Faith Goldy: Google’s Social Justice Dream Team

Apparently “diversity” means everyone on the team being a trans-queer,bi-polar,he/his that is now a she/her WTF????

In other words “normal’s” need not apply 

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6 Responses to Faith Goldy: Google’s Social Justice Dream Team

  1. Gregoryno6 says:

    What a bunch of losers.
    Whoops, I meant – what a fascinating group of diverse and interesting people!

  2. KG says:

    I think Darin is a bit in love with Faith Goldy, too. He’s not the only one…… :mrgreen:

  3. HarvardPotatoHead says:

    Oh Hiii!!!! At first yours verililily trulililily imagine he was having a beautiful dream. That one with the purple hair and transqueer bipolarophobic seems like a good match for several of my assignments on lovely Paedophilis Island where the sun shines on shapely asses 24/7. First to mind is Diplomatic Pouch who seems lost not being able to hate living in the White House yvt may just may, advise her to apply to Google for employment. She will fit right in. No questions concerning Blackberry as we would all agree since his ah leanings shall we say yes, his leanings are precise qualifications for advanced placement just Google that friends. May this oops got a beep yes oh my it is in the whipping suite must hurry!!!yours verililily trulililily HarvardPotatoHead

    • Contempt says:

      It is a hundred to one odds that Harvard would pop up at this time ya think. Now that he has been given insight into Google. OMG. I though Harvard was just on a very long vacation following his stint at Blackberry’s Underground Kompound. Hmmm😳

      • KG says:

        Harvard is not sticking with his mission and we’re worried about his state of mind – if he has a mind, that is.
        Sending medication by pigeon post.