BPS-The Ultimate Sacrifice for Countries that no longer exist

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16 Responses to BPS-The Ultimate Sacrifice for Countries that no longer exist

  1. Darin says:

    “In order to correct course,one has to be aware of the rocks”

  2. KG says:

    Amen! And filth such as Trudeau deserve only a bullet or the gallows.

  3. mawm says:

    The Anglophone countries have been targeted as the countries most “needed” to be destroyed. The small fry are being picked off, but the prize must surly be the USA. There must be something in the British character, or must have been judging by todays crop.

  4. Ronbo says:

    In the late 18th century to the early 20th century – the world was defended by the British Empire – who kept the bad boys in check and allowed the rapid expansion of laissez-faire capitalism and free trade by control of the world’s sea lanes.

    When the British collapsed after WW II – the British gave advice and their contacts all over the world to America, as the new guardian of the world order. Of course, America did not expand into a formal empire – like Britain – but did do something parallel with the British Commonwealth in her systems of Alliances: NATO for Europe and Canada; SEATO for Southwest Asia; CENTO for the Middle East and Southwest Asia.

    A de facto empire, because military protection was the prime motivation for nations staying loyal members of the British Empire….and later Commonwealth.

    Thus today Western Civilization and a rational world order of more or less capitalism and more or less free trade is defended by America. We didn’t want the job of World Policeman – America was quite happy with that thankless job done by Britain so well in the modern era – but there it is – America was drafted, some would say groomed by the British in WW II for the career, kinda like Rome was after Alexander The Great and the decline of Greek power to defend the West from the always aggressive East.

    Thus America and her Free Republic is the major roadblock for the Statist Nations of The East – Russia, China, and the 57 Islamic countries. This is the reason we are hated by so many outside and inside our country – THE GLOBALIST COMMUNISTS – we are hated not for their fear of American conquest – they know the American military only exists for defense of the USA and her many allies – but we are hated for what America has stood for since July 4, 1776 – we are hated for our virtues….our liberty.

    • America did the Lord’s work after WWII. It was all righteous to oppose the Soviets. After the USSR collapsed, however, we lost our soul. Beginning in the Balkans, we became sanctimonious pricks who thought we had been ordained to decided who should live or rule in other countries. Who the heck were we to help bring down the elected government if Ukraine?

      Libya was a moral disaster and what we are doing in Syria is dishonest and unclean. We are in a “coalition” with the Saudis who have armed and financed the scum of the earth in Syria. We have directly supported ISIS by attacking an SAA position near Deir ez-Zor and allowed ISIS military and oil tanker convoys to travel unimpeded. We ourselves have armed and financed al-Qaida and thus ISIS. We have lied about Assad’s supposed chemical weapons use and arrogantly decided that Assad, the mad dog ophthalmologist, is unfit to rule Syria. Why is anybody’s guess as he’s intent on maintaining a secular, popular government that is exactly what we would love to have in every Islamic pit around the world. Our involvement is unconstitutional and an instance of aggressive war for which FM Keitel was hanged. We drink Israel’s bathwater but vindicate no interest of our own.

      We can’t bring ourselves to identify Islam as the mortal threat that it is and dance like pussies around terms like radical Islam or Islamism. We have thousands of troops around the world but not one on our southern border. We import Muslim and other third-world primitives to befoul our country and slobber over and grovel before them when they’re here.

      The embedded communists do indeed undermine us but it is to further their own agenda. Millions of Americans tingle at the thought of socialism and are completely clueless about the massive crimes of communists and Muslims. Like most every other Western country we are lost and confused and have turned against every decent tenet of our civilization. We have ensured that we will be a third-world glop and if we have anything in us to inspire the world now we never will again in short order. Our grand Constitution is a joke, meaningless, and the plaything of lesbians, feminists, and chameleons on the Supreme Court.

      I wish we had 1/1,000th of the moral authority you say we do but we have none. We are running on fumes. One dollar, one vote does that to a country.

      • KG says:

        “Like most every other Western country we are lost and confused and have turned against every decent tenet of our civilization.”
        Indeed we are – and we have.
        I used to think that decent and informed people were a majority in the West but it’s simply no longer true. Evil is on the ascendancy and close to achieving what war and famine and tyrants never could, the death of Western civilization. It’s dying at an increasing pace, dying of its own success, having bred generations who think that liberty (if they think about it at all) is a natural state and within the bubble of their relative safety and comfort they’re free to discard or distort – to play with like destructive juvenile chimps – the very things that gave them that state.
        ‘Forgive them, for they know not what they do…….’
        Me, I’m not the forgiving kind and I hope before I die to see the bastards who have aided and profited by this state of affairs dangling by the neck or shot down like the vermin they are.

        • Pascal says:

          I used to think that decent and informed people were a majority in the West but it’s simply no longer true.

          Yes, the Sinister runs deep into those in all walks of life. Expelling God from town centers was more successful and easier than anyone could have imagined.

          C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters did an amazingly accurate job of laying out the variations in the Sinister plan, but grandly underestimated the resistance to it.

          We have awakened too late to how surrounded we are KG. Only prayer remains. It must be important or else the enemy wouldn’t be so insistent that the idea must be eradicated.

        • I couldn’t have imagined these developments if I’d set out to write the most absurd science fiction novel ever.

          But it’s not accidental. It’s deliberate. I toy with the idea that the elite do not contemplate living in any new glop that’s a mixture of third and first world. That makes no sense. Rather, I think the goal is to maximize and accelerate chaos and massive upheaval and starvation leaving the elites where they want to be. Behind their temporary walls while a massive cull of their contemptible fellow human beings takes place.

    • mawm says:

      http://falfn.com/CrusaderRabbit/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif to all the above commentary.