Arsehole of the Week

Well it really has to be Shia LeBeouf this week doesn’t it? 


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15 Responses to Arsehole of the Week

  1. Darin says:

    Shia’s drunken meltdown with commentary from Bearing :lol:

    He will not divide us!
    The cuffs are too tight!
    Why am I in custody! :lol:

  2. Gregoryno6 says:

    Well it really has to be Shia LeBeouf this week doesn’t it?
    I suppose so, though it surprises me that Clementine Ford can be so quiet for so long.

    • Ronbo says:

      What’s happening with this little Leftist with defective brain wiring is happening to millions of Left world wide – They were told by their Media that no how, no way Trump would be elected PUSA – In what passes for minds, the International Left believed the New World Order had arrived – That the last great empire of the West – America – had fallen in 2009 with the election of Obama – It’s the Marxist Narrative that they are on the right of history and owned the earth with the fall of the United States – and…then…It didn’t happen! – Hillary didn’t get elected – Also, not only was Trump elected but they finally understood the majority of Americans supported him! “Eck!” they shouted! What to do? What to do? Turn the hate America/hate Trump/hate whites machine on overdrive – 24/7 – the greatest Media hate offensive in the history of the world! – This endless broadcast of hate is driving – literally driving – Leftists all over globe who already have lose wiring in the mind – absolutely ape!

      Last year it was only the Muslims and North Korea who wanted to kill people like us, but this year they have been joined by uncounted millions of marginal Leftists push over edge who dream of murdering anyone not a Leftist.

      In America, the largest terrorist organization is the Democrat Party. At this point it’s a Cold Civil War in America, but it’s heating up by the day.

    • Michael in Nelson says:

      So Gore is the asshole for the entire 21st century. Never have so many paid so much to support one man.

      • andy5759 says:

        That arsehole is currently busy promoting another inconvenient bullshit film. I really hope that I’m wrong in thinking that he got some Nobel prize for his first inconvenient bollocks. Yup, he’s certainly near top of the list of immortal arseholes.

        • Darin says:

          I hate that fucker because he’s such a hypocrite telling us serfs we have to sweat in the dark while he jet sets between mansions where the AC blows cold 24/7/365.

    • mawm says:

      You know that you are a totally unwanted useless democrap POS when you can’t win an election despite all the ballot box stuffing. Why can’t they just go quietly off into the night? The same applies to ex presidents.