“Get out of our country”

This is what civilizational defeat looks like. Thanks to Colonel B. Bunny for this.

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11 Responses to “Get out of our country”

  1. Darin says:

    I pray for the day that we wake up as sovereign nations and clean house.

  2. Ronbo says:

    Sad – very sad – but the Muslim/African/Other immigrants are less than 10% of Europe’s total population….There are countries like Israel, Russia, India and Philippines were Muslims enjoy a far greater percentage of the population, but where they kept under strict control by governments who do not play the PC game.

    However, in the West, the socialists Enable the radical factions in Islam like the Muslim Brotherhood who encourage ultra violence. In marked contrast, Muslim countries like Egypt lock up or execute members of the Muslim Brotherhood. In Egypt they don’t play PC games with Islamists. In Britain and France, the Islamists have found a sanctuary to preach and practice 7th century barbarism while living on the welfare dime.

    What’s the bottom line to Western socialist enabling of the worst radicals in the Islamic World? One reason is voters to replace the voter base of dying socialist parties like Labour in Britain – It’s no mistake the Muslim mayor of London is a member of the Labour Party. The second reason is to provide “street level muscle” to help shore up the PC regimes which dominate Western governments.

    Clearly, the path to victory in the West has to start with a frontal attack on the socialist regimes…Western nations like Poland – and I’m happy to say America – are pushing back against “democratic” socialism that’s starting to look a lot like Stalinism. The Leftists know ordinary working class people like us are their main enemy – We must put focus on them as the most dangerous enemy we face in the world and treat them as we would treat a foreign enemy who seek our overthrow.

    In America a wise man has said the U.S. Democrat Party has evolved into the party of hate, but I think the Dems have moved down into a more violent and dangerous level –

    The Democrats are the party of terrorism and assassination.

    • andy5759 says:

      True Ronbo. There are two sorts of socialists, National and International. One being Nazi, the other being communist. Both being enemies of democracy and freedom. Try explaining that to a dyed in the wool lefty. It merely causes them to hate you all the more. The left has taken over family, thought, and speech. Is there any way back from the brink?

      • Ronbo says:


        I’m afraid civil war is the only option…I know here in America we are headed that way.

        The Leftists in the USA have evolved rather swiftly in 2017 from “democrat” socialist and the loyal opposition to full bore Bolshevik traitors since Trump was elected president and the Republican kept control of Congress for another two years.

        Do you think I’m a little too much, Cassandra – the prophet of doom – today? I mean thousands of Leftists every day – some in high cultural and political offices say they not only want to kill Trump and the Republican Congress, but they want to murder rank & file Republicans like yours truly, you know this country is in a pre civil war mode? – especially when one ordinary Democrat attempts to murder 25 Republican Congressmen – and only failed because a couple of heroic cops stopped him.

        So 100 years after the Communist revolution in Russia, the Bolsheviks reappear in the United States of America, although they call themselves “Democrats.”

        Why this sudden rage? The Left knows Trump and his Republican base want to restore our constitutional republic to its former grandeur – and the only way to stop this from happening is by ultra violent means.

        The battle is joined in America. The dice have been cast. The patriots of the Right are united and standing tall under the command of Trump. No compromise. No retreat. Victory or death. It will be civil war…and this will be the same fate that will befall any Western nation that attempts to throw the “democratic” socialists out of power.

        When the ballot fails the Left they put the bullet in the gun and aim at you.

        • Darin says:

          The libs had better remember that the nukes are all in red state’s control :twisted:

  3. Darin says:

    Black Pigeon on the same subject-


  4. Jamie says:

    2017 – The sharia invasion is master of Europe – Only patriotic countrymen stand before them….


    [Managed to send ya that cash Tommy]

    HMS Crusader Rabbit
    28 Guns
    197 Souls
    Somewhere in the Pacific….


    Admiralty Orders
    To Capt KG
    ‘Intercept the islamic sharia invasion en route to Pacific
    …..Sink burn or take her a prize’


    KG: Timing?
    Darin: Two minutes and one second Sir.
    KG: Lads that’s not good enough. We need to fire two broadsides to the sharia’s one.
    Do you wana see sharia all over New Zealand???
    Crusaders: NO!!!
    KG: Do you wanna call that raggedy ass mohammed your god???
    Crusaders: NO!!!
    Do you want your children to bow to Mecca???
    Crusaders: No!!!
    KG: Mr Darin, Mr Rondo starboard battery. Jump to it lads. Patience and rhythm. Mark your targets. Report Mr Darin.
    Darin: 3rd and 4th divisions ready Sir.
    KG: Right starboard battery, fire!!!