Open House

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  1. Darin says:

    From a comment underneath the latest gift from the religion of pieces-

    Time for us true Brits to sing a new tune..





















  2. KG says:

    Colonel Bunny:

    The EU creep featured in the video encapsulates the pure evil that’s destroying Europe.

    • Jamie says:


      Reporter John Fenoglio: [Chuckling] Hey good evening everybody. We are not messing around down here in La Puente. The next time somebody’s grandpa tells you to get off his roof, you had better listen….Or else.

      83 year old Wilfred Burges said he’d had enough….

      Burges: I’m going up there, he’s coming down.

      Reporter: He’s referring to a suspicious man who’d been attempting to evade police by standing on his [Burges] roof for several hours.

      Burges: I was so excited – Tee’d Off…..He wouldn’t stand in one place. He would be on one edge then around on other parts, you know, walking around different areas, standing and talking to people on the ground.

      I say he’s coming off my roof. I’m fixing to go up there. As soon as I get me a ladder I’m going up the back, he’s coming off.

      He was up on my roof and I figured he’d been up there too long…..

      Interview cont…..

    • KG says:

      John Lott has been a 2A rights warrior forever. And this solution is simple, elegant and unanswerable.

  3. Darin says:

    Harvard steps in it by hiring Chelsea Manning the tranny traitor,then instantly regrets it as the blow back comes flooding in-

  4. Darin says:

    The insanity of single payer healthcare-

    The subject came up at work with a socialist customer we have.I asked what would we do to pay for the $3.2Trillion a year in new taxes and how would the working poor and middle class not be negatively affected in such a system.His answer of course were subsidies and tax breaks for those groups,but when I pointed out that the cost of literally everything will increase 25-30% to cover the added tax burden he of course had no answer.

  5. Darin says:

    Freeman shooter stole gun from his father’s safe-

    Reading this I have to wonder what medication he was on.Prior to 1968 guns were universal in American society,there were no restrictions on them unless they were full auto.It was common to see rifles and shotguns in the back windows of every pickup in the local high school parking lot,but we didn’t have mass shootings.
    I believe the change came about the same time antidepressants came into common use.People who would have previously been institutionalized were now allowed to roam the streets.Almost every one of the mass shooters(the non-islamic ones) were taking antidepressants.

    • MikeH. says:

      “People who would have previously been institutionalized were now allowed to roam the streets.”

      Yes, and become the problem of the community and police where they are dumped. A 50+ year old mother of a chronic pain in the ass 30+ year old schizophrenic once remarked to me, “why should I have to deal with this? I have a life too!!!” She then climbed into her Caddy town-car and drove back to the far more affluent community she, no doubt, preferred to protect from the filthy, hair-lipped, genetic screw-up she had spawn.

      And every mental (there were many) I had to deal with had the same story… “I stopped taking my meds because they are hurting / killing me.”

  6. KG says:

    WHAT THE FUCK??????? :shock:
    NZ Stuff business pages article:
    ‘Why are you so afraid of tax?
    ….Tax is love. ‘

    This clown needs to be tarred and feathered. :evil: And Stuff News is a disgrace for running his shit.

    • Darin says:

      I’m not pissed off about paying taxes,what I am pissed off about is paying taxes and then having the money wasted on feel good bullshit and downright theft.

      As an American I am proud that we were the only country to put men on the Moon,money well spent as far as I am concerned.

      However it pisses me off no end all the money that has been wasted on social programs since that same decade.Programs that by every measure have been an abysmal failure except for their ability to burn through money and produce cultural rot.

      Imagine where we would be if we had spent that $19 odd Trillion dollars on Space exploration instead of breeding generations of human garbage.

      • KG says:

        Damn right!
        I don’t mind a reasonable level of taxation, but I do object to that money being pissed away by moron politicians and bureaucrats.
        It’s really simple – the more they collect in taxes, the more they waste.

        • Warren Tooley says:

          About this whole tax thing. We are taxed at 40% of GDP, that’s 40% of the average worker’s earnings. That’s plenty of tax even under National. Are we getting our money’s worth no?

