The ERA has become a racket, no less.

Like so many recently, this decision appears to have more to do with social work than an employment dispute.
‘Sacking from $155K IT job cripples Auckland immigrant family
A man went from earning $155,000 as an IT analyst to living in his car and working as an Uber Eats driver after he was sacked under the 90-day-trial rule.
Ahmed Alkazaz, 31, lost his lucrative position in New Zealand days before his wedding in Egypt, which he’d poured his savings into – and had to spend his honeymoon applying for jobs.
The Employment Relations Authority ruled he was unjustifiably sacked and has awarded him $35,500 in lost wages, compensation and part of the financial penalty imposed on his former employer, Enterprise IT.

The company said it was considering an appeal.
Alkazaz, originally from Egypt, was hired in September last year to be a senior Oracle database analyst at Enterprise IT.
Three months later the company dismissed him, stating that his employment would not be extended beyond the 90-day trial. It said the sacking was based on Alkazaz’s performance, which managers believed was at the junior database administrator level.
….”Behind the scenes E-IT was assembling a list of what were seen as mistakes and errors [committed] by Mr Alkazaz from at least 31 October 2016,” the authority member who considered the case, Nicola Craig, said in her decision.
…..However, Craig trimmed the lost wages and compensation payout by 20 per cent from her starting point because she accepted that Alkazaz seemed unable to perform at the expected level and unwilling to recognise problems in his performance…’

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11 Responses to The ERA has become a racket, no less.

  1. Caleb says:

    It seems a bit like the global warming scam, where it is entirely in the scientists interest as to what the outcome is.
    The ERA industry wouldn’t get as many customers if former employees regularly lost and had to pay their own legal fees.

  2. mawm says:

    There must be more to his story. His residency is probably dependant on his having this job. He was found to be incompetent and was terminated. The SJW will soon be out in force to protest his residency visa being withdrawn. This is just the first volley against the “unfairness” of the 90 day rule and our “racist” migration laws.

  3. In this case, consider the 90 day trial obsolete, and you won’t be in trouble. Labour wants to change it, it looks like they’ve already won.

    • KG says:

      It sure does look that way Warren.
      I must take a look at who the members of the ERA are, and if possible their qualifications and salaries.

  4. So then KG, I will call today ‘National profit squeeze day’. This means as of today, it will be harder for businesses to make a good profit. If they can’t fire bad employees without a big fine, their profits will be squeezed.

    This will turn into bankruptcies and unemployment.

  5. Brother Antony says:

    First rule: If you want your business to prosper do not hire Muslims. Period.

    • Ronbo says:

      Why would anyone hire a Muslim?

      Why would anyone hire a Muslim?

      Main Reason: they are forced to do so by the Equal Opportunity Act, because almost to a man or woman Muslims are unqualified for any occupation in the modern world other than terrorist. Yes, it’s all about inbreeding in a limited gene pool due to first cousins marriage – and living under dictatorships where education is strictly rationed for those with an above average I.Q.

      I have always believed that immigration should be small from the Third World and strictly limited to few individuals who can prove they are an asset to the community.

      As things stand now, Western countries are being flooded with goat herders, camel jockeys and other types of sand niggers who at best welfare parasites and at worse dangerous terrorists capable of mass murder.

      Why take a chance?

      The only people in favor of Third World immigration are the Leftist political parties who need dumb, ignorant parasites to vote for them. The solution is to crush the Left and end socialism – are you ready for that Western Democracies? Are you ready for The Purge? Are you ready to go Franco or Pinochet and shoot the socialists?

      • Well how bout we declare a merit based pension system for a start. This means you have two ledgers in your Social Security Account. One ledger would say how much income tax you’ve paid over your life. The other ledger would be how much education, welfare etc you’ve received over your life.

        Your pension would be based on the difference between the two. The more you’ve contributed over your life, the bigger pension you get. So those parasites would get $0.

        This of course wouldn’t apply to those who are born with a disability in their own country.

  6. Brown says:

    At that salary level he would have been expected to be very good but clearly was not. Does this mean that he bullshitted on his CV? The 90 day trial did exactly what it was intended to – weed out the worthy from the idiot.