Arse Hole of the Week

All these idiots-

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  1. Darin says:

    Rand Paul’s jackass neighbor-

    That,much damage done and only a misdemeanor charge?Must be a libtard district attorney.

  2. mawm says:

    Another collective of arseholes – the usual bunch McCain, McConnell, Flake, Murkowski – out to stop anything or anyone that might assist Trump. Really! the most ludicrous of all ‘sexual allegations‘ ………. from 35 years ago!

    • Michael in Nelson says:

      mawm, it is one allegation that is problematic. All of the others were encounters with of-age young women with no sexual contact. The MSM is pushing it like a pattern of sexusal misconduct.

      • mawm says:

        Michael – they are 35 year old allegations. I know one was a teenager when the alleged incident happened – but this could have been made up just as easily as the others. They have seen the success of unverified sexual allegations in Hollywood; maybe they thought they’d give it a try to stop the Trump train. The judge denies them all. Who does one believe and what happened to due process?

    • Pascal says:

      What is typical of the GOPe is their inconsistency over such charges.

      McConnell and McCain never requested, much less demand, their colleague Ted Kennedy resign over much worse allegations, both old and contemporary. It’s that Roy Moore is a potential swamp drainer and they are the worst sort of Progs — the wolf in sheeps clothing kind. They sooner a radical dem win than any Republican to their right.

      I would remind Crusaders the slogan of the Progressive movement: “No enemies to the Left.” That implies that all to their right are enemies.

      It is long past time that the favor was returned. Hence they are all, forever, Sinister.

      • KG says: I have just one thing to say to these people making historical rape allegations:
        PROVE IT!
        Otherwise it’s simply noise or a hidden agenda.

        • Ronbo says:

          GMTA, KG!

          My position has always been PROVE IT! And I mean PROVE IT! in a legal sense – and I mean even for hated Leftist males good people detest.

          This is intelligent male self defense, because there is not one man is safe in the ludicrous rape charges by a female somewhere in our lives – maybe decades ago – who is not willing to play the rape card if there is money to be gained and scores to be settled.

          The standard used to be if a woman charged rape she to had to go to the cops ASAP and then the Emergency Room for a “rape kit” examination – and the DNA from the alleged rapist had to be analyzed and matched to the suspect .,,,

          Then and only then should the rape charge be processed.

          This crap of rape charges YEARS,,,even DECADES after the alleged event have no merit – legally or socially – and women making these absurd charges need to be charged with felonies – and if found guilty – sent to prison.

            • Darin says:

              It also used to be the case that a woman could go to her male relative or boyfriend and let them deal with the problem behind the scenes.That also reduced the number of lying female cock teases in the population.

              Now we have a system where real victims are ignored and liars are held up as virtuous.

  3. KG says:

    Court overturns Marine sniper’s conviction for urinating on dead Taliban fighters
    A military court on Wednesday overturned the conviction of a former Marine sniper in the 2011 incident after evidence emerged that a top general meddled in the case to ensure a harsh punishment, reports said.

    • Diamond Mair says:

      And that report is published on the birthday of our beloved Corps – the USMC is 242 years old today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARINES!!!
      “From the halls of Montezuma,
      ” To the shores of Tripoli,
      “We fight our country’s battles
      ” In the air, on land and sea.
      “First to fight for right and freedom
      ” And to keep our honor clean
      “We are proud to claim the title
      ” Of United States Marine! ” (GOTTA have my “Winger Shades”, doncha know?)

      Semper Fi’

      • Ronbo says:

        I’m glad the marine walked away with his head held high!

        Muslim terrorists need to be killed and pissed on, but not necessarily in that order…Degradation and then death, Say I!

        In The U.S. Army we always said, “If the USMC is on the right flank, no danger can come from that direction!

        SEMPER FI Devil Dogs – The finest assault troops in the world!

  4. Grog says:

    For everyone’s consideration. Idiot wanker.

    • Ronbo says:

      The man was rolled by a whore, which is a common fate for the men of low morals – Also, how the hell did a flatfoot GS-9 FBI agent come by with enough extra income to afford a $6,000 watch?

      More to come on this story, I’m sure.

  5. Darin says:

    Four Dindonuffins robbed a store and got more than they bargained for-

    Shame he wasn’t a better shot,but I’ll give him an A for effort

  6. KG says:

    No apology, for a change.
    ‘It’s 2017, it’s time to grow up’: Aussie lingerie chain fights back against ad backlash..’

    • Darin says:

      I used to think it was funny that the very same wymyns groups that once argued day and night for “sexual liberation” are now the ones arguing to “cover it up”.

      Then it dawned on me why the flip flop,it’s not the young,scantily clad women in the ads that have them upset.It’s that the young scantily clad women have the attention of the handsome,successful men in the picture,which is something they long for,but can’t get.

    • Michael in Nelson says:

      The one guy was right though. If he put up one of the posters in his office lunchroon, he’d be dismisses and sued for sexual harassment.

      • KG says:

        Yep. I’d also like to know how a woman can establish a “women only” company. If we tried to found and recruit for a men-only company we’d be sued to hell!

    • Darin says:

      The TSA is nothing but a massive,very expensive joke that never made anyone laugh…except the terrorists :evil: