gets better…July 2, 2017 has already been selected by the Left as a “National Day of Insurrection” – and bloody street battles are planned nation wide with Rightists bold enough to confront the New Red Guards dressed in black with masks.

    America is a nation well into its Weimar Republic stage where political gangs do battles in the streets and assassination of political opponents become the order of the day, but, as always, order will come out of chaos and a strong regime will takeover the country.

    Left or Right, we don’t know – both sides seem to be evenly matched.

  2. Alan says:

    Well, the right have been hopeless in pushing back against the left. You fight fire with fire, but there has been little of that as far as I can see. When I was in the Police for 30 and more years I ruthlessly chased crooks and often played them at their own game. In the Political situation in the U.S, this what the path the Republicans must take. Never give a sucker an even break. If there is a time of reckoning I think the Military and the Police would be overwhemingly on the side of the right. Jim Kalistrom would be the man to put in charge of the FBI, he does not suffer fools lightly.

    • Ronbo says:


      But the Right is pushing back in the USA!

      To begin with street fighting, assassinations, and terrorism is not the Rightist style. We are stand up guys, not cowards who hide behind masks, and throw feces, paint, pepper spray, bicycle locks, and sticks at our opponents during our demonstrations….In fact, we bring along trash bags and pick up our litter afterwards….

      No, what we do is the more difficult legal route. The Tea Party Revolution started in 2009 and we did countless peaceful demonstrations nation wide. We got out the vote. We elected a Republican Congress and President. We currently have a Regime in power that is changing every day in governmental power structure in this country and passing countless reforms/deleting countless unnecessary government regulations.

      I live in downtown Seattle. I can watch the demonstrations from the observation deck of my apartment building – and since May there have been two anti-Leftist, pro-American demonstrations downtown. These demonstrations are happening all over the country – the recent anti-Sharia Law was held in 125 cities. The Rightist demonstrations are growing and getting better organized.

      In regards to the next stage of the Cold Civil War – the insurrection – We Rightist will patiently wait until the Left draws First Blood….until they go “A Bridge Too Far” into violence that shocks not only America – but the world as well when it happens….when it is clear to everyone that for our nation to survive we had to strike back. “The Fort Sumter Moment”…

      Then the dogs of civil war will be released and the outcome left to the Roman god of war – Bloody Mars.

      • Darin says:

        It’s not a question of push back,we have been doing that in spades in the culture war.I submit that because we have been pushing back,that is why the left is going completely off the rails.

        Look at it this way,the left put everything they had into backing Hillary.They spent something like 12 times the money Trump did during the election.They had the entire weight of the MSM and social media pulling her weight and they still couldn’t drag her over the line.People under estimate the amount of political blood and treasure the left had invested in this fight,the loss to Trump was THAT crushing to them as a result.

        I’ll go so far as to make a prediction.The next attempt on an elected official(s) will be the far left gunning for someone in the democrat party,possibly Hillary if she keeps talking running again.They are that far off the rails over this.

        • KG says:

          “They are that far off the rails over this.”
          Yep, the mob mentality – with added social media.

  3. KG says:

    No mention of this shooting now on Stuff NZ or the NZ herald, yet the Giffords shooting was replayed and and hysterically condemned for days, possibly weeks.
    Different rules for one of their own, ain’t it? No bullshit about the need for gun-grabbing, no condemnation of those (including their darling Obama) for stoking this with their endless invective – and their silence in the face of violent street demonstrations.

    • Ronbo says:

      Ditto the American Leftist Media – however, Fox News, Breitbart, The Gateway Pundit, The Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other Rightist Media sources have been going 24/7 with reports. All these sources are available to our Anglosphere cousins on the Internet, so a balanced picture of what is really going on in “The Last Empire of The West” is available to the world 24/7 in every time zone.

      In America, we don’t do our dirty laundry in the dark of the night – if you look for it – the real deal is out there 24/7 in living color and in print. The reason the people of the world have access to the information highway is because America invented it and still polices it. The Internet is the World Wide First Amendment – the freedom of speech – for the entire planet.

      Please excuse me for the “Chamber of Commerce” speech above, but I am an American patriot and nationalist. This means while I would defend my Homeland to the last ditch, I think no less of patriots in other countries, especially those cousin nations of the Anglosphere, also the children of Mother England.

      The only land America asks of foreign countries are graveyards to bury our soldiers who fell in the service of liberty.

      • Darin says:

        Giffords has some experience with this,she was after all shot by a lunatic lefty.

        Oh and they named a f–king ship after her :roll:

        • KG says:

          I saw that naming business and was appalled. What’s Navy policy on renaming ships, Darin?

          • Darin says:

            It used to be capital ships were named after retired wartime admirals,exceptional heads of state ,even foreign ones (USS Churchill) or Cities and States.

            Picket boats or LCS were named after Medal of Honor winners,ex-governors and senators or civilians that made a huge contribution to the cause of freedom.
            Usually the honor is reserved and awarded posthumously,with the current exception being the USS H.W.Bush) The dems though started naming them after living people of not too much stature,i.e. Giffords.

