The joys of multiculturalism in an unarmed society:

‘Women in Melbourne’s western suburbs are too terrified to leave home alone as marauding gangs of violent criminals run amok. Residents are now fleeing crime-ridden Werribee in droves.
…Victoria Police says it is satisfied with the progress being made against crime in Melbourne’s western suburbs..’

The police cannot and will not protect you. Learn how to use a weapon effectively, arm yourselves as though laws don’t exist (because they don’t, where defending your family is concerned) and – above all – take responsibility for defending yourselves and your loved ones. Either break the law or live on your knees in a state of fear.

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  1. Ronbo says:

    As any honest policeman/woman will tell you, “The police are not your armed personal security guards. They are a paramilitary force whose primary duty is to protect and defend the “community” (which is Government Speak for City Hall and the Office of Mayor.”)

    What you say is 100% correct – personal defense is a personal responsibility – and if it takes going to the Black Market and paying a king’s ransom to buy gun, because your reactionary socialist government will not allow private gun ownership – Then so be it!

    …and if you are forced to kill in self defense – remember this – “Better to be tried by 12 than murdered by 1.”

    • Phil Stephenson says:

      “ … The police are not your armed personal security guards. They are a paramilitary force whose primary duty is to protect and defend the “community” (which is Government Speak for City Hall and the Office of Mayor.) … “

      Ronbo, when I was in the police force, a ten minute response time was considered quite acceptable, yet a lot can happen in ten minutes. Also, when you say, “The police are not your armed personal security guards,” it of course depends who you are. Back in the 1980’s when I first joined up, there was a spate of Family Court judges being targeted in Sydney by a disgruntled individual, who was only tracked down and arrested in 2015. Over several years, one judge was shot at his home and later died in hospital, and another judge’s house was bombed, killing his wife and injuring him as well, and the Family Court at Parramatta, a western Sydney suburb, was bombed. So, there was a clear and present danger, a mortal danger in fact, to judges of the Family Court, and their homes were afforded 24-hour police protection over several years, until the state hired private security guards. I recall doing a few shifts on this duty, providing an armed guard at the homes of various judges, (always in well-heeled suburbs), and I was aware even then that this type of response is only reserved for certain individuals.

      Now, you might think that these clowns would be grateful to the police force for providing this type of close protection at a time when some of their colleagues and family members had already been murdered, their houses and workplace bombed, etc, but no, that was not how it works. One of these pompous pricks actually abused a copper I knew for, “walking around his yard at night,” and others complained about the intrusion, as though it was just being done to annoy them. I really could not believe the attitude of some of these people. I have to say though that not all of them were like that. One judge put a settee on his veranda, with a TV for the officer to watch, with his four beautiful daughters bringing out cool drinks regularly in the hot weather, (and I heard one officer started going out with one of them), and another judge even installed an outside toilet for the use of the cops guarding his house.
      So, the police do provide armed guarding services for certain segments of the population, even if it’s not deserved or appreciated.

      • KG says:

        Great background, Phil. I remember those days. (I was living in Killara for a while at the time)

  2. Grog says:

    KG, are there any self defense options that are non firearm related available there? baseball bats, tasers, pepper spray, anything?

    • KG says:

      Even pepper spray is illegal, Grog. I tell people that a squirt bottle of strong ammonia is better than nothing, and it’s still legal to carry a pocket knife. (A three-inch blade is plenty in the right hands.)
      But what matters most is attitude – to absorb the lesson that threats are useless, that when met with force or the threat of imminent force the first response must be to act with overwhelming aggression, to get inside the opponent’s decision loop.
      Sadly, very few people are prepared to make the effort to learn, preferring to behave like penned sheep waiting for the wolf. They expect “them” to protect them and theirs and no amount of contrary evidence will shake them out of that mindset.

      • Cadwallader says:

        I particularly agree with your second paragraph. I have seen a diminutive cat apply an aggressive stance to large dogs to deflect an assault. The threat posture can be invaluable.
        I imagine a squirt of ammonia in the eyes would have long term repercussions as well as deflecting a direct threat?

