Yegods! They’re getting desperate!

Huge headline in the Socialist People’s Collective of New Zealand’s propaganda outlet:

They’ve just replaced it with another item, but this was the headline photograph and article earlier today.
Of the dozens of articles about Trump and his Administration,(many of them sourced from the equally partisan Washington Post) I can recall only one positive item.
The NZ Herald is a festering pimple on the arse of real journalism, pushing various “progressive” agendas and providing almost no space to dissenting opinions unless it’s to ridicule and distort them.

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15 Responses to Yegods! They’re getting desperate!

  1. Alan says:

    There was a time when ‘granny’ herald lent towards conservatism but that changed in the early to mid nineties and it has now become the Pravda of NZ.

  2. The question I have, is does this mean the temple in Israel will be built, and bible prophesy will final come to a completion sometime soon. Or does this have nothing to do with that.

    • Brown says:

      The Bible does not say that Jesus will come back as a super awesome president to run the show from Jerusalem. Dale would have clipped your ear for believing such end time nonsense. He admitted he was amazed, even alarmed, that for many years he believed this heresy and was blind to the Bible’s very clear teaching about the end.

      If a temple gets built it will be man’s foolishness that is behind it.

      • Brown, I asked it in a question form. I asked if it meant that. 2ndly most people who believe in end times prophesy do interpret it that way. Besides in 2 Thessalonians 2, it says that the antichrist will be on his throne.

        And finally no I didn’t say that Jesus would come as a president, he will judge once, the end is complete.

  3. This is how much sense the media makes:

    Not a lot, as you can see.

    • KG says:

      Stuff-all, in fact. :lol:

    • Brown says:

      I meant no offence Warren. There are many supposed Christian believers that are fixated on the Israeli question and the politics around it to the detriment of their knowledge of Christ. It’s annoying because it’s a delusion.

      • Thanks Brown, yeah I understand where your coming from. It’s like the situation where the only verse some people know is don’t judge-Matthew, and that’s the only verse they know. Or like those who only understand what grace means, and they don’t understand the rest of the scriptural topics.

        And I find it very frustrating, that that is the only scripture people understand.

  4. Darin says:

    “How CNN got it’s report so wrong is unclear”

    It’s perfectly clear when you understand what level of lying low life vermin they are :evil:

    • Michael in Nelson says:

      What me verify? I saw an item where someone asked how Trump could get so much done while battling the Deep State, MSM, Democrats and ‘Never Trump’ Republicans. He doesn’t have to fight them, they are self destructing (thank goodness).

  5. tranquil says:

    “Yegods! They’re getting desperate!”

    They sure are……. :)

    Anyway – it’s good to see the continuing and growing popularity of *right*-wing commentators around the world, from Andrew Bolt to Paul Joseph Watson to Mark Dice. I particularly like the acidic, scornful style of PJW as he mocks whatever the left do.

    • KG says: He’s brilliant, isn’t he?

      • tranquil says:

        Yes, he is!

        The *really* good thing about people like PJW and Mark Dice is that they are (fairly) *young* and so they should be having a good amount of influence among the younger age-groups.
        Indeed, I saw a video by PJW in which he made that very point – that because conservatism is “the new counter-culture”, it is “the new cool” and that is helping it gain popularity among the young. ( Ok, there is still a way to go but the trend is in the right direction….. ).

        • tranquil says:

          Oh – and then of course there is *Milo Y.* who is a bundle of energy and who (I’m sure) would be very popular with younger people.