NZ Herald’s propaganda recycling headline:

‘The Big Read: Our slow moving disaster as sea level rises’

On behalf of the U.N.? The Greens? Al Gore?
Who knows?
All the Herald’s “science reporter” Jamie Morton has done is gather the most hysterical of Al Gore’s climate scam claims, the IPCC’s propaganda on behalf of the U.N.’s wealth distribution project and the combined claims of just about every climate racketeer and opportunist that slithers out from the taxpayer trough.


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39 Responses to NZ Herald’s propaganda recycling headline:

  1. Pascal says:

    Why Big Oil Conquered The World

    At 5:08 in, Part I: The Rise of Eugenics. Is there yet anyone not able to make the connection between that of the 19th Century and the prettied up 21th Century version called Sustainability? If you think your genetics can save you, you’ve another think coming.

    • Pascal says:

      I understand the need to provide the documentary evidence, but it is way too much for those of us who have long ago caught on to at least some of the scams. We are already wary of those who work hard to convince us to believe them and not our lying eyes.

      For such as those, I recommend just scanning most of this video and then skipping to the conclusion, at a little past the 1 hour 41 minute mark. James Corbett then has some 4 minutes of closing remarks after the credits.

    • KG says:

      This looks great, Pascal but after a few minutes of the intro I found myself saying “just get on with it willya!
      I’ll download it all (including the Big Oil doco) and read it tonight.
      Thanks for those.

      • Pascal says:

        LOL. That intro was why I gave the 5:08 time stamp suggestion. It’s filled with “in their own words” incrimination. Priceless. Save it for sure.

        • andy5759 says:

          We need as many fact bullets as we can get when arguing with green/prog/antifa/gay useful idiots. I will definitely save it all for later consumption. Have you noticed that the above eejits are unwilling to recognise facts which contradict their chosen religious position? Ten years ago I met people who had open minds, open to persuasion with facts, and made some converts. These days to be open minded is to be a sceptic, which is tantamount to heresy. Fingers in ears, singing la la la.

    • Pascal says:

      At 1 hour 7 minutes you will find a lead in to an example of how locals defeated Agenda 21 in Kodiak Alaska.

      They had to learn what they were up against. That had to know themselves. They had to get the word out. They had to persist. They won.

      Definitely worth your time.

      • KG says:

        I’m amazed at how few Kiwis have heard of Agenda 21. Very few Aussies too.

        • Pascal says:

          Corbett makes it clear that the document explaining it all is available, but thick and has no clear smoking gun. But this last video does a pretty good job of taking viewers through it and the travails of the people it’s struck.

          Typical for you Aussies and Kiwis are news show interviewers who allow the crony-corp culprits to deny all knowledge of violent acts, and having no connection to the ways of the government (to whom they provide campaign funds — wink, wink) use law enforcement to evict.

          I definitely liked this one more than the first. I don’t think people need to know what is going on so much, but on what gums up the works to protect their rights and themselves and to stop it.

  2. My money says, it’s the Greens. They are just about to be in government, so what better time.

  3. Darin says:

    “These days to be open minded is to be a sceptic, which is tantamount to heresy. Fingers in ears, singing la la la.”

    This examination of social scientists and their disregard for the truth about gender falls firmly into that category-

    • Pascal says:

      I hate that the spelling for skeptic in non American English is the same as the spelling for sceptic (as in toxic waste) in American English.

      I suspect that the English spelling is identical for both and so to be sceptical automatically has a nasty connotation that skeptical didn’t have in America. The American press has tried to make skeptical pejorative, but the difference in spelling has hindered the effort there.

      Thus I recommend to the rest of you that you adopt the American spelling of skeptical just to frustrate the SSM and the fools who heed them.

      • Darin says:

        I see stuff like that and just assume it’s an artifact of an older common usage.

      • mawm says:

        Septic and sceptic are two different word.

        • Pascal says:

          OMG. Thank you Mawm. I could have gone on forever misspelling septic had you not bothered to clear it up. [insert embarrassed emoji]

          It’s a good thing I’ve written of the skeptic more often than the septic. Now that I can spell the latter properly, perhaps the frequency needs to change given the type of persona we need most to be skeptical of.

          • Pascal, just keep in mind that US english is different to kiwi english. In one language is skeptic, in the other language its not skeptic, its sceptic.

            Also in the US words like realize has a z in it, whereas here it is realise.

  4. Darin the thing that proves this to me, is that usually females play mind games, it’s not usually men that do that. Yet it’s not PC to say this. It’s ok to say men play mind games.

    So this makes it very difficult for me, as I’ve written at least one book about the mind games women play, yet I can’t say it like it is when advertising. I have to say mind games in relationships. Very frustrating. If you click on my name you’ll find out more, just if you are interested.

    So now I have a You Tube Channel, a website and a blog.

    • Darin says:

      Haven’t you heard Warren,in the west women are perfect angels incapable of sin.
      It’s not politically correct to remind the world that women are fully responsible for half the sin in it. I’ve met some mean men in my time,but also an equal number of women who were absolute Jackals of the worst kind.

      • Well that is according to the gospel of ‘the earth charter’. Section 11, says to stop all forms of violence against women, and that women should now lead. It doesn’t give men any rights whatsoever.

        And what is the purpose of the Earth Charter. Well if men have no rights in relationships, maybe they’ll decide it’s not worth having a family, which will fix the earth’s problems.

      • mawm says:

        The difference between men and women is that women have absolutely no conscience when it comes to lying, cheating or doing whatever else they do that benefits themselves solely.

  5. Darin says:

    KG-“I believe warmists are beyond rational argument.”

    I don’t believe they are beyond it,I believe they were never capable of rational argument in the first place.After all one must first be capable of rational thought before making a rational argument.Most of these folks are stuck in a permanent state of
    “intellectual puberty”in that their thought process hasn’t developed and most likely never will.

    • Pascal says:

      I suspect not so much as incapable — there are indeed some — as in deliberately left undeveloped en masse.

      I remember that the college board exams (heavens, that is closer to 60 years ago than 50) had a whole section on logical comparisons. Example. Grape is to raisin as Plum is to a) crisped rice, b) door knob, c) prune, d) elevator.

      I dread being informed that such a section is now forbidden for any of the numerous SJWC reasons.

      The two videos above were sent to me by a 30-something woman. I can’t imagine how lonely she will be compared to me. I have you guys here who are closer to my generation and thus were better educated and with whom to commiserate. Her pool is much smaller.

  6. KG says:

    WTF???????? :shock:
    USA Today: Ardern a ‘Trump-like leader’ ..’
    This is just……mad! Arden is a commie girl with no business or political experience, riding a socialist wave and has only cobbled a “government” together thanks to NZ’s idiot MMP electoral system.

  7. Pascal says:

    Not published at the NZ Overheralded Underheralding.
    “This talk of unprecedented rising sea levels and catastrophic global warming is complete nonsense:” Sea levels have been rising for 10,000 years.

    During the last ice age almost all of Canada, along with parts of Europe and Asia, were buried beneath one to two miles of ice. At the same time, sea levels stood 350 to 400 feet lower than today.

    Sea levels were so low that the entire continental shelf, at least in eastern North America, was above water. Many states on the eastern seaboard were twice as big as today. New Jersey’s shoreline, for example, stood 60 to 100 miles east of its present location.

  8. KG says:

    This just in:
    ‘Revealed: New York to be submerged by 50ft of water by 2300, shock study claims
    Professor Michael E Mann said to the Daily Mail….’
    The hockey stick fraud came unglued, so he simply pushes the timeline out 300 years….! This is delicious. :mrgreen:

  9. Angel says:

    Hey KG! follow the money, right?// alls well!!!!

  10. KG says:

    ..In 2016 there were 500 peer-reviewed scientific papers published in scholarly journals (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) challenging “consensus” climate science.
    Together with these 400 new papers, that makes 900 science papers in the last two years casting doubt on global warming….’

    • Pascal says:

      This scam has so many attributes of the vampire that you have to wonder if its architects planned it that way: Using a popular fiction plot to plot a popular fiction.

      It sucks blood out of all productive people in order to keep its power.
      It can’t tolerate the light of day.
      When there is nothing really there, it can’t be reflected in a mirror.
      It seems to be more oddly appealing to women than to men.
      Fitting what seems to happen in films, that even when you plunge a huge number of stakes into its heart it somehow still comes back to life.

      Sometimes, like what is needed to kill a werewolf, a silver bullet is needed to finish it off.

      The powers-that-be seem to have all the silver bullets locked up in a site known only to them cuz they seem to be able to protect it from all the sunlight in the world — in this instance, 400 papers in 2017 alone.

      So I know why it survives KG. It is its appeal to women — and those who want to pass as women — that keep it alive.

      • KG says:

        I reckon you’re right, Pascal.
        A combination of potentially unlimited tax dollars for grifters and the female “security at all costs” is a pretty potent mix.

  11. Ronbo says:

    The Clintons being thrown under the bus to enable the prosecution and impeachment of Trump?

    Maybe that’s was the plan – but like a controlled burn that goes terribly wrong – fire goes its own way.