Pascal Fervor has a post up….

..from long ago that has proven prophetic,worth the time in my opinion.

“I’m no Nostradamus. Furthermore, in my opinion, there was so much evidence available back in 2006 that many others should have easily arrived at the same conclusions.

It greatly upset me that nobody else with a wider audience alerted their readers to the many dangers that were then building. That loneliness contributed greatly to my reduced posts.

As my bright readers will know after reading this, each and every shameful act listed is now much worse. And the list wasn’t even exhaustive. Perhaps the only real value reading this today is so you know that it is not you that has gone mad and that you are not alone.”



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  1. Yes he does, and it’s a good one.

  2. Pascal says:

    Thank you Darin.
    Here’s some excerpts from the list.

    [measures aiding misleaders, used to prevent good neighbors warning another, and even parents from warning their children, of facts.]

    Being accused of intolerance for warning others of danger. Raising hurt feelings to a higher level than danger of physical harm.

    [Last one of five items on weaponizing language.]

    Projection has become the norm. Frequently flinging charges that disclose what the charger feels. Things such as hate. In retrospect, most chargers of hate are themselves full of hate. This whole commentary is, after all, about hatred for humanity.

    [Loss even of one’s right to life.]

    What concepts, like innocence, would take on new meaning? At what point will someone’s productivity become the measure of innocence in a world worried about limited resources? In many instances we’ve already seen where this is headed.

  3. Pascal says:

    After republishing Malevolent Misleadership yesterday, I’ve been persuaded it would be a good idea to recap some other essays. I hope the following will help readers who want to understand why the Progs believe they are doing good — what is at the core of their “religion” — as they actively set up conditions for unprecedentedly deadly conflicts worldwide.

    Erasing the Concept that Human Life is Sacred — A Recap

    • Darin says:

      To the left life is sacred,but only THEIR lives,the rest of us are just cattle to the slaughter.

  4. Alan says:

    Read the latest posting on Trueblue NZ. It sums up the global situation very well.

    • Pascal says:

      IIRC, Redbaiter and I have never disagreed. This latest link too.

      And his concern at the end matches my own.

      What I have exposed in my research it that our enemy has a diametically opposite sense of morality as the majority it aims to enslave. Redbaiter’s major point is that the useful idiots who have become adherents to this totally unsentimental human hatred will be among its most swiftly eradicated once their masters’ rule is — God forbid — solidified.

      Should we be capable of persuading few well placed members of the masters’ shock troops of the danger to themselves and the glory they could obtain by sidelining one or more masters, our security and chances of recovering increase. Divide and conquer could work for us as soon as we recognize each way it’s being used against us and counter along each of those. Invariably those who’ve been set against us are our best potential allies — if they are not too stupid. I know — small chance there.

      • Darin says:

        Isn’t that what happened to the Bolsheviks under Stalin?

        • Pascal says:

          Oh yes. And agents of Pravda and Izvestia. And even the heads of the NKVD/KGB/whatever-name-changed-secret-police.

        • Ronbo says:

          It isn’t a done deal yet – Thousands of Patriots turning out in Arizona to cheer Trump – the candidate who “couldn’t” be elected PUSA – And be still my heart! – They are burning Democrat Party/ Antifa flags!

          There are upwards of 150 million armed Patriots in this country – and the only thing accomplished by Leftist thugs running amok in the streets and pulling down historical statues is to fuel gun and ammunition sales and make them more angry.

          It looks like to me what happened is that both sides expected a quick victory in the Second U.S. Civil War in 2017 – The Left thought the Hildabeast would be elected PUSA in a landslide – and the Right expected the Trump Administration to quickly enact their agenda – To date neither has happened.

          …just like in the CW I – when the Congressmen and their ladies packed picnic baskets and went with the Union troops to watch them in person crush the rebels near Manassas, Virginia – and history records it was the Union Army that was defeated – and the entire parade ran back the 30 miles to Washington, D.C. in record time.

          Afterwards both sides dug in for a long siege.

            • Ronbo says:

              How about that?

