To All Those Who Answered The Call-

November 11th All across the west,a time to remember those that served and those who are still serving. Remembrance Day in The UK,Canada,Australia and New Zealand and Veteran’s Day in the US.-

WW II Air Operations Europe-

Waltzing Matilda-

Rhodesians Never Die-

South African Army-



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  1. mawm says:

    Hmmm… South African military being written out of history again! They served in both WW’s and to a limited extent (1 squadron of the SAAF and some armoured units attached to the British Army) in Korea.

  2. Ronbo says:

    “We few, we happy, we band of brothers….” I salute my fellow Vietnam Veterans – When many in our baby boom generation dodged the draft, we marched to the sound of the cannons as volunteers. When we returned from Southeast Asia we were spit on as we got off the planes in places like San Francisco, where the notice on the BB warned his of attacks by civilians if we wore our uniform downtown by the same traitors who refused to defend liberty and called us foul names at the airport.

    We couldn’t find jobs. We camped under bridges. We drifted from town to town from job to job. Nobody wanted us – the lost soldiers of a lost war. They wanted to forget it had ever happened. They wanted us to disappear, or at least shut up about Vietnam! And when civilian life became impossible for us proud vets who refused to stop wearing our old field jackets and battered jungle hats that told our war stories with American flags and the emblems of the proud units we served in during the decade long Vietnam War

    …but people in the 1970s looked the other way.

    Yes, we really did try to fit in with the civilian world. We had been helicopter pilots, tank drivers, sergeants, officers – some as teenagers – we were well trained and educated men with hands on experience. However, the hiring manager said we needed college degrees, so we went back to school on the G.I. Bill – to be laughed at by pimple faced punks who somehow thought they are betters because they had been against the war.

    Nevertheless, we were passed over in the job markets by the very traitors then and hiring managers now, who spent the war years protesting us, the patriots. The jobs we were offered was of the lowest level:  day labor, truck drivers, warehouse workers, car wash employees – if we were lucky and no one in the employment office checked out our resume. You see, a Vietnam Veteran was a psycho who burned down Vietnamese villages and bayoneted babies. A Vietnam Veteran was bad news, real bad news! The worst ones who wore damned baseball caps that told the world they had been baby killers.

    So we faced lost years of being kicked around for the high crime of doing our patriotic duty. Finally, the hardcore “Never back down from a fight.” Vietnam Veterans went back to our “Employer Of Last Resort” the war brothers, the U.S. military, where our resume counted and our skills were needed and promotions very liberal.

    We became the NCOs, the Officers of The New Model Army of Ronald Reagan in the 1980s – we trained up new soldiers – armed them up with the best weapons in the world – and made a mighty war machine out of a new generation of young patriots – volunteers all. The enemies of America became afraid – They had faced the American War Machine on a thousand battlefields in Vietnam and knew it took days to count their dead…

    Finally, we bagged our old communist main enemy – The Russians – The Dread Soviet Union – The Evil Empire – fell in 1991!

    Today we live quietly on our military pensions….and maybe you see us at the shopping centers – some old guy wearing a much wore baseball hat saying, “Vietnam Veteran.”

    And maybe ever summer when it rains, we soldiers of the lost war now insane in Veterans’ hospitals smell the jungle, hear the thunder, and see the planes on their bombing runs with silver tanks of napalm shinning in the sun as they fall to the ground bringing death and destruction to the communist enemy. We cheer! We will live another day! We put our dead in body bags. We try to stop the blood flows from the bodies of our wounded. We never leave a war brother on the battlefield when we withdraw in good order: Everyone that comes on the CA (Combat Assault) leaves on the Hueys; however, many are no longer living – and some of those alive aren’t really – they have seen too much and suffered too much – their minds are no longer rational and they never recover. Yes, many of us will never leave Saigon.

    We Vietnam Veterans suffered in war and peace because we never surrendered our belief in our sacred Republic – the United States of America.

    We never did forget YOU and what YOU stand for Old Glory: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    Yes, we would do it again! “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers…”

    • mawm says:

      Here you go Ronbo.

      “To ensure the sacrifices of the 9 million heroes who served during this difficult chapter of our country’s history are remembered for generations to come, I signed into law the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017, designating March 29 of each year as National Vietnam War Veterans Day. Throughout this Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War, and every March 29 thereafter, we will honor all those who answered our Nation’s call to duty. We vow to never again confuse personal disapproval of war with prejudice against those who honorably wear the uniform of our Armed Forces. With conviction, our Nation pledges our enduring respect, our continuing care, and our everlasting commitment to all Vietnam veterans.” – DJ Trump

  3. Grog says: