Shortage of Educated Men?

Maybe they have thought things through and are saying- no?


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11 Responses to Shortage of Educated Men?

  1. Ronbo says:

    The real men go where the money is….College is a total waste of time, especially if you’re a white alpha male, as you are blamed for everything wrong in the world by your inferiors, and you can’t legally shoot the bastards and bitches.

    But you still want a college education for little expense and actually learn something? Buy an online Kindle book written by the experts for $5.00 with links to lectures online in subjects you are interested in…and take the end of course examination online at any number of Internet colleges.

    Meanwhile, to pay the bills and raise a family become an expert at any number of vocational fields where you can start work immediately as a trainee and earn a good wage. A friend of mine in Orlando, Florida had a wife who was a doctor and he who never spent one day in a college classroom had twice her income. She used to tell her friends that all she earned was a little welfare check, but was fortunate to be married to a man with a good job.

    My friend was the owner of a construction company and begin his career in the industry as a humble carpenter trainee fresh out of high school at age 17. He moved up the ranks and became a construction manager – and then on to the big bucks as the owner of his own company.

  2. Brown says:

    I think the main issue is that women in this study are treating kids and husbands as a designer item to tick off a list. Men you would want to have a relationship with are not that shallow and are usually snapped up early by great women. Some come back on the market but they are, like me, very wary indeed when looking having done some very hard yards during a divorce.

    • KG says:

      I just read a piece in the NZ Herald or Stuff State Propaganda Unit about why women need more money than men in order to retire, Brown.
      Written by a woman, of course. What jumped out at me was the claim that “women seldom get their fair share of assets during a divorce”.
      Seems the house and kids and more than half the savings and future earnings of the husband aren’t enough.

      • Darin says:

        What’s even more amazing is how many times she gets more than half even if the break up is entirely HER fault.

        • KG says:

          It’s practically the norm, isn’t it?

            • Ronbo says:

              Having been thru a divorce in Florida, I can say, without fear reversal by a high court, that a divorce in the Sunshine State is Fair (for the woman) – The ex-wife gets the kids and you get child support payments for them until they are 18 years of age. The ex-wife gets the house – and you get the payments. The ex-wife gets the new car – and get the payments. The ex-wife gets the gold mine – but you get the shaft, lucky guy.

  3. Jamie says:


    ‘She assaulted Protos for hours and then strangled him with a computer cord before pushing his body under her bed. She confessed the next day.

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    She blew a kiss to family in court as she was taken out after the sentencing

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    “We’ve come out of court today with a life sentence of nightmares, pain and grief while [Samson] gets the murder charge reduced to manslaughter because of a unprecedented loophole in the system.”‘


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  4. Michael in Nelson says:

    When men do get educated they face worse derision…even from their mother

  5. Damaged goods in the past referred to women who had fallen off the straight and narrow. I don’t know of a term then that described a man who had stepped on his Johnson but it happened then and always will.

    Damaged goods now, however, refers to women who have become feminists, even just to women who have become un-women, caricatures of what normal women are.

    When I came on line looking for a mate in the ’60s college women were being sold a bill of goods, chief among which was that they needed to pursue a career so they would not have to depend on a man. I had little understanding of such things and failed to appreciate what an enormous aberration that was. I’ve since learned there are normal women to be found but so help me God I would approach an educated women, especially one still in school with a great deal of caution. Figuratively, educated women have been ridden hard and put away wet by the times. Obsessed with abortion (women’s”health”), and given to wearing Fallopian tube hats and going on “slut” [sic] walks. Jeebus. An educated man without a scraggle beard today would rather choose a swan dive into a wood chipper….

    • KG says:

      “An educated man without a scraggle beard today would rather choose a swan dive into a wood chipper….”