            Dad says the reason they don’t name ships after Greek heros is so the Marines can find the right ship on the way back from liberty :lol: :lol:

            • KG says:

              Ouch! That’s a little erm..unkind! But very funny.
              There’s nothing, no convention the left won’t politicize.

              • Darin says:

                You got that right,the bastards are as we talk are tearing down every monument they can get their grimy mitts on to most likely be replaced in the future with a statue of whatever idiot leftist idol they want.
                They even named a ship after Harvey Milk FFS!

                Ya,the Marine and Navy verbal abuse goes way back,it’s something of a tradition :mrgreen:

  4. Grog says:

    And over 70% of Americans have no interest in the approaching conflict, that would be too difficult to think about and plan for.

    Well, maybe it’s time. And it won’t be pleasant.

    • Ronbo says:


      Like the woman refugee from Bosnia told me several years ago, It never crossed my mind that my country would have a civil war and that my neighbors – who I had known for years and thought were my friends – would show up in the middle of the night with guns and demand that me and my family get the hell out of the country that night with what we could carry, or they would kill us. My neighbors were Muslims and we were Christians. It was civil war in Yugoslavia, you see. We didn’t believe this country would ever have a civil war between the Christians and Muslims…until the night it happened.

  5. Michael in Nelson says:

    The NYT has managed to exceed itself with this one…un-fucking-believable. Even the hard left has called them out on it.

    • KG says:

      The NYT is clearly, unarguably, the enemy of democracy in America.
      and take a look at this clown’s take on it:
      Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University San Bernardino.

      • Ronbo says:


        I agree, but the NYT is the “grand old grey lady” for uncounted millions of Leftists- is their guiding light.

        In fact, according to Rush Limbaugh, the actual Leftist Party and leader of the opposition is not the Democrat politicians – who are simply placeholders and stooges for their Big Media.

        I was talking on the phone today to an old patriot friend in New York City near Central Park – and she says after having lived in NYC for decades , she just doesn’t understand how Leftists think.

        I told her my best guess is their politics have become their religion – and religion is not open to reason, compromise, or argument. It’s like a devout Protestant and a devout Catholic in a no holds barred religious contest – at some point in the disagreement on the different versions of the same common religion the two men will come to blow.

        Europe called this conflict the Reformation and Counter Reformation: an age of endless civil wars between Catholics and Protestants.

        Of course, the opposition to the International Leftist Religion is the politics of Americanism. – the secular religion of many Americans whose “Gospel” is the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. The church they worship at daily is called “The Republic.” A devout patriot will never call America a “democracy” – the rule of the majority; America is a republic – a nation founded on Law. The Law being the U.S. Constitution.

        In a republic the majority doesn’t always rule. This is not like the British parliament where a majority can do anything – except make a woman a man.

        This is what makes America a different kind of critter that most foreigners cannot really understand, not even our close cousins in the Anglosphere.

        New Zealand, for example, is a democracy where a parliamentary majority can rule like a tyrant if they desire. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth who cannot veto legislation. The Kiwis are on paper still “subjects” of the distant monarch and not the citizens of republic.

        No, I’m not giving a argument for republicanism over a constitutional monarchy! The average New Zealanders enjoys freedoms that are the envy of many nations and the small country has become very wealthy – a world magnet for tourism and immigration.

        A friend of mine did a 30 day tour of New Zealand and loved the island-nation! He especially liked the New Zealanders who he said reminded him of the Hobbits of fiction. A decent, honest and hard working people living quiet lives in their cities, villages and farms who welcome strangers…..well…most of them…It does help with NZ folks if you are a wizard at making friends for America anywhere in the world like he is….Especially in the pubs!

        However, psychologically speaking, Americans are different from our cousins the Kiwis, the Aussies, the Brits, the Canucks – but fortunately not so different a Canadian patriot, or British patriot cannot get the wavelength – which is why the Children of England of like mind get along so well regardless of nation.

        Likewise, so do the Leftists of all nations, but the difference between patriots – nationalists – we want a world where differences between nations are settle by treaty and peaceful associations; whereas, Leftists – Internationalists – want just one world – a hideous Orwellian nightmare with “Big Brother” in Brussels giving orders to her subject provinces that used to be sovereign nations.

        • KG says:

          “The average New Zealanders enjoys freedoms that are the envy of many nations and the small country has become very wealthy – a world magnet for tourism and immigration.”
          The reality in NZ is very different and somewhat ugly.
          Perhaps a Zimbabwean or Nigerian might envy the freedoms here, but those freedoms fall far short of real freedom and are shrinking rapidly.
          Massive tourism is destroying some iconic landmarks and immigration has of late been an unmitigated disaster. The infrastructure simply cannot cope and house prices in some places are out of reach of very many Kiwis, who are now being propagandised about the virtues of crowded apartment living and tiny houses.
          Many “immigrants” are simply using NZ as a back door to Australia to the detriment of Kiwis who have lived and worked in Oz for years without major problems.
          NZ’s “wealth” is largely illusory and built on unsustainable debt, which is why the place is effectively being sold off piecemeal to China.
          Apartheid is alive and well here too, since Maori are treated differently based entirely on their race.
          Don’t believe the propaganda. This is a female-dominated PC country on a par with Sweden.
          This is a beautiful country and most of the people I meet are kind and decent folk, but there’s another side to it which is impossible to ignore nowadays.