          And why is that? Somehow money is being wasted. I worked it out that if the government only provided the essentials, that would be 13% of GDP-law and order, roads, public education, military and that’s it.

          So this means 27% of your earnings are going to social programs. If that 27% didn’t exist, that means instead of working 1 year, you could work only 9 months. It means that in a family of 4 brothers if one lost their job, the other 3 could support the other brother, and the other brother could pay it back as a loan.

          40% should be enough, and I am disgusted by those who say it isn’t. In the Phillipines their country runs on 13%, and I have other reasons for saying 13% should be enough.

    • Michael in Nelson says:

      What REALLY piss me off is when these idiots try to sell higher taxes so they can provide free education, free healthcare, free this and free that. If it was free, you wouldn’t have to collect any tax you useless fuckwits!

    • Oswald Bastable says:

      I was more thinking along the lines of keel-hauling or perhaps bastinado.

  7. Darin says:

    Holland and Holland-Making of a Shotgun

    The Kerosene lamp trick is a very old one and still and very useful one

  8. KG says:

    Whaaat??? :shock:
    ‘Amazon Web Services Now Approved to Host Defense Department Secrets’
    Our globalist masters now own the government. If there was any doubt about it previously, there’s none now.

  9. Darin says:

    Good boat for cutting through the Cabbage :twisted:

  10. mawm says:

    I know there are those on this blog who don’t like golf ………. but this backswing is poetry in motion and the follow through is, well, HILLARious.

    • KG says:

      :mrgreen: Now the media assholes are bleating about Trump “offending the dignity of the office” etc etc.
      Apparently, his predecessor grovelling to Arab leaders, consorting with known terrorists, lying, subverting and ignoring the laws and Constitution of the United States didn’t harm the dignity of the office at all.
      Not a bit. Not at all and ooh look, a unicorn!

      • Michael in Nelson says:

        Sometimes, I feel expounding the truth about that HBSC on here are a waste of space because we already know it but the left will never admit to it because of ‘racism’ or someting.

  11. KG says:

    ‘UK ‘Bucket Bomber’ caught on CCTV’
    But police were too busy checking the feeds for people littering and placing golliwogs and St. George flags in their windows.
    The time will surely come when muzzies open fire on these clowns strutting around carrying automatic weapons. And Wabbit will take great pleasure in watching the State Bullies scurrying for cover while wetting their pants.

  12. KG says:

    ‘NY Times reporter slammed after saying boy mowing White House lawn sends bad signal on child labor’
    There is no bottom in sight for these creeps.

  13. Jamie says:

    Todays top two news stories:

    Andrew McRae

    “”””About 500 people attended a farmers’ protest in the Waikato town of Morrinsville – Labour leader Jacinda Ardern’s hometown.

    The gathering was held next to a giant fibreglass friesian cow on the main road leading into the town from the south.

    Organiser dairy farmer Lloyd Downing said it was to highlight the positive things about farming and how urban New Zealand relied on agriculture.

    Farmers spoken to said they were tired of being blamed for all environmental issues and in particular attacks from political parties.

    Signs read: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”, “Farmers are sick of getting a bad rap”, “Even vegans need farmers”.””””



    Airport fuel crisis: Defence Force called in to help shortage at Auckland Airport


    “”””There was no issue around a shortage of fuel for motorists at the stage, she said.

    Collins said most flights were going ahead, but some airlines had reduced schedules for the next week due to the fuel shortage.

    The Defence Force had been tasked with using the naval tanker HMNZS Endeavour to move diesel fuel from Marsden Point to other parts of the country.

    To do this, the Defence Force had cancelled a major exercise in Singapore to save fuel and was providing up to 20 additional tanker drivers to assist local operators.

    The government was also trying to get more tankers on the road who could deliver fuel to Auckland and this included easing regulations around hours of work or weight restrictions.””””


    Turn and burn all you tanker boys!!! Turn and burn. Roll your window down. Take that logbook, throw it out. Hammer Down Full Noise and keep the city burning!!!

