The Always Violent Left

Violence breaks out in Berkeley again and as usual it’s the left that started it-

Go ahead lefties, keep pushing,the people will see who you are and what you do and when the time comes there will be no sympathy to be had  for you when it’s your blood painting the streets.

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16 Responses to The Always Violent Left

  1. Darin says:

    Antifa-Media Backed Terrorists-

  2. Diamond Mair says:

    Washington Post actually called out AntiFas & their ilk – Daniel Greenfield covers it at FrontPage, in The Point.
    Semper Fi’

  3. Alan says:

    Eventually these thugs will suffer from a massive bloodbath through their actions in which they are totally splattered , one which will end in total ignominy for their cause..

    • mawm says:

      Little do they know but that is the intention of their backers. The useful idiots are being used to provoke a violent and deadly reaction from the right. And that will happen.

  4. Ronbo says:

    When will ANTIFA channel ISIS and start bombings, mass shootings, nnd vehicle homicides?

    It won’t be long – and the Feds do nothing to crush a rising terrorist organization whose membership list has been provided the FBI by Patriots.

    Mass arrests, deportation to GITMO and water boarding for names of the traitors not yet exposed, I say.

  5. mara says:

    Remember the hideous, male, toxic masculinity and testosterone that is destroying the West and causing Metros to faint in the streets? Yeah, me too. It’s those horrible male bastards that are pouring into Texas now to risk their own lives to save vulnerable people from drowning in their homes and streets. Yes women are also doing a great deal to assist but it’s the horrible men who do the physical hard yards to rescue people.Funny that.

    • Ronbo says:

      Yeah!…and all those white men in Texas helping women and minorities out of the raging flood waters! The nerve of those alpha males police, fire and National Guardsmen! Did even one of them check their white privilege?

    • Diamond Mair says:

      Should I head of someone wailing about “toxic masculinity” again, just gonna remind’em of the HEROES we’re seeing on display here. Of course, I may have to counterbalance that, with acknowledging those taking advantage of the situation, and helping themselves to the property of others, whether retail establishments or private citizens.
      Semper Fi’

  6. Ronbo says:

    Clear the streets for the black battalions of destruction,
    Clear the streets for the Armies of the Night!
    Millions are looking upon the ANTIFA with fear or hatred,
    The day of slavery and terror dawns!
    Millions are looking upon the ANTIFA with fear or hatred,
    The day of slavery and terror dawns!

  7. Stefan Molyneux interviews reformed leftist thug. really good stuff.