December 7,1941

An excellent photo gallery-

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9 Responses to December 7,1941

  1. Darin says:

    Bad Ass week:The time an Army Dentist killed 98 attacking enemy soldiers single handedly-

  2. My friend Nate had some stories to tell about that day and his activities there.
    He remembered vividly the low flying open cockpit aircraft and the flowing white scarf one of the pilots wore while strafing.
    He spent that night in the rain at the base of a mountain with a machine gun and a couple friends and a new out of the crate radio waiting for the invasion.
    He survived that to later survive Normandy and the Bulge.

  3. Cadwallader says:

    My next door neighbour moved into her house on “the Day of Pearl Harbour” with her parents. She still lives there and has never forgotten that terrible day. She’s in her nineties now and speculated over a couple of whiskies this afternoon how President Trump would act in response to the Japanese attack? All I could offer was “well, he wouldn’t form a committee to discuss it!”