Arse Hole of the Week

This week a two-fer-

Ya and both you a–holes did your part in making it what it is- :evil:

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  1. What I don’t get is that oil is at an all time low, because Trump has encouraged more oil production. Exactly how does lower oil prices mean some people are worse off. I just don’t get it.

    • Darin says:

      The people don’t matter,the globalists are all that matters.People having jobs and money again runs contrary to what the globalists want as do reduced regulations and taxes.Its hard to install a one world government and currency when people aren’t dependent on government.

      Bush,Obama and Clinton,all globalists,all evil,all the time.I was on the fence about Bush,but no longer,his mask is now fully off.

      • KG says:

        The globalisation project requires that the Western middle classes be eradicated.
        The middle class is the enemy of – and antidote to – serfdom, you see…..

  2. Jamie says:

    Put us down a hundie on the hollywood-hard-men


    Calling Mr Hollywood hardman
    Calling Mr Action Man
    Calling Y’all

    Call him Mr Raider, Call him Mr Wrong.
    Call him insane.
    He’d say….

    Want you hollywood hardmen to step up to the mark,
    Finally have something worthy to say.

    That’s some big action – Anyone want a piece???

    • Ronbo says:

      Yeah, after all those Hollyweird righteous “holier than thou” lectures over what scumbags we Deplorables are – the curtain gets pulled back to reveal the wizards of sexual degeneration and rape in the Hollywood hills.

  3. Ronbo says:

    In regards to THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE – George W. Bush – He rightly has earned a high number on the Patriot Proscription List – and in case his kind should plunge this country into civil war – He will share Cell 101 at GITMO with Barack Obama.

    CHARGE: Invasion of Iraq in 2003 that resulted in the deaths of over 5,000 American soldiers and one million Iraqi civilians/military. The destruction of said country allowed the ISIS terrorists to flood in during 2014.

    CHARGE: Refused to provide Americans the details of Saudi government involvement in 9/11 and allowed dozens of guilty Saudi officials to exit the USA on special flights protected by the FBI. 9/11 was a de facto declaration of war by Saudi Arabia against the United States – AND GWB ENABLED THE SAUDI TERRORIST LEADERS IN THE USA TO ESCAPE JUSTICE!

    CHARGE: “Nation Building” in Afghanistan and Iraq that resulted in over $1 TRILLION dollars wasted on internal improvements in Muslim countries whose populations hate the USA

    CHARGE: The Iraqi oil industry that belonged to the USA and its Allies due to right of conquest. American companies should have been allowed to pump up the oil and the profits in sales shared with fallen heroes and Allied veterans of the Iraq War – Instead, Bush gave it away to the corrupt Iraqi government.

    CHARGE: GWB did nothing to stop the Leftist hate speech against American patriots during his Administration – NOT ONE SPEECH DENOUNCING BARACK OBAMA AND HIS COMMUNISTS! – Instead the hand that holds the dagger plunged it into the back of Donald Trump.

    GWB is filth, pond scum and a worthless oxygen breather! He thinks his speech yesterday was only about one man whose shoes he is not fit to lick dog shit off the bottoms – but, in fact, he has spoken against over 63 million well armed American patriots who today detest him.

    GWB – you have PERSONALLY offended voters like me who believed your lies and voted for you TWICE. So what you said then was LIES! This is TREASON of the first order – and, sir, I hope a court of law in the future finds you guilty and has you hanged for your offenses against the American Republic….and when you are dead and buried, I will make a special yearly trip to piss on your grave.

    • KG says:

      Have one for me too, Ronbo.

    • Jamie says:

      That’s some hard core dope Rondo.

      Still can’t work out why you Yanks seem intent on pissing away the best of your boys in the desert, yet seem incapable of securing your Borders?

      Venezuela’s sitting on massive oil reserves just South of the Border so oil can’t be the reason.
      This pissing about in the desert – What’s that? Some sort of lame-ass-hair-brained ‘denying the enemy’ horse shit pentagon strategy?

      Or just business as usual???

      • Darin says:

        Ah,but here’s the deal Jamie,we didn’t go there to secure our oil,no,we went to secure Europe and Asia’s oil.The US only imported 18% of our domestic supply from OPEC at the time and only 40% of that came from the ME.
        If we hadn’t gone in the first Gulf War,then the first globalist’s wet dream in the form of the EUSSR would not have survived.New World Order and all you know.
        But looking back we managed to get sucked into Europe’s battles every so often.Next time I hope we stay out of it.

        • Ronbo says:

          Well said, Darin! As GWB might state, “Those conflicts were America’s Globalist Duty” to secure the world’s oil supply – and claim none for the USA.”

          Gee, what a big bleeding heart has GWB and the other Globalists like Obama! So that was the read deal on Gulf Wars I and II. The U.S. military and those of her Allies who bled a river of blood did it for The FASCIST New World Order. Fuck that shit! The dirty little Globalist plot is well known – Saudi Arabia, Iran, ISIS, Alqaeda, etc. OWE AMERICA AND HER ALLIES! The bastards cannot bled enough for me! In fact, I want MORE destruction in the Middle East! I want the jihadist Muslims to die a loathsome death in thousand forgotten battles!

          ….and meanwhile we start on the traitors at home who preach Globalism, Global Warming, hate, fear and destruction in our sacred Homeland, those who say they will start “The Revolution” on November 4, 2017 – Well, I say we give the those bastards all the civil war and all the revolution they want! Hate for Hate. Death for Death. You burn down my home, I burn down your home. You try to starve me to death. I will most certainly starve you to death.

