The upcoming ruckus

Good morning, all the CR readers. Grog here, practicing my pontificating.

First, I offer sincere thanks to KG and Darin for allowing me to submit a guest post. I’m not a scribe on the level of Dan Greenfield, Nicki, TL Davis, et al, but will try to be worthy of that quality of sharing words.

Realizing that most of what I wanted to discuss concerning the events of the last several days is, by now, common knowledge, I’ll keep this short.

All of us know of the Antifa clowns, those twatwaffle asshats that won’t show their faces and constantly screech they’re victims, but have no hesitation for physical violence against those who don’t agree with their crap. Well, there’s a nationwide call for a “day of resistance” in about two weeks.

BREAKING: Mass Nationwide Anti-Trump Riots Planned For July 2nd

And a police horse was attacked during a rally just a few days ago.

UPDATE: ANTIFA Demonstrator attacks police horse during March against Sharia in Harrisburg

That’s not a good picture, if I may say so. chuckling.

Adding to the mix are the continued efforts to limit Trump in the ability to function in the duties of the office, the deep state fake investigations, and who knows what else that hasn’t been started yet. All in all, the rest of the year is going to be unsettled, at least, by current indications.

So, know your surroundings where-ever you go, and be safe, there’s a lot of zombies out there, and they’re willing to use violence.

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  1. Darin says:

    Good point,I forgot this was coming up.luckily in my state Constitutional carry is in effect and most of the nutroots “protests” AKA -riots- will be confined to places that need to burn.Plus our governor is a former state trooper that doesn’t tolerate stupid asshats destroying property and blocking traffic.

  2. Ronbo says:

    Grog, I posted on this event several times on my blog and here, so I would like to thank you for starting a thread on this important upcoming event.

    I don’t feel like a voice crying in the wilderness anymore.

    As I said on my blog:

    I took part in this year’s patriot counter demonstration to the May Day Leftist demonstrations, speeches and marches here in “The Seattle Soviet “that could have ended with gun violence. I talked to several of the marchers who confessed they had concealed carry permits from the state of Washington and pistols/knives/brass knuckles hidden away on their persons for defense against the overwhelming numbers of Leftists they knew would show up. This group is known as “The Proud Boys” from all over the Northwest [to include Canada] and called by the Left a “fight club.”

    We marched all over Seattle holding on high dozens of large American flags for several hours, surrounded by dozens of the Seattle PD decked out in full riot gear who got between us – and the Leftists who counter demonstrated our counter demonstration with curses and threats of violence.

    The march ended at Westlake Park, where we patriots stood tall in ranks saying nothing and watched as Leftists – many of whom were dressed up as cartoon super heroes – jumped up and down screaming like monkeys trying to provoke us to violence.

    After about half an hour of silence against Leftists who outnumbered our side by ten to one – we did an about face and marched away up Third Avenue. The Leftists seeing us walk away went the opposite way.

    Bottom Line: there was no street battle that day! The Seattle PD successfully kept the two warring factions apart, but truth to be told, the crowds were small enough to be controllable by a police department that had deployed all available officers to keep a lid on May Day violence.

    My question is what will happen when the cops lose control of the heavily armed Rightist and Leftist mobs that are spoiling for a fight? Many of the Proud Boys I marched with not only had concealed weapons of many varieties – some were wearing complete military combat kit to include helmets, flak jackets, knee pad protectors, gas masks, etc. One Proud Boy went 100% U.S. Army Combat Kelly and looked like he was ready for hot action in the mountains of Afghanistan!

    Ditto for the Leftists mob. After the last big dust up riot in Portland, Oregon. The cops made many arrests and found the “peaceful” Leftists marching against “hate” had all manner of weapons concealed on their persons- that is everything you can think of except guns. On the other hand, maybe the cops didn’t arrest the gunner Leftists in the mob?

    There you have it, folks, the perfect set up for the first bloody battles of civil war: We may have passed the point of no return on peaceful street demonstrations – It is looking more and more like armed civilian militias on both sides are hitting the streets.

    On July 2, 2017 – 154 years since the second day in the Battle of Gettysburg – Americans may be fighting one another all over the country. Indeed, the wisdom of Pogo comes true, “We have met the enemy – and he is us!”

    • mawm says:

      I hope that you guys had a few snipers hiding in the surrounding buildings for when the shooting starts. Nothing beats superior firepower…. especially that aimed at the enemies leaders.

      • KG says:
        No need to kill the useful idiots on the streets – target the leaders, right down to mayors and leading bureauscum.

  3. KG says:

    The slow-motion coup:
    ‘..Present Trump responding to that report today, tweeting, quote, “I am being investigated for firing the FBI director by the man who told me to fire the FBI director. That’s a witch hunt.”
    Now, the president, of course, is referring to the deputy attorney general, Rosenstein, who in a two-page memo laid out the strongest case on why Comey need to be fired. Now Rosenstein — now he wants an investigation by the special counsel to investigate why the president fired Comey and whether or not this was the right thing to do!
    This is insanity! And by the way, the special counsel now has 13 attorneys. And on top of that, including Hillary Clinton’s attorney and multiple attorneys that donated to both Obama and Hillary Clinton….’

