Merry Christmas!

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22 Responses to Merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas to our hosts and all who frequent here.

  2. Victor says:

    Very Merry Christmas Darin, and KG… and the rest of this gang.

  3. Michael in Nelson says:

    I’ll add my wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year even to those who don’t celebrate.

  4. KG says:

    Merry Christmas everybody, your comments here have been a constant source of information and pleasure. May you all have a very fine 2018.
    And thanks to skipper Darin for keeping this leaky old barge afloat.

  5. mawm says:

    Merry Christmas all! Our host, Darin, and founder of the blog, KG, deserve special mention. Thank you for allowing us to vent our anger, sprout trite nonsense and occasionally post links to someone else’s work that makes more sense.

  6. Pascal says:

    All year you bring comfort to me, so I’m reasonably sure you do it for each other.

    Merry Christmas All.

  7. Ronbo says:



    Merry Christmas to the cousins in Australia and New Zealand!

  8. mara says:

    This is lovely and needs to be preserved. Merry Christmas everybody here.

  9. Ronbo says:

    Warning Antifa Communists: Don’t disrespect the Lord during his high holy days…or….INSTANT KARMA!

  10. mara says:

    Santa delivered me a vat of commercial, nay industrial grade, anti-wrinkle cream and a large application spatula. Ho ho bloody ho. Bastard, I hope he falls off his mickey mouse sleigh! Typical man. Heh.

    • KG says:

      We here are all quite positive your natural beauty needs no enhancement, Mara. Obviously Santa delivered it to the wrong address.

      • Ronbo says:

        mara: Was the spatula a cheap rubber device, or quality steel metal?

        If it was the latter, he really, really loves a quality steak cook!

  11. Ronbo says:

    Christmas morning in Downtown Seattle at Westlake Park – Where it is snowing for the first time this year!