Justice – NZ style.

‘Landlord ordered to pay $10k: ‘It’s been a nightmare’
A Dunedin landlord says he feels robbed after being ordered to refund more than $10,000 rent to a former tenant because of a legal technicality.
Vic Inglis says he and his wife are feeling “pretty dark and twisted” after the Tenancy Tribunal found Natalie Parry’s tenancy was unlawful – and therefore she was entitled to a refund of all rent paid – because unpermitted alterations had been made to the two-storey home’s downstairs area.
The couple bought the Luke St house at auction as it now stands. Unbeknown to them alterations had deviated from the plans submitted to the Dunedin City Council during its build…..”
And it gets worse. Much worse! This bitch deserves to be put in stocks and pelted with dog shit. Read it and be impressed  at what socialism produces ie capitalist landlords evil, tenants as victims, even though they might trash the place and fail to pay rent. The stinking bureaucrats of the Tenancy Tribunal will almost always side with the tenants regardless of the evidence.

(Wabbit is not a landlord, by the way. We rent the house we live in)

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  1. KG says:

    And while we’re at it, take a look at the vacuous shit that passes for news and commentary in NZ :shock:
    I swear, an awful lot of Kiwis are brain-damaged.

  2. Cadwallader says:

    You’re absolutely right about the Tenancy Tribunal. The arbiters are high-minded commies in my experience who are too lazy or too over-flowing with jealousy not to grasp every attempt to punish an enterprising landlord. I have long since given up owning houses for rental as the role is one of being despotic in the eyes of the Tribunal, and sadly much of the public. Labour’s CGT (read Envy Tax) will remove any residual appeal from being a landlord.

    • KG says:

      I find the attitude towards landlords utterly baffling, Cad, especially at a time when rental accommodation is becoming harder to find and more expensive.
      I guess socialists need a capitalist pig to kick in order to boost their credentials with the other socialist idiots.
      Sure, there are crappy landlords, but I’m willing to bet that they’re far, far outnumbered by crappy tenants. We have a friend who is a landlord and some of his tenant tales are jaw-dropping.

      • Darin says:

        Here the town councils idiot brigades,are constantly crying about the need for “affordable housing”and “local shopping” but at the same time every time they need money for some pet project the first place they go are tax rates on commercial real estate,or occupancy fees or both.
        The stupid bastards simply either don’t understand or don’t care that any increase in costs are passed onto tenants and customers.I think it goes back mostly to plain ignorance of even basic economic principals more than it does political ideology.The dumb cunts just have no clue.

  3. Diamond Mair says:

    Here in the Houston area, the pendulum is at the OTHER end of the arc; friend had a multi-year rental agreement, and the owner kicked him out with 30 days’ notice. Friend took him to court, judge said “Get out”. My friend takes care of, if not improves, the properties he rents.
    Semper Fi’

  4. Cadwallader says:

    KG: The gut reason why landlords are the favoured kicking-dog of Councils and the media is that they are stationary. The tenants, very often the worst of them, flit about from mess to mess like malignant bats. It is the feral tenant who whines about being homeless (and is championed by the agenda riven media) while due to their conduct don’t deserve decent homes. It is time to say openly some people are scumbags and destroy opportunities in a manner any other life form wouldn’t.

    • KG says:

      Damn right, Cad. Some of the horror stories I’ve heard leaves me amazed that anybody will rent them a place to live.
      Sure, there are landlords who are too busy or too lazy or simply too stupid and shortsighted to maintain properties, but they’re vastly outnumbered by rotten tenants.

      • Cadwallader says:

        I know a story from near here where the owners took references, a police-check and bank records before allowing a single mother to take occupancy. Eight months later she’d gone already owing 3 months rent and a house so polluted from meth cooking it had to be demolished. The owners’ insurers picked up 3/4 of the tab but even the soil is too vile for immediate re-building. The police were hopeless too as neighbours reported the traffic to and from the house, the raucous parties and the deaths of their pets…”but it is a civil matter” cry the police! It isn’t a civil matter it is criminal and the police cannot act without catching the meth cooks in action. The feral bitch who fronted the operation to acquire the tenancy is nowhere to be found but I suppose will be pulling the same tricks elsewhere? If a tenant can trash a house in this manner they clearly have no perception on how they are trashing their own lives.

        • Brown says:

          Wife has had a couple of nice rentals in a decent middle class suburb (where we live) for over a year and no problems so far. I look after them and we selected married couples for both after carefully worded adds and clear advice we would check their past. Solo’s were not going to get a foot in the door which may be unfair but I have to screen to get the prospects down to a reasonable number. In both cases we eventually had meetings at open homes with far fewer that rang in response and my view remains that any of the applicants we actually met would have been OK. We wish we had more to offer as one couple we really liked we declined because another couple were less obviously suitable but were in a far more difficult position. When a big Fijian bloke confesses to a short blond woman he has a bad credit history and how that came about we took that as a big loss of face requiring substantial courage. He’s been fine so far. Another factor was that both husbands work for substantial local businesses and are subject to drug testing. Their work records are excellent so I know that there’s no past issues with drugs .

          My worry is that I look after the properties myself where “legally” allowed and am not much for consents so will have to watch the boundaries.

          • Darin says:

            Yes,this is the general rule my employer uses when he rents a house or apartment to someone.Married couples or single men are preferred.Married couples are usually settled and in for the long haul.Single men are usually spending most of their time working.
            Single moms are the worst,usually,but not always,they have a gaggle of mis-behaving kids and a selection of baby daddies none of which are kind to the house/furniture.

  5. GoRe says:

    How the plans were obtained in this appalling state of affairs, could prove the tenant and her accomplices to be even more unethical (if that is possible) in this disgraceful affair.

    • KG says:

      I suspect she went looking for an opportunist lawyer, GoRe. Not that I blame the lawyer in the slightest, he just had a scumbag for a client.

  6. GoRe says:

    Her father is the CEO of a district Council who got his law degree through gullible rate payers

    • KG says:

      What exactly does this leech do to earn $250,000 annually?
      It’s real easy to throw ratepayer’s and taxpayer’s money at these people, especially when there’s no objective way of measuring their performance. :evil:

      • Darin says:

        “Councils have to compete for talented staff, particularly in rural areas, and the higher paid local government roles reflect the level of technical and professional skills required to manage and operate complex and extremely valuable infrastructure, large numbers of staff and financial accountability”

        I’ll do it for half,where do I put in my application?

  7. Warren Tooley says:

    Justice communist style. Then it will be justice Jacinda style. She was president of the New York socialist youth.

    • KG says:

      She’s a commie scumbag. http://falfn.com/CrusaderRabbit/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_negative.gif

      • Warren Tooley says:

        What will you do if she becomes Prime Minister? Will you run for the hills? Or will you hope the Maori boy from Northland keeps her in check? Winston I mean. What will you do?

        • KG says:

          We’re voting for Winstone, just to piss off all the PC snowflakes, Warren. Besides, he’s the only one saying anything sane (and honest) on the subject of immigration.
          Other than that, for me and mine it’s just a spectator show. None of the bastards are worth a zac.

  8. Warren Tooley says:

    Thanks KG, Winston means Joystone. I’ve voted Winston many times too. When a girlfriend and I were watching the 2002 finance minister’s debate she said he was the only one making any sense. For me that’s correct, he makes the most economic sense, the others just have no idea.

    Oh also in regards to the pension, he wants to make it, that their will be conditions to it. At the moment if you’ve lived here 10 years, then when you hit 65 you get it. He’s saying if your here for 10 years, the country you came from should pay your pension or the majority of it, not the NZ taxpayer. And people wonder why we are broke.