    Americans have reached this point. imho:
    pick up a gun or lose the Republic.

    • Darin says:

      That link to the old film I sent you,those days are long gone.Few believe in hard work and saving to get ahead anymore,black and white.

      Daniel Patrick Moynihan was prophetic when he said the proposed welfare state would destroy the family units of blacks and poor whites.

      • KG says:

        That was a great film, Darin. I downloaded it.
        Those folks would be derided and ridiculed nowadays, but I’m sure they were much happier than people on welfare are now.

  4. Gregoryno6 says:

    This story sums the situation up so well.
    I’m doubtful that the internet pornography was all his, though.

  5. Ronbo says:

    How does a patriot compromise with a traitor?

    It’s impossible to even to try. since the patriot would become a traitor as well. The patriot loves his country. The traitor wants to destroy it. He or she is the enemy of the country – and far more dangerous and potentially deadly than the enemy outside the gates.

  6. Grog says:

    I may have posted this before, but it links with the overall effort to oppose Trump in all he is doing.

    • KG says:

      Way past time to stop pussyfooting around with these bastards. Way past. In fact I think it isn’t going to happen. They’re winning.

      • Ronbo says:


        I disagree.

        A political ideology that is winning doesn’t have any need to censor or put to silence the opposition, since they are winning the hearts and minds of the people.

        The only Leftist totalitarian ideology I know of that was confident of its ideology was winning were the Nazis in the 1930s. We forget now, but at home and overseas the Nazis had good press and this spawned Nazi movements in other countries. In the USA there were – believe it or not – Nazi training camps for would-be American Nazis. One such camp was called, “Camp Siegfried” on Long Island in New York state. Mexico had a neo-Nazi movement. Britain had a neo-Nazi movement.

        In the USA in 1938, the American Nazis held a huge rally in Madison Square Garden where Hitler was said to be the greatest fascist since George Washington! Time magazine also that same year named Hitler as “Man of the Year.”

        It is true there was a certain amount of censorship inside Germany, but Germans were encouraged to travel all over Europe – even to take overseas cruises to – among other foreign destinations – the USA. New York City was a favorite for German Nazis who bragged about the new Germany under Hitler to German-Americans who had a large immigrant community there.

        If you were a German and wanted out of dear old Dutchland up until the start of WW II, it was no problem if you weren’t a Jew. A number of German film people ended up in Hollywood – and were often unemployed if they couldn’t speak English…and more than one returned to Germany unhappy with America still in the Great Depression.

        When I was in college, my history instructor said that if Hitler had died in 1938, he would have been hailed as the greatest German in history as the man who got his country on its feet after WW I and the Great Depression.

        The International Left we see in operation all over the planet on a daily basis- It is very unpopular with the great mass of people who call socialism “PC” – Politically Correct”. The main reason the Left stay in political office and have such power over the culture is because of the Big Media propaganda shit storm that blasts 24/7. The secondary reason is that control of the Institutions which do not allow discussions of rival ideologies like capitalism.

        An American Nazi in about 1935 would argue his “superior” ideology with you over beer in a New York bar – and shoot your down counter arguments. He was sure of himself…Confident…A Giant of The Intellect he thought himself….An Aryan Superman; whereas, a Snowflake Leftist would plug up his ears and run to his campus safe space – pull out his Teddy – and suck his thumb if you dare to question something his Leftist professors told him was the Gospel.

        No, the Left is not winning….at best they are hanging on.

        • MikeH. says:

          I believe Ron is correct. Those people own the media and the numerous false stories, printed daily, can tend to wear down even the strongest of us. I have to admit there are days when I begin to lose the faith and at times start to think we are massively outnumbered by the left. But then, all I need do is remember the enemy is backed by a bunch of pussy millennials who won’t be able to find their safe places and coloring books when the fists, and buckshot, begins to fly.

          I guess I am just getting very frustrated waiting for the payback to begin.

          • Ronbo says:

            I look at the American crisis of this time the same way that old Revolutionist Thomas Paine looked at the year 1776 – a time of defeat after defeat for the patriot cause. On December 23, 1776 he took quill in hand and wrote a pamphlet by candle light titled, “The American Crisis”

            “THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

            Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated. …”

            On December 25, 1776 – Washington and his new U.S. Army scored an important victory at Trenton, New Jersey….

            It is always darkest before the dawn, my friend.