    • Jamie says:

      Petrol industry spokesman urges Auckland motorists to keep calm and carry on


      “”””The fuel industry says supplies of ground fuel into Auckland are “well under control” amid the first signs of impact on motorists.

      On Tuesday Z Energy said four of its stations in Auckland had run out of “premium” or 95 octane petrol on Monday afternoon, the result of a deliberate decision to focus on diesel and regular petrol. By 11am the number had grown to 13.

      Since the fuel pipe which supplies almost all of Auckland’s fuel was taken offline late last week, ground petrol is being trucked into Auckland from Marsden Point and Mount Maunganui, a major logistical effort.””””


      Any of you fellas heard what the load count’s sitting at?
      Or who’s top dog???

      Post Script: Apologies Rondo – Will have to keep ya waiting again.

    • Jamie says:

      Load count – 31 deliveries overnight

      Hammer down – Keep the wolves at bay and give em fuel!!!


      The New Zealand Defence Force will begin transporting fuel around the country by sea and road tomorrow.


      “”””Commander Joint Forces New Zealand Major General Tim Gall said the Royal New Zealand Navy tanker HMNZS Endeavour would sail for Marsden Point refinery on Thursday morning to upload up to 4.8 million litres of diesel fuel for delivery to ports around the country.

      “Endeavour can provide the equivalent of 150 road tankers of fuel. Deploying the ship will free up commercial tankers to reconfigure and focus on moving aviation fuel.

      “This will help ease distribution issues in other regional centres,” Major General Gall said.

      Twelve New Zealand army drivers will be driving civilian tankers to transport aviation fuel to Auckland, Palmerston North and Napier around the clock from Thursday to 30 September. Six drivers will be driving tankers from Marsden Point to Auckland, while another six will move fuel from Wellington to Palmerston North and Napier.””””



      I’d offer my services to haul tankers for the duration. Only problem being shit division is at CRITICAL MANNING!!! The Bossman would never let you go and you couldn’t leave him short-manned like that.
      You’re far too bankable and dependable.

      A little non-expert advice. Any of you lads end up hauling in a rig with an 18 gear crash box and ya can’t find it….Don’t sweat it, just grind it!!!

      • Jamie says:

        PS: Over a decade in the saddle. This callsign can shift gears and can haul ass with the best of em and that is no [an] idle boast. Still reckon hauling liquid loads sucks but. Always slopping and slapping around in the tanks. Give us a load of steel any day of the week.

        PPS: This callsign still wants to know who’s leading the load count???

        Come on???

        Who’s the heaviest hauler in the country???

        PPPS: Y’all remember to pull up your vision starts blurring and ya rig starts wandering. Plenty of dead heroes out there.

    • Jamie says:

      ****Load Count Update****

      Radio Live: Time: 1907 – 21/9/17

      34 rigs hauling the Tauranga to Auckland route
      14 rigs hauling the Marsden Point to Auckland route


      Looks like some serious competition shaking out for top contender

      Now quit ya dam teasing journos – Who’s leading the load count???

  14. Michael in Nelson says:

    Saw this in a link over at Knuckledraggin. The anti-gun crowd are really pushing it with this one.


    • Darin says:

      I don’t think that is a legit news item. Possessing parts is not a crime of any sort,those parts would have to be purchased and assembled into a functioning full auto weapon before any law had been broken.If the ATF were just randomly raiding peoples homes just because they bought a gun part for “full auto conversion” or not they would be on very shaky ground and most likely have their collective asses handed to them in court.American gun owners are fed up with crooked shenanigans and we just won’t take it anymore.

      On a side note though,I don’t trust any of the big names online anymore than I do the government,which is to say not at all,ever.

  15. KG says:

    WTF!!! :shock:
    From The Australian, regarding the same-sex “marriage” vote:
    ‘Woolworths caught in SSM boycott threat
    The supermarket giant responds to a shopper boycott push after its former chief executive Roger Corbett advocated a No vote on national TV. ‘

    Real sensible and tolerant, these Homonazis and their idiot supporters, aren’t they?

