It just keeps getting weirder

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26 Responses to It just keeps getting weirder

  1. MikeH. says:

    The new path to the infamous “15 minutes of fame”?

  2. Victor says:

    I just want to make sure that I am still in the same reality as the rest…

    I can put on a dress and say I am a woman… crawl on the floor and act like a furry creature… run around in diapers… tattoo and cut up my face to look like a freak… claim to be a black Filipino midget teenage girl with platinum blonde hair that identifies as a trans-abled kitty cat… and that is absolutely normal and must be accepted by the world… but if I run around claiming to be Napoleon I will be dragged away and thrown into the funny farm – to be given my drugs three times a day to curve my delusions?

    Of course everyone knows the Napoleon card is nothing more than a hustle… but the world also plays along with it – “that man is a danger to himself and society… lock him up and drug him…” I wonder if there is a ward someplace were all the Napoleons get into a massive food fight over who is the real Napoleon? or do they have to separate them all? No one wants to play the Hitler card… that would really insane – and you never go full retard like that just to get the drugs… and there just are not enough people in the world with the charisma to play the “I am Jesus” card… My question – if there is one, is What makes the Napoleon delusion so damn dangerous… but Bruce in a dress is perfectly normal?

    • KG says:

      Because Bruce in a dress is one of a designated “victim group”?

    • Phil Stephenson says:

      I was approached in Bathurst Gaol when I delivered some prisoners there one day by an inmate who told me he was Jesus. Then another time I went to work at the police station and there was a guy in the charge room dock who screamed for three hours that he was Jesus as well. Neither of them seemed to have much charisma to me, but I wonder what would have happened if you put the two of them together.

      • Victor says:

        Charisma is the key to pulling off a good Jesus hustle… Jesus must be chill and relaxed at all times… serine… humble and modest… and makes you feel safe and comfortable around him… you want to be around this dude… and be willing to give him all your money just to hang out with him… (that’s how I will play it when I play the “I am Jesus” card)… if I can pull it off… if not… I’ll be Satan and see if I can make any money off that before they come to take me away… or would the world have to play along if I say I identify as a demon from hell… a trans-demon… what would I call myself…

        “look Mr… I am a demon from hell and unless you pay up $100 a week for your sins, I will drag you down to hell with me – and you won’t like the things we do to you there… so, what’s it gonna be – monkey…”

  3. Brown says:

    The easy answer is to can welfare – requiring one to make a crust in the real world where an employer won’t hire a fruitcake can be a great way to see normalcy return.

  4. Darin says:

    Bearing:-Coming out as Fat

    • Michael in Nelson says:

      So what they are really doing is the AA confession…”Hi, my name is Miss Piggy and I am fat”. The ‘coming out’ bullshit is just that, bullshit. They are finally admitting to their true situation in life just cloaking it in PC psychobabble.

  5. Cadwallader says:

    I identify as a white grumpy old prick. The appreciation of this state requires zero imagination.
    I see the Aussies have opted for same-sex marriage in their referendum. The problems created by this madness are only beginning to emerge in NZ but more on that another day. (When I have an hour to jot it all down…just think about the enormous tracts of “unintended consequences.”)

  6. Hey, I identify online as a grumpy male bluebird, and have been doing so for the last seven years. I was species and gender fluid before it was cool.

  7. I indentify as a gummy bear, so you see gummy bears are real afterall.

  8. tom says:

    On the other hand New Zealand has a bimbo who identifies as a prime minister

    • Ronbo says:

      So does Britain…So does Germany….and they have both proved that a woman can screw up a country as good as “manly man” Obama screwed up America!


  9. Murray says:

    I live in the Philippines six months of the year, and that is the ugliest Filipino woman (Pinay) I have ever seen.