Open House

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    • Grog says:

      Three dead, nineteen injured, surprisingly not a lot of property damage compared to other “protests”, but that’ll probably change by morning.

      It won’t surprise me to learn that the helo was sabotaged, aviation accidents happen, but in conjunction with this going on? that raises a red flag for me.

      If McAuliffe had any spine, he’d let the two groups fight it out and send in the clean up crew in the morning, but he didn’t mention the antifa pukes earlier in his news conference. Not surprising there, since he’s a killery stooge.

    • Ronbo says:


      This “Battle of Charlottesville” was a clash between old guard Democrat white racists and Democrat new guard anti-white racists – and was designed to fit the Leftist narrative that there is a large “Alt-right” of white racists supporting Trump and the Republican Party.

      Also note the chain of command here: the governor of Virginia, the mayor of Charlottesville, the chief of police are ALL Democrats, so the police were apparently given orders to allow the clash between rival demonstrations to happen – knowing full well both sides were armed, armored and ready for a fight- which did happen as planned.

      In regards to the “white nationalist” who ran his car into the crowd: First of all there were three cars involved in the incident – and video clearly relates all three were being attacked by anti-white Leftist rioters – and perhaps they were running around the streets of Charlottesville trying to escape the violence. Perhaps by accident they ended up plowing into the Leftist-Racist crowd.

      However, this incident leads to another question: why weren’t the streets leading into the riot area not blocked by police and National Guard? A state of emergency had been declared hours before. One theory has it this incident was planned to happen by the Left. After all, the Democrats had control of the soldiers and police – It could be an attempt to cause mass casualties not produced in the earlier fights – which it did.

      And the final strange thing that happened yesterday – why did it take so long for the identity of the “Death Car” driver to released? The police busted him within minutes of the affair, but waited five hours to release his identity – interestingly, the first I.D. came from Rightist bloggers to said he was a Leftist…Now we find he was a Rightist, registered Republican, veteran and white – perfect material for the Leftist witch hunt.

      Like the old Buffalo Springfield song goes, “There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear, there’s a man with a gun over there telling me to beware…”

  1. Gregoryno6 says:

    Gina Elise. Do I need to say more?

  2. Darin says:

    “It was a Brennan Operation”

    “Hersh says that Trump is not the villain but the victim in this story, and that the press has served as a shameful stenographer for Brennan to smear Trump. It has shown no skepticism toward any of his claims or the supposedly nonpartisan reports his cronies and political hacks assembled after the election. Hersh calls Brennan an “asshole” and a “buffoon.”

    Indeed, it tells you all you need to know about the rottenness of the ruling class that such an open fraud could rise so high in Washington. Brennan, owing to his treasonous support for the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War (he voted for Gus Hall and supported the Soviet-controlled American Communist Party in the 1970s), should not have been allowed within a hundred-mile radius of Langley. Instead, he was hired and rose to the top of the CIA.”

    And here I had all but forgotten that rotten no good POS traitor :evil:

  3. Jamie says:


    Fred ain’t sold yet….


    “””When you have militarily stupid politicians listening to pathologically confident soldiers, trouble is likely. All of these people might reflect how seldom wars turn out as those starting them expect. Wars are always going to be quick and easy. Generals not infrequently advise against a war but, once it begins, they bark in unison. They seldom know what they are getting into. Note:

    The American Civil War was expected to be over in an afternoon at First Manassas. Wrong, by four years and some 650,000 dead.

    Germans thought that World War I would be be a quick war of movement, over in a few weeks. Wrong by four years and fantastic slaughter, and was an entirely unexpected trench war of attrition ending in unconditional surrender. Not in the Powerpoint presentation.

    When the Japanese Army urged attacking Pearl Harbor, their war aims did not include two cities in radioactive rubble and GIs in the bars of Tokyo. That is what they got.

    When the Wehrmacht invaded Poland, having GIs and the Red Army in Berlin must have been an undocumented feature. Very undocumented.

    When the French re-invaded Vietnam after WWII, they did not expect les jaunes to crush them at Dien Bien Phu, end of war. Les Jaunes did.

    When the Americans invaded Vietnam, having seen what had happened to the French, the thought did not occur that it might happen to them too. It did.

    When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, having seen what happened to the US in a war against peasants, they did not expect to lose. They did.