  16. Ronbo says:

    Meanwhile, the Leftist revolution in the USA starts to eat its own babies:

    Paging Robespierre!

    • Michael in Nelson says:

      Ronbo, you are probably aware Reed has been the most liberal college in the US for over 50 years.

  17. KG says:

    Excellent opinion piece:
    ‘..Sessions should resign, but not before taking action against Clinton, Comey and Rice’

  18. Ronbo says:

    @KG: Didn’t we predict this would happen to Muslims? If you can’t figure out who the bad guys are – you get rid of the whole community of Enablers.'s-map

    • Darin says:

      That’s a post!

      • KG says:
        Of course, to read the tripe on the subject in most of the media is to get entirely the opposite impression. Rohingya as victims, moms with fleets of wide-eyed children fleeing for their lives from suddenly crazed homicidal Buddhists etc etc. all while the Nobel winner is unaccountably silent….

  19. KG says:

    ‘Driving gender diversity
    Spark boss’ eyes welled with tears when he spoke of how his company failed to make women feel equal to men. ‘


  20. Ronbo says:


    I ripped this article off from an old blog:

    The author documents what we have been saying for years – the old republic has had a hostile takeover by totalitarians – communist, fascist, or Nazi – we may disagree on exactly what brand of poison have the Progressives evolved into, but we do know it’s deadly to liberty.

    I asked if Trump has evolved or will evolve into the savior of the day like John Galt in Atlas Shrugged – Maybe he will rise to Lincoln heights – but whatever is the case there is no way freedom can be saved without a bloody civil war and violent purge of Leftists.

  21. Ronbo says:

    This is a “seeing is believing video” – a Danish man in Copenhagen is minding his own business at a bar while proudly wearing his MAGA Trump hat – and this Leftist American traitor-bitch has a meltdown!

    Afterwards she gets arrested for the commission of a “hate crime” because calling out someone based on their political beliefs is against the Danish law.

    Warning to big mouth American traitors: Come to Denmark on vacation – leave Denmark on probation!

  22. KG says:

    ‘Are We Too Ignorant To Save Our Constitutional Republic?
    …The Annenberg Public Policy Center’s recent poll depressingly found that “Only 26% of respondents can name the three branches of government,” way below 2011, when 38% got the answer right. And 33% couldn’t name even one of the branches of government, the same as in 2011, the first time the test was administered.
    Perhaps worse, “More than a third of those surveyed can’t name any of the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment.”
    Unfortunately, that’s not the only survey revealing our collective ignorance of our own great history. The Intercollegiate Studies Institute has, since 2005, surveyed over 28,000 undergrads at some 80 colleges about civic literacy, including our Constitution. As the ISI notes, “the average score on our basic 60-question civic literacy exam was about a 54%, an ‘F.’ “…’

    • Darin says:

      The left reads that and sees it as a sign of progress.

    • Ronbo says:

      I believe it. I bet my generation was the last to receive a nationalist/reason/fact based education in K-12 and college. Thus for decades now what passes for education in the USA has been dumbed down year by year – no doubt by socialist edict – to the point it has effected I.Q.s – which was the point of the exercise – as uneducated stupid people are far more likely to be sheep than educated and intelligent people who know the U.S. Constitution.

      Yes, it’s safe to say our old republic is dead – since the foundation – the base of educated patriots grows smaller every single as old patriots die and are not replaced by the dull drilled socialist morons “educated” in the government schools.

      So what comes next? Does America end its days as the Soviet Union 21st century version? Perhaps America will do a version of the Third Reich and end as a rubble pile? Maybe America becomes a latter day Roman Empire complete with an Imperial Caesar? All hail the emperor?

      Whatever the future holds it won’t be the traditional America I grew up in during the 1950s/early 60s – If America survives it will only be as an authoritarian state of some type.

      I turn 69 tomorrow – and my thought today is that whatever happens I won’t be around to long to suffer much…But I do feel sorry for the millions who will never taste freedom.

