get it free from horses and bulls instead:

‘Why NZ is missing out on a $900m economic boost
Getting more women into leadership roles could boost the economy by $900m a year.’
Article by Tamsyn Parker
Money Editor, NZ Herald
Research by Linda Meade
Riiiiiight……and we believe in AGW, the gender pay gap and fluffy unicorns under the golden apple tree, ladies.

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30 Responses to get it free from horses and bulls instead:

  1. KG says:

    Interestingly, NZ’s other major online “news” source is running an almost identical article at the same time….
    But they’re not state propaganda organs. Nossir. Not at all. No way.

  2. Michael in Nelson says:

    So a woman who has been in the job for 5 years, gets pregnant and takes 3 to 6 months off (with pay) is supposed to be able to keep up with the business and step in right where she left off. What about the women who want to be homemakers and resident mothers? Oh, that’s right, they are traitors to ‘The Cause’. *spit*

  3. mawm says:

    We’ll see how well our woman in the top leadership does in the n ext few years. It should settle the argument quite nicely.

      • Bill The Bunyip says:

        When she fails it will be our fault for not going with the agenda. Like socialism everywhere and always, it can never be the fault of the core belief, it can only be bad implementation or ignorance of the minions.

        • KG says:

          Exactly. The bastards are hypocrites who never take responsibility for their actions and their failures. :evil:

  4. $900 million boost, nonsense. Have you heard of Herbert Hoover. In the great depression he created job sharing. You wouldn’t lose your job, your wage per hour wouldn’t go down, but your hours would be cut.

    What this meant is businesses couldn’t get rid of the least productive workers so there profits were squeezed and they went out of business. Unemployment was now 25% when he left office.

    The point I’m making is if they have to hire the least productive workers because they have no choice, profits will be squeezed, and unemployment will be even worse. So it will be a $900 million squeeze.

    • Pascal says:

      It’s worse than nonsense Warren. Given history, criminal negligence comes closer and even that is understatement IMHO.

  5. Criminal negligence sounds perfect, if you want to be polite. Other terms that aren’t so polite is ‘bankruptcy creation’, ‘profit theft’ and ‘asset seizure’. If businesses can’t make a profit and continue to make losses there assets will be seized.

  6. ‘Capital crime’ good choice of words again Pascal.

  7. Michael in Nelson says:

    One of the NZ CRIs just put out their ‘Gender’ breakdown. Since it is a science based CRI, the numbers strongly favour men. However, they do brag that over the last year appointments to vacancies has been 51% women.

    What I found telling and relative to my post above, of 41 female staff that have taken maternity leave from 2012, 7 have resigned either while they were on leave or shortly after returning and of those returning to work 71% (!) are on part time. For men taking extended leave (6 to 12 months after their partner gave birth) during the same period, none resigned while on leave or shortly thereafter and only 6% are on part time.

  8. Phil Stephenson says:

    I was talking to a man yesterday whose son is a member of the Australian Federal Police. He told me that the AFP’s political masters have directed them to shed staff, but they are also being directed to recruit more women to address the dreadful “gender imbalance” of the force. However, there are simply not enough women who want to be federal cops, so the end result is a reduction in numbers, (I presume due to natural attrition, retirements, resignations etc), so the people on the ground have to do more with less. Once again, the law of unintended consequences applies.

  9. Brown says:

    Wifey, with no school qualifications beyond SC but having developed excellent IT skills in her field, has a flash job with serious salary. Her staff and bosses love her empathy, her ability to demolish petty tyrants with empires and her ability to get good results out of people others had written off as useless. She has never noticed a barrier to women and prefers working with men as they are less catty about everything. She’s a gem.

  10. KG says:

    THEN LET THE EFFING CHINESE PAY FOR IT. Not the NZ taxpayers. :evil:
    ‘Luxury train to travel length of New Zealand needs government help, expert says
    The government will need to stump up for upgrades to the national rail network if a proposed luxury train service between Auckland and Queenstown is to go ahead as planned, a rail expert said. 
    Graeme Carter, president of the New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society, said he thought the government would “have to make a one-off grant to upgrade the rail lines” for the project to succeed.
    “I don’t think it would be viable for KiwiRail.” 
Antipodean Explorer, a local company with Chinese backing, aims to have a Kiwi version of the Orient Express up and running within the next two years. However, certain sections of the rail network it hopes to use – such as between Auckland and Northland – are not rated for passenger service and there is no line to Queenstown.’

  11. Lara says:

    I am hoping Winston becomes our PM by default, as apparently is in the secret COL agreement, as this will wipe out both Labour and the Greens come the next election. Anyway, he couldn’t do a worse job than the princess and at least Vogue would not be interested in a ‘fashion spread’. Cringe, Ardern is making a fool of herself, almost daily.
    No wonder the electorate rejected her…

    • KG says:

      “cringe” is right, Lara.
      I think Winnie has blown his credibility with the deal he made to put the unelected greens into power alongside Arden. He’ll be forever reviled for it by a lot of Kiwi voters who now regard him as responsible for installing an illegitimate government.
      This wabbit suspects that there’s going to be an “anybody but Arden” mood within her own party before long when they realise what a laughing (weeping?) stock she is.