          • Ronbo says:

            @KG: Email for you.

            Also, thanks for telling the real deal about New Zealand!

            Americans – in particular – Americans on the West Coast – see what is best about NZ from afar and believe The sunny Chamber of Commerce propaganda to some degree.

            I will “Copy & Paste” your remarks about New Zealand from a native living with boots on the ground concerning the real conditions…especially to any friends thinking about immigration to Kiwi.

            • Cadwallader says:

              The freedoms New Zealanders have truly lost are those to do with personal sovereignty, personal aspirations and personal enterprise. These attributes have been hammered to death by regulations and clip-board Hitlers. Ask a New Zealand farmer about the strictures on his time-honoured business…fined $4o,000 for not wearing a motor-cycle helmet, fined $300,000 to drain a useless swamp etc…

              • Cadwallader says:

                Having written the above I understand that farmers remain a strong repository of unregistered firearms as their forebears have always done!

              • KG says:

                Hit the nail on the head with
                “..These attributes have been hammered to death by regulations and clip-board Hitlers.”

          • fish153 says:

            Amen KG

              • KG says:

                Thanks, Ronbo. I’d hate to think of some poor family selling up to move here based on the popular view of the country. There’s a definite downside.
                And did I mention the cost of living?

                • Ronbo says:

                  I would imagine prices are high by American lower 48 standards standards because many items must be imported by sea or air, which costs an arm and leg.

                  I know the retail prices in Hawaii were on average 20% higher than Seattle, which is saying something.

                  Decent apartments/houses with have prices easily twice Seattle’s high rates.

                  Also, the electric is high. The Hawaii state government is too reactionary to join the 21st century and go nuclear…Ditto for coal fired plants. So they use oil that has to be imported by sea.

  6. Contempt says:

    Read this at Western Rifle Shooters

    This much I know, social media’s at once *here and now* drives stuff too rapidly. Instant opinions on any topic. On FB I understand the insanity of left Marxist via instant comments. Makes me question my sanity since FB is properly deemed an addiction. MAGA go Trump got your back. Neither he nor I nor you could foresee the left’s blistering pustules.

  7. Pascal says:

    Yes Darin, the Left owns this one. So naturally we ought to expect to see the GOPe protecting them.

    Thus this, though expected, happened surprisingly quickly. I think it’s a very good sign of the treacherous Progs losing their cool and their masks. Nobody is gonna buy their alleged middle of the road act any longer.

    The Left and the GOPe Progs (but I repeat myself) are panicking.

    • Darin says:

      They have gone off the road,through the ditch and are headed to a sudden stop in an Oak tree if they keep feeding the nut roots of the left.I really do expect to see violence by the hard left against folks they consider to be soft like Hillary.There is an element in the hard left that really does hate Hillary and totally blames her for the loss.It was her fault of course,she was a lousy candidate,but there are those that hate her more than Trump.

    • Pascal says:

      How can a thoughtful woman like her remain the radical Lefty that she is?
      Supported Bernie in the primary.
      Voted for Jill Stein.
      Is looking forward to Kamala Harris’s rising star.


      • Darin says:

        It baffles me too.I think she said she had a beef with the GOP from back in the “Moral Majority” days since she is after all a lesbian.
        I hate to tell her though,but most people I know who are Christian and Republican never had a problem with gay rights as a concept,just that they feared those demands would be turned into a bludgeon by the left to hammer the church every chance they got,which is pretty much what happened.

  8. Pascal says:

    Oh how the Left is squirming. Let’s not let them off the hook. Here’s a great example.

    MRC President Brent Bozell issued the following statement blasting the New York Times Editorial Board for their intentionally fallacious editorial:

    “The New York Times Editorial Board should be embarrassed by the flaming pile of garbage they published today. Even in the face of a radical leftist’s attempted assassination of numerous members of Congress, they try to find a way to cast blame on … conservatives! Their editorial perpetuates a long-debunked leftist conspiracy theory about Gov. Sarah Palin inciting the Giffords shooting. They know better. The New York Times ’ own news reporters declared just yesterday that there was no evidence linking Palin to the Giffords shooting!

    “If the New York Times Editorial Board is going to declare that one cannot place blame on Sen. Sanders for the Alexandria shooting, they must apologize to Gov. Palin for dragging her name through the mud to score cheap political points.”

    • Pascal says:

      Personally, I think it’s evident Bozell is far too easy on them.

      • Darin says:

        The “Old Grey Lady” is about done for anyway,the only ones that buy and read the rag anymore are the old uncle Joe communist bookstore owners.

        I think it should be pointed out too that Laughner it was reported had previously worked on Gifford’s campaign and several people that knew him said he was infatuated with Giffords as well.So I think that’s even more evidence that Palin’s election map had nothing to do with the shooting.

  9. Darin says:

    Patriot Nurse has a few words on the subject-