  23. KG says:

    ‘Revealed: China’s network of influence in New Zealand ‘
    A similar situation is developing in Australia and China seeks to influence/colonise all Pacific islands.

    • Ronbo says:

      Clearly, the Chinese elites dream of empire – and this is very dangerous for the peace of the world….Japan 1930s/40s version? One thing is for certain they want the USA out of the Pacific – and I daresay the little “Rocket Man” of North Korea – the Chinese sock puppet – is making warlike noise in the hopes we will stand down and start pulling our bases out of places like South Korea.

      The CHICOMs do not like the U.S. military to be so strong so close to their shores, which can also move to stop them from moving into places like New Zealand and Australia in massive military force.

      • Darin says:

        The last thing keeping China on a leash is agriculture,they simply don’t have enough productive land to feed the nation.That’s why rightnow we hold the cards since the US and Australia account for about 45% of their food supply.
        That however is changing considering China’s major push into Africa and South America.Once they reduce or eliminate their dependence on western food supplies,look out.
        Germany and Japan had to go to war and occupy real estate to obtain the natural resources they needed to carry out the war.China won’t have to,they will build and own it out right before the war begins.

        • Michael in Nelson says:

          China would be wise to push the development of coal fired electric plants on Africa. The huge leap in the standard of living would endear them and help turn the beneficiaries against the West which is too concerned with non-existent global warming.

          • KG says:

            “..which can also move to stop them from moving into places like New Zealand and Australia in massive military force.”
            Which is why they practice “soft” colonialism and subversion of the host culture. They have no need of massive military force in order to take over the Pacific islands.
            I believe they’ve already started down that road in Africa, Michael.

  24. Warren Tooley says:

    Well guys its now out. The Maori want to charge a water tax for the use of the water. And that’s with either National or Labour. I remember you talked about this a year ago. And the Maori boy from Northland is the only one who wants to put a stop to this.

    • KG says:

      Yep, Warren and it’s no coincidence that the Socialist media is giving him a hard time.
      Kiwis use 0.2% of the available freshwater. There is NO rational excuse to tax it. This is a grab by Maori for yet more money. As usual.

      • Darin says:

        And any amount of money they get will be quickly divided and carted away like bread crumbs among a pack of field mice.

        • Warren Tooley says:

          Well Darin, there are many Maori in poverty so somehow the money is not being used very wisely. I went out with a Maori girl, and the concept of saving was revolutionary to her.

  25. Warren Tooley says:

    Sadly KG, if National wins and wants to exclude Mr. Peters, this means a National-Maori party coalition. So that’s what we will get if National wins 47% of the vote. If less than 47% the Maori party will do National no good, not one bit.

    About the Socialist Media, I looked at the paper and it said women will decide who wins this election, after showing an article of Jacinda. Total silliness.

  26. KG says:

    ‘After Two Decades in Space, Cassini is About to Crash Into Saturn. These are the Final Images’

    • Darin says:

      It’s good to see that even in the midst of mankind’s insanity there are those that are still doing things that matter.

  27. KG says:

    And a good thing too:
    ‘Monster crocodile found with bullet in its head in Queensland river’

    • Pascal says:

      Take note that the Left is consistent in one unmistakable characteristic: their relentless drive to foster and protect man-eaters of all species. Is there any need for explicit examples?

    • Darin says:

      Are the Crocs on the endangered list,or did the population rebound?

      Hunting bans here led to a population explosion in our Alligators,now the bastards are everywhere.Luckily Mississippi and Louisiana started allowing hunts and commercial quotas again to try and keep the population in check.They aren’t as big as your Crocs,but the bastards are born pissed off.

      Here’s the guy that got the two 700+lb record breakers in one year,on the Mississippi near Brandon,Mississippi-

      • KG says:

        “Hunting bans here led to a population explosion in our Alligators,now the bastards are everywhere.”
        Same in Oz with the crocs, Darin.
        And idiots running boat tours, feeding them are making them far less shy of humans.
        There’s not a single river or creek in the Territory or North Queensland I’d be willing to swim in.