    When the Americans attacked Afghanistan, having seen what happened to the Soviets there, they did not expect to be fought to a slowly losing draw. They were.

    When the Americans attacked Iraq, they did not expect to be bogged down in an interminable conflagration in the whole region. They are.

    Is there a pattern here?

    Why do those inadequate little men in Washington and New York dream of new wars? Because the empire is near a tipping point.

    Washington must either either start a war in Korea, or gets faced down by the North, its carriers ignored, its bombers “sending signals” and making “shows of force” without result. For the empire this is a loss of face and credibility, and an example to others that America can be challenged.”””


    War just a shot away….

  4. Darin says:

    Shooting Down a Lost Drone and why Dogs tilt their Heads-Smarter Everyday


  5. Ronbo says:

    I know Facebook is not well received here but this group of patriots blame the police for the riot in Virginia yesterday and echo many of things I’ve said about events there:

  6. KG says:

    The garbage fed to Kiwis by the NZ media. All this is just this morning, and to say it’s a fucking disgrace is a massive understatement.
    This is blatant leftist propaganda.No wonder so many Kiwis are so uninformed politically.

    ‘Trump holding the matches
    Donald Trump lit every one of those torches in Charlottesville. ‘
    ‘Trump under fire after deadly rally
    US President’s weak response to white nationalists criticised after woman killed…’
    ‘.. “Toleration” of white supremacy by Trump’s advisor inexcusable, says Scaramucci. ..’
    ‘Opinion: Trump babbles in the face of tragedy..’
    ‘COMMENT:Trump, who’s old enough to be Kim’s father, is behaving like a possessive toddler…’

    • Darin says:

      It’s not just NZ,they after all are just parroting the US media and their non stop Trump is literally Hitler narrative.

  7. Darin says:

    Native Alaskan boy becomes a man by killing a whale to feed his entire village.Paul Watson predictably goes ape over it-

  8. Ronbo says:

    Ho-Hum another Sunday in Seattle with ANTIFA matching down the street towards Westlake Park protesting their victory in the Charlottesville riots and fighting the SPD who fights back with pepper spray and batons – and noted by Ronbo from the observation deck of his apartment building – where he has a free box office seat to revolution brewing in streets below.

  9. tranquil says:

    Hi all –

    **Huge** news here from the site –
    President Trump knows exactly what the threats to the West are (and they are exactly the things that we have been talking about for *years*!).

    Here is the post – it is amazing –

  10. Gregoryno6 says:

    A thoughtful assessment of the incident in Charlottesville.

  11. Warren Tooley says:

    Guys your not going to believe this. Metiria Turei’s demise is now based on race, gender etc. I simply just couldn’t believe it.

    • Darin says:

      I can believe it,she’s female and some shade other than stark white,so obviously it’s not her fault.

      • Warren Tooley says:

        Yeah I guess so, she’s female so she gets preference. Still, it seems very communistic to me, and to think a lawyer is backing her is uhhhh, disgusting.

  12. KG says:

    “Cancer patient given triple radiation dose”

    Now he’s dead, the business has been ordered by gummint drones to give his missus a written apology.
    Written, by heavens! That’ll show ’em.

  13. KG says:

    I believe this result is bullshit. It’s a carefully crafted lie – by the usual suspects – in support of something very evil indeed:
    ‘Immigration debate vanishes ‘

  14. KG says:

    This just in:
    NORK Fatboy backs down on threat to nuke Guam.
    So much for the odious Susan Rice lecturing Trump on the virtues and advisability of appeasement, eh?

  15. Jamie says:

    The Great Meme War of 2017


    A worthy winner….

    Post Script: Double dang these technological dinosaur hands.

  16. KG says:

    Afghanistan has the Taliban. The West has the “progressives”
    Bamiyan Buddhas

    ‘Pressure builds to remove Confederate faces off Stone Mountain’

  17. Jamie says:

    There’s a lot of little people out here who are sick of having the dead rat that is sharia immigration shoved in their faces. Sick of being fed the shit that is the sharia. Sick of being expected to like sharia’s bowl so much ya lick it clean, then say more please like a good little boy. Journo’s seem pathologically un-able to understand this phenomena.
    Maybe it’s because of their towering intellects.

    Question: Has sharia immigration to the West actually improved the lot of the people of the West???