              Also, in addition to the heat, Arizona is way off the beaten path of Leftist strong points like the Northeast and Pacific coast, so for their paid Mercs/Hollywood special events actors and True Believers in Antifa and BLM it’s a long bus ride/car trip even from Berkeley, California – and from the East Coast a long plane rife from JFK to Phoenix – something like 3,000 miles.

              This left the local Leftists without the big black shirt battalions – and they didn’t do well, as the Arizona police are no nonsense guys and kept their small riot in Phoenix under control.



          • Redbaiter says:

            There’s no real opposition to Antifa. They’re organised, they’ve got communication channels, they’re funded.

            Right now, they own the streets, and they’ve owned them for around 18 months.

            • Darin says:

              True,but only in the city where the mayors and powers that be are sympathetic.They generally don’t even attempt anything outside of the usual blue state dem controlled hellhole.
              I made a prediction awhile back that we would soon see a return to the days of the weatherman underground.Liberal leftist terror groups bombing government and party offices in Red states.Heck we already had one crazy Bernie supporter shoot up a Republican charity baseball practice.

              • Pascal says:

                “True,but only in the cit[ies] where the mayors and powers that be are sympathetic.”

                We have city halls that are sympathetic to violent thugs, this time wearing black masks instead of white hoods. Common factor: Democratic Party.

                We know it, but the SSM has relentlessly eradicated the Democratic Party’s sordid past and pinned it on the GOP. And if you attempt to correct the record, the Antifa thugs shut you down “by any means necessary.”

            • Pascal says:

              I was looking for a video I saw yesterday but can’t find it just now. It was of a crowd of Antifa shouting down a guy who was protesting the charges of white privilege. He tried to provide examples of how he’d been hated for being white and the girl at the head laughed, and the crowd behind her mocked him. Then a masked thug thrust forward and threatened him right in front of the camera while another girl pulled up her mask perhaps preparing to join in.

              It’s a perfect example of the “idiot plot” made real. We should be able to fight it but first we must understand what it is so that it becomes plain why Antifa does not want us heard.

              A story with an idiot plot is one where the plot falls apart if two differing factions just sit down and have a short conversation to clear up misunderstandings. There simply would be no story without the phony tensions. There were awful B movies in the 60s that mocked the idiot plot by interjecting something different — a phone call, a knock at the door, a loud noise — every time the conflicted parties were about to say the one or two words that would end the tension.

              The misleaders in this world don’t want any misunderstanding cleared up. Instead wherever there is dissension, whether started by their lies or not, they work to arrange things so that no differences be permitted rational discussion, hence masked Antifa threatening anybody who tries to defeat that effort.

              This blog and yours make attempts to set the record straight. Meanwhile Google plots to hide our topics and words from anyone who searches for the key-words. So they are just as fascist as “Antifa,” and probably a major source of its support in many ways besides monetary.

              So Redbaiter, your point is well taken that “They’re organised, they’ve got communication channels, they’re funded.” As we bloggers are the more vocal of their opposition, our situation demonstrates that Google plays a very large part in the corporate world that is against us, and no doubt they are major source for the funds of the street thugs.

              • Pascal says:

                A great example just turned up at Hot Air.

                “If the optics were completely different and I was a black lives matter supporter and I was attacked on the Trump side of a protest I would be in the spotlight on CNN right now,” Maxwell said. “I went over to the left side to see if I could engage them with dialogue and I was instantly encircled by the so called anti fascists.”

                “I was in a pinball machine full of Antifa, it was a little scary but I was being bold and not adversarial,” Maxwell said. “You just wanted to ask me a couple questions about what was happening and we couldn’t even conduct an interview. “Dialogue is being shut down and free speech is being attacked and it’s being attacked by so called peaceful protesters under the name anti fascists.”

  5. Darin says:

    One place this is leading is the left cancelling national holidays they don’t agree with.Columbus Day has already Fallen in the US and now Australia Day is under attack in Australia-

    Bearing has some words on the subject-

  6. Redbaiter says:

    Pascal- The video you reference above is here. (I was thinking the same as you :) )

    • Pascal says:

      Wow, thanks Redbaiter! This septuagenarian’s short-term memory is better than I thought. I got nearly all of my description correct except where I saw the video. It turns out in was in your comment! I was the first one to up-vote it. LOL.