  28. Darin says:

    Bill Roberston-Mechanician-

    Craftsmanship in the extreme :shock:

    • Pascal says:

      (I was traveling when you posted this Darin, and now you’ve opened a new open house. So I hope you see this.)

      The bad news is, theoretically termites could devour one of his creations in an afternoon.

      The good news is that termites preferred method of eating from the inside out is unavailable to them here. :)

      Intriguing political parallel here. The termite’s human equivalent, the progressive, needs large institutions to cover the damage they do to their institutions.

  29. Ronbo says:

    Ronbo is back at his woman friend’s suburban house in New Fairfield, Connecticut after a recon & intelligence mission into the mean streets of th Big Apple – also known as New York City. The ever generous federal government provided myself and Penny (my woman friend) a late model SUV and two Secret Service agents as escorts because old harmless, fuzzball Ronbo is considered a “person of interest” (Class III)….

    The one day tour worked out rather well – We stopped first at the World Trade Center memorial – saw Ground Zero – and did a visit to the 9/11 Museum. The tour there was quite crowded – and this was on a Thursday non-holiday, so you can see the interest in 9/11 is still high. The high point for me was seeing the pictures of those most foully murdered by Islam on that terrible day! I always tear up when I see those pictures.

    Penny – a Catholic – wanted to stop at St Patrick’s Cathedral next to light a candle for the heroes of 9/11. This is beautiful old church built on the European style like Notre Dame in Paris. After touring the church, we went outside to wait for the sedan and driver to pick us up in order to continue the tour. During this ten minute wait I was busy taking pictures and videos of the street scene.

    Then it happened. This attractive Muslim woman in a expensive pants suit ordered me to delete the pictures I had taken of her while taking photographs of the buildings across the street from St. Patrick. I told her politely that the law said that I could photograph in public. The woman – obviously a foreigner – kept going on and on in broken English that I “had” to delete her picture, which I refused.

    Penny got her fill of the conversation – and taking out her camera begin to click picture after picture of the Muslim babe – who by now was getting pretty upset and started yelling in Arabic to stop taking her picture…Well, at least I assume she was yelling that and no doubt profanity at the “Evil Infidels”

    About this time, the Secret Service SUV showed up and our agent escort opened the door for us to enter, which we did, and Penny yelled at the upset camel jockey – “Remember 9/11!” while taking a final picture of her as the door was closed by the SS agent – who pulled out his badge and told the woman to get lost.

    Anyhow, we continued the tour of the major attractions on Manhattan, to include getting tied up for about an hour in the mother of all traffic jams in Times’Square. I must say the SS agents were very polite and helpful – these were the same guys who drove me from JFK airport to Penny’s house in New Fairfield on the 15th. If I were paying for the service – a car and two security guards – it would have cost a small fortune.

    I wonder if the Trump regime is sending a signal to me to ask for a Presidential pardon?

    Like the Arabs say, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    • Ronbo says:

      WOW! Small world.

      We drove by this hotel during the tour of NYC described above. On the street outside were two trucks with neon signs on the back that showed a pro-Erdogan message. The SS agents made some comments between themselves about what was going on inside, but said nothing to us.

      • KG says:

        That islamist asshole Erdogan should never have been admitted to the U.S. :evil:

        • mawm says:

          The problem is Trump has withdrawn his support for the Kurd referendum on autonomy – all to appease a muslim thug who is taking his country back a few centuries.

          It is past time to move the nuclear arsenal from Turkey!

        • Ronbo says:

          Once again: GMTA, KG!

          Words of ignorance from the Muslim tyrant Erdogan:

          “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

          “But foremost, I do not subscribe to the view that Islamic culture and democracy can be reconciled.”

          “it’s not possible for a Muslim to commit genocide”

    • KG says:

      Or as KG says, “the enemy of my enemy might easily be just another bloody enemy.”

  30. Michael in Nelson says:

    Kenny at Knuckledraggin has pointed to a blog ‘Kowledge is good’ and thought it was well researched. one of the first articles I saw was intriguing and eye opening.

    I didn’t know that.