          I want the Globalist Left TRAITOR treated like we did the old Tory traitors of the American Revolution at best – those we didn’t introduce to Judge Lynch and spared – they lose their jobs, property and are exiled for life to any country outside the USA. Maybe Canada will show mercy to them as the lucky survivors of CW II as they stumble across the 49th parallel into Canada in the dead of winter like Napoleon’s defeated Grand Army fled to Poland in 1812 for safety….The Canadians have a historical record of accepting American traitors – and making them productive and peaceful. God knows how the Canucks do it. Maybe the RCMP kicks their butts before the swearing ceremony for Canadians citizenship and states, “Yank, this is your last chance to shape up.”

    • Jamie says:

      Sticks out like dogs balls

    • Ronbo says:

      KG, as Chinese President For Life Xi would say, “I like New Zealand. I like the scenery. I like the friendly and outgoing people who have thrown out the welcome mat for Chinese people. I like the temperate climate. Hell, I even like the nice and peaceful New Zealand military – what there is of it – and I want to make it part of my mighty Chinese military machine. In short, I want your whole country as a province of my Greater Chinese Pacific Empire! I want to be your EMPEROR, little white people, get it?”

  4. Darin says:

    Those “teens” are murderers simple as that and they need to be hanged from that overpass :evil:

  5. Darin says:

    Like I have said in the past,China’s Achilles heel is their food supply.Right now they import about 40% of their bulk staple food supply,mostly from North America and Australia.
    They are making significant progress in reducing that number,primarily by buying up land and resources in Africa and South America.Once they have their food supply secured from western influence,then they will become aggressive.

    Militarily nothing is the same as before.The US has the hardware,sort of,to go head to head with China and Russia combined.However that hardware is wearing out at a rapid pace,the life expectancy of the various weapons systems,ships and planes has been burned through in the last 16 years where systems with a 30 year average service life are now at their outer limits.Congress refuses to do their Constitutionally mandated duty and produce a budget,so defense contractors that have orders and R&D orders in hand don’t want to hire on the personnel and build the tooling,only to be shutdown when Congress again fails to extend a budget resolution.
    The one area we are improving and rebuilding is our nuclear deterrent and missile defense,China and Russia both know our nukes are better and deadly accurate and rumor has it they are no longer dependent on GPS.
    I’ve been saying for a few years now that we need a new Naval base in the South Pacific to replace Subic Bay.I would cut a deal with Australia for a hundred year lease.Or we could build one in NZ,however the “we don’t want no Atoms round here” policy will have to end.All of our Carriers and Subs are nukes and until recently most of our missile boats carried TLAM-Ns-

    • KG says:

      Oz would be the better base for any number of reasons, but mostly because a couple of megatons at the right time of the year would make NZ uninhabitable.

  6. KG says:

    ‘Shock and fury as World Health Organisation appoints Zimbabwean president to the position of ‘goodwill ambassador’. ..’
    He’d generate an awful lot of goodwill if he simply died.

  7. KG says:

    ‘Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American:
    Living in Trump Country, USA’

    • Darin says:

      There is still a lot of real America out there and God willing we will see our way of life restored.

    • Darin says:

      Pig Hunters meet Croc-

      • KG says:

        What a pair of wankers! What’s with the camo gear for pig hunting? The poodleshooter semi’s are a giveaway too. The croc wasn’t “attacking” them at all and only an effing moron wades in a billabong.
        I’d be willing to bet they were urban heroes from one of the Southern states. People in the Territory and West Queensland detest these wannabes. :evil:
        (dunno how me and Gecko ever managed, wearing jeans and cotton shirts and armed only with a lever gun and boltie .308)

  8. Ronbo says:

    My vote for asshole of the week would be Florida’s “Mad Hatter Congresswoman – a Democrat and Progressive naturally – who eavesdropped on a confidential phone call from President Trump to a God Star Hero Family – and put her own Leftist spin (lie) on the phone call.

    Like General Kelly said, “This is nothing sacred anymore. Everything is POLITICAL.”

    Note to Darin: Let’s make this traitor-bitch NWAA (Nigger With An Attitude) the asshole of the month.

    * Yes, my comment is RAAACCCCIIISSSTTT! I’m white, and. as is well known to Leftists all whites are RAAAACCCCIIIISSSSTS! Therefore, it’s in my genes and all you white people are out there are RAAACCCCIIIIISSSSTS too. Also, as is well known to the Left, black people such as The Mad Hatter cannot be RAAACCCISSSTTTTSSS, even if they are – like The Mad Hatter, for example.

    More on the Mad Hatter:

    The Mad Hatter: Poster girl for a Congressional sanity and I.Q. test.

  9. KG says:

    If mental derangement was a disqualifier, half the Dems would be gone overnight.

    • Ronbo says:

      ….yet more than half the Democrats say that Trump is crazy and dangerous – “An Existential Threat” said one hate filled foaming at the mouth Democrat while loading up the magazine for his AK 47 on a youtube video

      I’ve been called crazy many times in my life, because some Leftist people don’t like my politics, but like Joseph Heller in “Catch 22” said, “If you tell the flight doctor that you’re crazy in order to get out of a suicidal air raid over the German army in Italy, he will tell you if you think you’re crazy, you can’t be crazy and send you back to your squadron marked as fit for duty! This is what we in the Air Force call Catch 22, Ain’t wonderful?

      Therefore, I conclude that according to “Catch 22” that Trump is sane, because on many occasions he told his people, “I’m a crazy man!”