  7. KG says:

    “No, the Left is not winning….at best they are hanging on.”
    Dreaming is free.
    In my lifetime I’ve watched far, far more liberties be stolen from us than we’ve gained. Draw up a list on the credit (liberties gained) and debit (liberties lost) sides.
    Add them up. All the historical examples you care to give won’t alter that list.
    People who will not rise up and fight when they’re being murdered in their own city streets, when their daughters are being raped by the thousands, will not fight for anything.
    The rule of law has been trashed and distorted to suit our rulers, laws are being broken by them in full view and such is their arrogance and contempt for us (which we damn well deserve, by the way) they don’t even make much of an effort to justify their lawlessness.
    Dreams of armed uprisings and vengeance as a solution to the problems are just that, dreams. I often dream them myself, as a kind of consolation for living in what’s little better than an open prison.
    The ballot box won’t do it. The gun, in order to do it must first be wielded by men of courage. Men at best are only half the population and of that half, very, very few would fight.
    I admire courage, perseverance and a refusal to surrender as much as anybody, but words are cheap and easily forgotten come tomorrow.
    Bombast is not facts, nor is it courage.
    “..all I need do is remember the enemy is backed by a bunch of pussy millennials who won’t be able to find their safe places and coloring books when the fists, and buckshot, begins to fly. ”
    Not going to happen. Go outside into the real world and conduct a poll. Make the poll as big as you wish and you’ll get the same results I got, and not just once.
    People will not fight, even those who are aware of the overwhelming and still increasing destruction of our liberties and our culture. The best you might get is a sigh and “oh well, what can you do?”
    I’m no defeatist, but I’m a realist where our liberties are concerned. As I said, add ’em up.
    And spare me the of-repeated fact that very few of Americans were revolutionaries. That was then, this is now and we’re dealing with domesticated man and a whole different ballgame.

    • Ronbo says:

      We will have to agree to disagree on that issue, my friend. But never forget: History repeats itself in a general way….The best guess is that it has to do with generations. Generation A is very hard working, successful, educated. The children Generation B rebel against their parent’s Generation A. Generation C grows up in an era of chaos where anything goes. In reaction they produce Generation D who gets fed up with living in shit and wants order and discipline, rebel and Produce Generation D – which is a lot like Generation A.

  8. Alan says:

    I wrote the other day on this blog, that the right/conservatives are not pushing back hard enough. I do not live in the U.S, but as a very interested onlooker, I can see and interpret what is taking place and took place for decades past. Sure there has been the Tea Party which has had some success, but beyond that it is the same old, same old. The fact that Mueller and his posse of Hillary/Democrat layabouts are investigating Trump (or are purported to be) FOR OBSTRUCTION, is sick. The deep state is salivating over this. If the Republicans had any balls they would put an end to the investigation pronto. The left have virtually complete control of the media narrative which must be challenged in a big way with legal action which could be currently happening in one instance by Sarah Palin. She has guts which is more than you could say for many elected Republicans. I agree entirely with the previous post by K.G.

    • KG says:

      Thank you, Alan.

    • Ronbo says:


      I sorry you are disappointed in the progress in what I hope will be the Second American Revolution – but remember what I said last year when the patriots were able to elect Donald Trump as the 45th PUSA – that all we had accomplished that day was a successful landing on a hostile shore – and compared it to D-Day and I said there would be battle after battle with the traitor Left – in a sort of parallel with the Battles of France, Belgium and Germany during WW II – and I said the battle would only get more intense the closer we came to victory – as was the case in WW II.

      I hate to break it to you, buddy, but no ruling class in history went peacefully into the night – and the American branch of International Socialism will fight to the last ditch. I think history is witness that an American civil war/revolution are long, costly and bloody.

      On April 19, 1775 the first battle of the American Revolution was fought. The British did not withdraw from the USA until 1783 – after eight years of shooting war – and, yes, the British and their traitor Tory stooges were the ruling class over colonial America.

      So in the 18th century the ruling class Tories did not go quietly away. In the 19th century the ruling class Southern Planter slave – owner aristocrats did not go quietly away. In the 21st century the American traitor Left will not go away quietly.

      “The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and traitors.” Revolutionist Thomas Jefferson

    • Grog says:

      Alan, the problem is not that the Republicans have no balls, the problem is that there is virtually no difference between Dem and Rep except for name, both groups have the same end goal, to keep the current system in place.

      Trump is a businessman, and a dee cee outsider, as far as the system is concerned. He gained the electoral college vote to be sworn in as President because the system decided that he could be more easily managed than cankles.

      Now, with the changes he said he would make, and the system pushing back, he’s in a difficult position, and he has little support inside the beltway.

      • Ronbo says:

        True, while 90% of the rank & file Republicans support Trump – inside the Beltway he has little support – and that includes Congressional Republicans. This is the ruling class. This is the bad news.

        The good news is that the Imperial President can get lots of thing done without Congress – as Chief Executive Officer he is CIC of the Armed Forces and the federal bureaucracy. He can veto legislation he doesn’t like that takes two-thirds vote to override. He has the de facto ability to declare war and send the U.S. Armed Forces in harm’s way (de jure, declaration of war remains with Congress, but hasn’t been done since 1941)

        The PUSA has powers King George III could only dream about!

        So Trump has been busy repealing Obama’s last eight years in office by E.O.s and this is getting little notice from the Big Media, because the Left cannot stop these reforms from happening, which is why they want him dead or driven from office.