Bravo, Pauline!

”Are we that pathetic as a nation we’re giving up our values because we’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings?’ Pauline Hanson makes her case in Parliament to ban the burqa’

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23 Responses to Bravo, Pauline!

  1. Michael in Nelson says:

    More balls than almost all of the male politicians in Aus, USA, GB, or NZ put together!

  2. tranquil says:

    Great stuff!!!
    She is *wonderful* with her damn-the-torpedoes approach to things!

  3. KG says:

    Of course, if we start from the point that islam is a totalitarian system, NOT a religion then banning the rotten burqa becomes a no-brainer.
    The bastards hide behind our religious freedoms and free speech laws in order to destroy our way of life – including religious freedoms and free speech. And uninformed idiots allow them to do it. :evil:

    • paul scott says:

      KG all my reading about Islam is that it is a way of life, with Jihad [ the struggle to spread Islam by all and any means ] a fundamental requirement, as is the following of the insane war lord prophet. Islam is worse than we would imagine, there will be no evolution toward co-existence.

  4. andy5759 says:

    Engage them in conversation. Ask them how long they are over here, ask them why they’re wearing that covering, are they ashamed of something. Keep up the pressure, let them know that they are NOT FUCKING WANTED.

  5. Alan says:

    Looks like Trump has become a member of the swamp.

    • paul scott says:

      I think he is having to negotiate with the devil. I don’t think that the fundamental work for real America is lost. It was too deeply ingrained in him over decades. Lets hope, because plenty depends on it. I think also we will dodge the socialist bullet in NZ, the relentlessly negative campaign on taxing the existence out of New Zealanders is being seen for what it is. Raw class warfare.

      • mawm says:

        “I think also we will dodge the socialist bullet in NZ ”

        I hope that you are correct because it is not looking that way according the polls. It’s NZ’s Trudeau/Rudd moment – both countries had fiscally stable although uninspiring “rightwing” governments which are now being or have been destroyed by the left. Why should we escape?

        Read this weeks newsletter from Muriel Newman.

        • KG says:

          [NZCPR-Weekly] Election 2017: Style versus Substance

          “Thursday’s Colmar Brunton poll had Labour in the lead. It foreshadowed that the country’s new government is likely to be a coalition between Labour, the Greens, and the Maori Party.

          Such a ‘progressive’ combination would deliver the most radical government in New Zealand’s history: one that would be deeply socialist in partnership with radical environmentalists and radical activists committed to the return of Maori sovereignty…”

          Canada writ very small… and equally disastrous. God help us if these clowns get in.

  6. KG says:

    meanwhile, this drivel passes for political comment n NZ. :shock:
    From Stuff NZ:
    Iain Mackay, graduate fuckwit:
    Surely it’s not about the minor differences between left and right, the days of black budgets have gone, it’s about which party will best represent NZ on the world stage, National being fronted by a white male lacks any credibility, labours choice of a female leader is tolerable but the sooner they can bring back Metiria the better. We’ve had a right wing government for 9 years, it’s time to push along the agendas the a left wing government can sell easier like immigration and Cultural Change, in these areas NZ is lagging well behind Australia and Europe, apart from all of the above it’s simply Labours turn to govern.’

    • Jamie says:

      “We’ve had a right wing government for 9 years”

      Blokes takin the piss right???

      Pricks have been welcoming the sharia in to New Zealand and the bloke has the cheek to call em right wing???

      Corr blimey

    • paul scott says:

      You see, I would never have to read that drivel unless it was here. These people are in a sunset industry, and God knows what a pansy like Iain Mackay will be useful for in ten years. What it does indicate is he potency of the toxic progressive agenda with us here and now. He thinks a NZ Prime Minister should be about socialist globalism but not about New Zealand families.

      • KG says:

        “..God knows what a pansy like Iain Mackay will be useful for in ten years.”
        About the same as what he’s good for now?

  7. Bill the Bunyip says:

    apart from all of the above it’s simply Labours turn to govern.’

    which completely encapsulates the problem the Western democracies have.

    • KG says:

      It sure does, Bill. Shallow thinking is one thing, but a whole lot of voters never even make it to the tide line.

    • Gregoryno6 says:

      Echoes the ‘It’s Time’ slogan used successfully by Labor in 1972.
      At least we had to wait 35 years before an even more useless/dangerous ALP clownteam got elected to Canberra.