      • paul scott says:

        In other words KG, I take it you have to have prepared response of aggression.
        For me [ once beaten up by a 40kg school girl ] that means a gun. I don’t think my hard wood pointing stick from the Solomon’s would cut it, although I am mentally trained to use it.
        But a poor response like this as you suggest is worse than nothing.
        I wish we could get hold of tasers, or equivalent.

    • mawm says:

      A baseball bat next to the bed and a tyre lever under the driver’s seat. Oven cleaner (strong ammonia) is an excellent choice when aimed at the face (eyes). Of course they will not help when the attacker has a (illegal) gun, or, if you win, you’ll be charged with using excessive force and probably premeditation as well for having the weapons “at hand”.

  3. MikeH. says:

    And if you should have a need wherein you cause some deserving fuck-knuckle serious bodily injury or death, DO NOT hang out waiting for the police to show up. The liberal injustice system will persecute you regardless of your claims of self defense.

    • paul scott says:

      I would accept that there are consequences of self protection Mike.
      There is another side to it.
      Once people are finding others are prepared to fight back, it becomes a new meme.
      You know an idea that maybe we have to do this to protect ourselves, because the law is not really for us.

  4. Cadwallader says:

    O/T Has anyone noted the personal war M.Macron has declared against his own military this week? He appears to be a wet idiot.

  5. The joys of multiculturalism in an unarmed society:

  6. Darin says:

    Welcome to the world where the criminal element has more rights than the law abiding public.

    I wonder what would happen…ever see the movie Pale Rider?Wonder what would happen if a group of locals pooled their resources and hired a group of Mercs to come in and TCB for them?Let’s say the locals hire Executive Outcomes to do some contract “urban renewal”.

    I don’t know which would be better,the neighborhood getting cleaned up,or the stench from the local elected officials shitting themselves :twisted:

  7. Working Class Bigot says:

    There’s an awful lot of Sudosand Coconuts running amok in south Melbourne. Why oh why did our government deem it necessary to import them?

    • KG says:

      Votes and orders from their U.N. masters?

    • D.T. says:

      Hey , those concrete blocks in the CBD are helping . Doesn’t matter anyway because your solar powered trams are going to run day and night…..hahaha

  8. Odakyu-sen says:

    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away…

    • KG says:
      Meanwhile,the victim is supposed to be estimating what would constitute “reasonable force”….

      • Ronbo says:

        On the other hand, there are enlightened states like Florida, where if you feel your life endangered on the street, and even if the thug isn’t armed and you are, and you nail the felon with your Colt .45 Commander, the police will let you walk and the court will hold you blameless, since you believed your life was endangered by the brute.

        Ditto for home invasion…The NRA publishes the little known cases where homeowners nail the bad guys with various types of weapons, the shotgun being the most popular hone defense weapon. Police and courts seldom ever go after the homeowners who act in self defense.

        “A man’s home is his castle doctrine.”

        This is the reason why in America home break ins are very rare – in marked contrast to Britain where home invasions are quite the common thing, as the bad guys know a British homeowner has no firearms – and has been forbidden even personal self defense by government edict.

        I know the USA has a world rap has being a violent country, but the stats prove its the black community with the high murder/crime rate. The white population has very low crime stats because they mostly honest and well armed, as the bad guys know and fear.

        • paul scott says:

          I hear a few Black people getting real Ronbo.
          The fact that some of them are aware that only a quarter of Black kids come from stable homes with a father is directly related to this violence in Black communities. But you know, what does reality mean to BLM

    • paul scott says:

      Thats funny dude, but it brings us back to this’
      How am I prepared. Not ? Do something about preparation this week.

  9. Warren Tooley says:

    Well here’s how it works in New Zealand: The police only come when they can fine you, or its an emergency. They are a money collection agency. That’s been my experience and others would say the same.