The Truth About Hurricane Irma

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20 Responses to The Truth About Hurricane Irma

  1. Brown says:

    My 22 yo step daughter has moved back home (briefly I hope) and I have this nonsense in my own house with slogans but no substance or independent thinking. I’ve had two furious rants at her in the last month that have shut her up (briefly) because being nice, seeking truth and facts just doesn’t work. She is miserable, can’t land a boyfriend and is angry because her virtual world just doesn’t match the actual world.

    Alas, such a conflict – you love them but hate everything they stand for. I’ve told her mum, who hates the nonsense as much as I do, that I’m done – I won’t fork out to keep her afloat while I’m continually being insulted for being white, male, Christian, middle class and conservative. If she wants to be a prick she can go flatting with her loser mates and do it there.

    • KG says:

      “…I won’t fork out to keep her afloat while I’m continually being insulted for being white, male, Christian, middle class and conservative. If she wants to be a prick she can go flatting with her loser mates and do it there.”
      Good for you, Brown. I just showed this to Gecko and she too reckons you deserve a pat on the back.

    • Ronbo says:

      22 YEARS OLD? I was put on my own when I was 17 years old and just graduated high school! And this zombie is not even related to you by blood? And a raving Racist Leftist? An anti-fascist NAZI? Cut the creature off without a cent and make it no longer welcome at your house. And if mom don’t like it….well…There is divorce!

      • KG says:

        Did you actually read Brown’s comment, Ronbo?
        He loves his step-daughter and her mother agrees with him.

        • Ronbo says:

          OOPS! Sorry! A thousand pardons, Brown!

          It’s just that I hear so often about parasite children who get brainwashed in college and return home on holiday – and trash their hardworking parents with the Democrat Party Line about their “white privilege” and support of Trump.

          When such people complain to me, I have to ask: “Why don’t you disown the creature and cut off the cash flow?

          Clearly, they detest you and everything you stand for – and in the future are not likely even to visit you – much less offer aid in your old age. They are GONE! What’s the point of throwing good money down a sewer? CUT THEM OFF! Do like the Jews do and have a little ceremony and burn their pictures and videos in the back yard while repeating over and over, “My son (daughter) is dead.”

          What can the Snowflakes do? After age 18 you owe the kids zip, zero, nada! They no legal recourse – and if they show up at the house call the police and have them removed from the property.

      • Brown says:

        No divorce. Mum is magic, a gem, beautiful and takes our relationship seriously because I supported her in the hard times when she left her fisrt husband . Additionally, she hhas just landed a new job with a pay increase that is more than I earn in a year. I’m worried she will divorce me!

  2. KG says:

    bawaahahaha! Another NZ Herald crybaby ignoramus:
    ‘Trump’s ruined everything and I’m sick of it’

    Harden up you spoilt, know-nothing nonentity in an insignificant little socialist gulag.

  3. Ronbo says:

    A British newspaper is saying Irma will miss the Trump estate in Florida – In fact, miss Florida altogether and head north in the Atlantic.

    I’m sure there will be many disappointed racist anti-racists and fascist anti-fascist Trump haters if that happens.

  4. Gregoryno6 says:

    Started to watch at work, had to quit after the ‘Hurricane machine’ tweet or I would have been laughing loud enough to be heard at both ends of the floor.
    Then I read Brown’s comment… that pretty much took the smile off my face.
    Twitter clowns – I can halfway convince myself that they’re actually competing with each other for the highest rate of slapdown comments. But step-daughter obviously clings to such idiocies with a passion. That’s not so entertaining.
    At any rate it’s good to have Mr Watson back on the heavy artillery.

    • Darin says:

      I blame Twitter and Facebook for the current state of hyper-stupidity sweeping the globe.Millions of people with nothing better to do by bitch,whine and spread utter nonsense.Forget nuclear war,social media will be the destroyer of humankind.

        • KG says:

          You first heard that here more than two years ago.

          • Darin says:


            • Ronbo says:

              Twitter I check only about once a day – but I’m looking for the visual posters – the photoshopped – put downs of Leftists like Hillary Clinton – and tha’s about it.

              However, Facebook does work for me because my friends there are carefully picked and do not engage personal stuff – fluff stuff, but instead focus on politics from a Rightist viewpoint.

              Yes, from time to time a Leftist troll wanders into the conversation – and he gets blocked real quick.

              The end result is something like Crusader Rabbit, because Facebook simply does not have enough censors to make the conversations stay PC, it’s the snitches who complain to the moderators and actually police Facebook.

              If the snitches are all blocked, as my circle does, they can’t complain and stop the conversation.

              Of course, sooner or later the Leftists will put an end to all the anti-PC chatter on Facebook, but we will move to another venue.

              Like Crusader Rabbit, for example. I started posting here because the Leftists were finally able to shutdown T.H.E. – The Happy Extremist website, where I went after they shut down Russia Dot Com to anti-P.C. conversation.

  5. Cadwallader says:

    “Step-daughters?” You mean all the furies of hell. I have two. My wife lives with them 5,365kms from where I live. It makes sense I assure you.