Great Britain?

Not anymore,Trump was right again,the police did have knowledge of the bucket terrorist-

Also,look at the pictures of the police in the article and what they really show.I don’t know about the rest of you,but growing up anytime I saw police walking the streets packing sub-machine guns it was on TV and synonymous with “unstable third world shit hole”

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  1. Yokel says:

    growing up anytime I saw police walking the streets packing sub-machine guns it was on TV and synonymous with “unstable third world shit hole”

    Or a film about a nasty dictator having successfully mounted a coup and now “subduing” the enraged population. (At the risk of a Godwin: ie films about the wartime German occupation of, well anywhere that wasn’t Germany).

    Plod behaves like an army of occupation whenever he can, and his opportunities have just increased a bit. Snag is only a minority of the population understand.

    • Darin says:

      Yes,I had visions of Noriega’s Panama where everyone had sub-machine guns….except the law abiding public that was caught in the middle.

  2. Jamie says:


    20 thousand on the watchlist – borders wide open. Lefties and bleeding hearts doin everything they can to run more sharia in to the West. And all the journo’s and every other prick out there just wants to do is rub Trump’s face in it.

    Damm near 0630. Todays Trump hit piece is well over due. Journo’s must be struggling, what with it being Monday and all. I’ll help out but, the kind of bloke I am. How’s this for a headline…,

    “Controversial” Trump tweet proved correct….yet again’

    Lolz [whoaback that’s like two lolz in as many minutes Jamie – ease up]

  3. Bill the Bunyip says:

    Take a look at the cop in the video. A chest with a row of ribbons for successful campaigns. Nary a one of them will be for proper police work like crime prevention. They will all be for leftist campaigns like preventing wallflowers being sprayed with non approved water.
    Western society is reaping its just rewards and my home on the edge of the desert looks better every day.

  4. Ronbo says:

    Ronbo – located at present near New York City – and, as always, under the watchful eye of Homeland Security (I know you guys think I’m joking, yet tis true) – In fact, the “Men In Black” are just outside the home of a friend I’m staying in the beautiful suburbs of New Fairfield, Connecticut – which is about 50 miles west of NYC.

    This is a very patriotic and historical area with American flags everywhere – on the houses, telephone poles and in the shopping centers. In Seattle you would never see such a patriotic display by private persons and on many public buildings- the houses in Leftist neighborhoods in the Seattle suburbs sport, “Black Lives Matter” black flags, or the Rainbow flags of the homosexual movement. Thus there are “Two Americas” living side by side in an uneasy peace.

    Anyhow, with Islamic terrorism running wild in the world, the American government has deployed a small task force in Connecticut to watch harmless old Ronbo (who turns 69 years old on the 21st of this month) – a veteran with the Good Conduct Medal – and as harmless as a fuzzball – and leaving a Roman Legion size formation of Islamic and Anitfa terrorists in the NYC region all alone to plot their dirty deeds! But such is the priority of the current Leftist infested federal government that aims its law enforcement efforts against loyal opposition – and adopts a “Hands Off” attitude towards the disloyal and dangerous Islamic/Leftist Axis of evil.

    I submit the same is true of Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. We will never get terrorism under control as long as Leftist politicians and bureaucrats are allowed the freedom of the country.

    • KG says:

      Things may be beginning to (slowly) change, Ronbo.
      ‘Global Study: Immigration a ‘Major’ Concern Across 25 Countries, Majority Doubt ‘Refugee’ Claims’

      Is this why the globalists have ramped up their efforts in the past few months?

    • Diamond Mair says:

      I spent quite a bit of time in New Fairfield, ~ 20 years ago Traveled to Litchfield on one visit, lovely antiques for sale there. Is this a permanent placement for you, Ronbo, or will you eventually have to decamp back to Seattle? Have a friend who’s been on extended TAD through his gov’t contract job; he LOATHES the mindset of the Pacific Northwest (he’s a retired Marine, 22 years active duty).
      Semper Fi’

      • Ronbo says:

        No, I’m just visiting an old friend who is not feeling well. I will return to the “Great Northwest” on October 3rd. I like Washington state – Seattle and its suburbs are not what the majority of people are in about 90% of the state. If you travel to the small towns there about 50 miles from Seattle to the west, it’s pretty much like it is here.

        In fact, if King county, Seattle and western Washington state were to be kicked out of our small republic, Washington state would be solid Republican.

        I think the same would be true of Oregon – and, maybe California as well – it’s the coastal Pacific cities that are packed full of illegal immigrants who all vote Democrat that allows Leftist political domination of the Pacific states.

        Likewise on the Atlantic states the same is true. New York City dominates the region, but get beyond the outer suburbs it’s pretty much traditional America.

        So I conclude that should a shooting civil war start between the Right and Left, the party of treason is located in the big cities which could be cut off and starved out of existence.

        Also, the Patriots would have interior lines of communication in “Flyover Country” – which as all military people like KG knows, gives the force holding them a decided advantage.

        For some reason, the thought gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

        • Diamond Mair says:

          Have ‘nother friend up in SD, and he & his WIFE are enjoying their retirement – he was a damn near 30 year Marine. They’re keeping their powder dry, but so many “coastal elites” couldn’t find EITHER Dakota on a map, my friends probably won’t need their shootin’ “arns” for much more than food, should the balloon to up.
          Here in Texas (UGH!) with the preponderance of illegals, one has to be on one’s toes. Of course, when I hit the lottery, I’m heading’ to the Keys (yah, I know, hurricanes, illegals, etc.) – I want to die on the Eastern seaboard, where I started out 60 years ago.
          Semper Fi’

  5. Maybe the SMGs are needed after all those years of unarmed Bobbies.

  6. Alan says:

    The world is going mad. Three Australian professors have written a paper where they conclude that boys have an unfair advantage in studying physics over girls in that they can pee standing upright.

    • mawm says:

      Quite right! Each time we have a pee we think of the rate it is being accelerated at (i.e. 9.8 m/sec/sec) as it falls and admire the parabolic curve that is formed by the stream descending or we might even need to calculate the required force ( F= mass x acceleration) to pee over the wall. Simple!

      • KG says:

        Not so simple for the shielas, apparently.. :mrgreen: They’re stuck with 9.8 m/sec/sec, the poor dears and their imagination and pee stream can reach no further.

        • Darin says:

          And being able to figure out what a woman wants is to delve into Quantum Mechanics per Heisenberg’s expanded uncertainty principle-

          “The mere action of thinking one knows what a woman wants causes her to change her mind.

          March 21,2098-Headlines -Scientists announce that they have successfully completed the calculations needed to safely transit a Wormhole opening up the possibility of instantaneous travel to any point in the Universe.
          They were able to achieve this using a new Supercomputer capable of a staggering 300 Thetaflops per second.The lead Scientist has predicted that within ten years time they will achieve their ultimate goal of being able to predict which pair of shoes a woman will buy” :mrgreen: