Lying Libtard Media

Can’t even feed fish right?

Very #FakeNews CNN Caught Editing Video to Make Trump Look Like a Feckless Boor in Japan (VIDEO)

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    • Michael in Nelson says:

      CNN also edited a quote by Trump about manufacture of Japanese cars in the USA.

  1. KG says:

    Just sent to:
    ‘I’ve grown pretty used to Fairfax Media in NZ uncritically reporting the lies and distortions about President Trump, but confined myself to criticising the unprincipled behaviour on my blog. Now it’s time for us to begin a campaign  to expose just how dishonest Stuff and the NZ Herald are and that will include complaints to the Press Council.
    Here’s just one example, from this mornings Stuff “news” on the item about Trump and the Japanese PM feeding fish:

    And here’s the evidence that it’s a flat-out lie:

    Very #FakeNews CNN Caught Editing Video to Make Trump Look Like a Feckless Boor in Japan (VIDEO)

    There’s no need to emphasise that this is just one example among very many. I can’t recall Stuff (or the Herald) passing on one single positive news item about President Trump. That indicates bias and dishonesty by any reasonable standard.
    Copy to Press Council.’

      • KG says:

        It’s actually Darin’s blog now but I’d sent the mail before I realized my mistake.
        Apologies, Darin.

        • Darin says:

          No apology needed,I am sick and tired of the press abusing the freedoms that WE give them.

    • mawm says:

      They’ll do nothing other than a letter to you saying they investigated the matter and could find no bias and no substance to your complaint.

      • KG says:

        To my amazement, I got a very civil reply pointing out that the text of the article stated that the Japan PM dumped his fish food in the pond first and that Trump followed suit.
        However, the editor acknowledged that the video was inaccurate and they were taking it down and publishing a correction.
        The article has now disappeared. :mrgreen:

        • Pascal says:

          Pigs have not yet taken to wing, but this appears mighty close — except for the article disappearing so that any apology or correction is disconnected from the initial faux news.

          • KG says:

            Of course. They know damn well the intended damage is done.
            Quote of the week, from a Breitbart commenter:
            “…if Trump walked across water, CNN’s headline would read “Trump can’t even swim”.

  2. Pascal says:

    What else would one expect of a Soviet-Style Media?

    They do the same as the USSR media did with all critics of policies that are bad for individuals, by ascribing mental illness to them.

    Here they imply Trump is unbalanced — but it’s only because he’s the anti-govt president. Were this Obama, the full video would be shown and the prez would be praised for following the host’s example.

    Look this is the game of the SSM. To ascribe mental illness to all dissidents just like the USSR did. So that is soviet style, not democratic style.
    — For those who want to protect borders — Xenophobes a mental illness.
    — For those who warn of the downside of homosexuality — homophobes a mental illness.
    — For those who warn of dangers of unvetted muslims — islamophobes a mental illness.
    — Add any many “phobia” as are necessary for idiotic Leftist sinister government policies, and it will be construed as a state-recognized mental illness.

    The object is to propagandize dislike of government policies so that it is widely understood that any who dare disagree with govt actions have a real fear for their continued freedom.

    That alone is not a phobia, but realpolitik, so shut up!

    The number of people cowed by this tactic grows every day. Look to your left, look to your right, look ahead, look behind. Cowards.

  3. Pascal says:

    Darin, here’s another video that reinforces your opinion. Too bad we no longer have real mainstream journalism that strictly edits out opinion from the facts. As this video demonstrates, adding opinion (and thus bias) to news is now encouraged.

  4. Ronbo says:

    Fake News blew this picture of a worthless brain dead Leftist Pig giving the finger to President Trump – whose shoes she is not good enough to lick dog poop off – got fired from her federal job….and she asked for it by being so proud of it going viral and giving out her name.

  5. KG says:

    Victor Davis Hanson:
    ‘…For now, the unlikely Trump is the only road bump left on such an expressway to a medieval world of masters and peasants with few in between.’

      • Ronbo says:

        Once again, a man who says what I’m thinking much better than I could….America is the last great empire of Western Civilization and if we fail – the world will go down into a new Dark Age made even more hideous by technology….but….call me a mystic – I don’t think that is God’s plan – and I think He created America has the shining light on the hill to lead mankind out of the wilderness.

        Mankind has a mission – I believe – we are the Garden of Eden for the universe. The Planet Earth is just the beginning, but our destiny is literally in the stars…Today they talk seriously of the colonization of Mars….then what? Do you think we will be satisfied with one colony of humans on one planet?

        Were the English happy with just one colony in Virginia?

        Hell no!

  6. Pascal says:

    It’s almost as if the reporter is inviting Trump to prove he’s far brighter than she.
    “would consider extreme vetting for people trying to buy a gun.”
    “if more extreme gun vetting were in place, the man who took out the gunman might not have been able to have his gun and more people would have died.”

    Adding more to the mountain of evidence that the media is filled with ‘tards.

  7. Odakyu-sen says:

    I am sure that Trump has advisors that know about Japanese protocols.
    Let’s say that Abe feeds the koi carp in the traditional, restrained style. What should Trump do? Should he copy the actions of the Japanese prime minister? What kind of message would that convey?
    I speculate that Trump read the moment and decided on an action to differentiate himself and symbolize his ability to take sudden and (drastic) action.
    As an aside, the Japanese public would probably feel more affinity to the image of the “baka gaijin” (dumb Yank) as it fits well with their expectations. Trump acted how the Japanese would expect him to act (and they love him for it).

  8. KG says:

    Why the Washington Post is beyond satirising:
    ‘…The story of the ‘far-right takeover of NZ’..’

    ‘…So, who is the writer of the Washington Post article? Ben Mack is an American who moved to New Zealand a few years ago, and trained in journalism at the University of Canterbury. Mack’s university profile states, “Since graduating, Ben has gone on to a variety of other writing roles, including with Idealog Magazine, feminist blog Villainesse, and the New Zealand Herald”. Mack’s main role at the moment seems to be running Lizzie Marvelly’s
    Villainesse blog site, which describes itself as “No filter, no bullshit media for young women” and has written extensively on gender issues, including a personal account of gender identity in this New Zealand Herald column: Misgendering in New Zealand.

    Mack is quoted saying “I love journalism because of the importance of fighting for positive change, holding power to account, and empowering communities and marginalised people.” And this is the key to understanding where the journalist is coming from: socially liberal, politically passionate and wanting to change the world for the better. (And that’s not “journalism” kg)For a sense of Mack’s political worldview it’s also worth reading the recent Herald column, Jacinda Ardern won’t change a thing, in which they outline “the problems of misogyny, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, xenophobia, bigotry, hatred and systematic oppression” in New Zealand.

    Martyn Bradbury blogs about Mack’s identity politics lens, joking that “In the radical fringe world of Twitter Identity Politics, binary gender and immigration controls are hate crimes, militant veganism is the only dietary option, polyamorous coupling is the only ethical sex and masculinity is a disease ranked somewhere between cancer and ebola”…’