You want equal pay?

Then how about some equal work?

Getting a bit of tree removal done today,about an 60 ft tall Water Oak that’s past it’s prime by a couple decades.One climber(in the tree) and one crane operator booming the chunks down.Pretty efficent,much easier than sawing it up into firewood while it’s standing.

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17 Responses to You want equal pay?

  1. KG says: Damn right, brother!

  2. thinkingman says:

    THIS PHOTO is a visual example of why Commercial Logging is FAR more dangerous than being a Cop, in spite of what Mr/Ms/Mrs? or ZZ would have you think. While one of them runs toward danger ( or more likely cover, to figure out how he/she can get time off with pay , while “going home safe at the end of my shift “, THESE folks don’t run toward danger, they continually perform their life’s work in the mouth of danger. Their job doesn’t have their home department performing the “investigation” that will clear them of wrongdoing, right or wrong, and, no, they don’t try to escalate situations with everybody they meet to attempt to create an “arrestable” offence on the part of the hapless citizen they have run across. If you get the idea that I have respect for loggers and their ilk, you are right.

    • KG says: Me too, Tman.

      • Ronbo says:

        I note very few women are construction workers, delivery drivers, dump truck operators, tractor-trailer operators, miners, infantrymen….in fact, I notice very damn few women around when the work is dirty, requires muscles and/or potential very dangerous.

        Yes, back in the 1960s the feminazis were saying the world didn’t need men – women could roar, women could do anything, women were almighty! Well, decades later I’m still waiting for “women to do it all” But all I’m hearing is them piss and moan about how unfair men are and how the pay scales favor men…


        • KG says:

          Well, there are plenty of damn fine women, it’s just that the media completely ignores them and we get a very distorted view of what women think and do.
          The media’s version does NOT represent women in general.
          I don’t want women to join us in the dirty work and heavy lifting unless they want to and are prepared to meet the same standards as the men.Some good women already do that.
          I like being a man and being responsible for those things and I very much like women to be women, too.

          • Ronbo says:


            My remarks were not directed at real alpha women like my girlfriend, or your wife, or to the many Crusader women who post here on a regular basis .

            My broadside was directed at the pseudo-women, the feminazis, the worthless fake womyn of the Left. You know the type: fat, ugly, stupid and Leftists like Rosie O’Donnel. You know the knuckle dragging stinking Leftist hairy bitches with warts on their noses who are beta females at the best, but usually the charlie types like Nazi Pelosi.

            Womyn who would have no role in life and be ignored by their betters – which is just about everyone – save for the fact they are Democrat womyn. In reality a subhuman form of life even more obnoxious and obtuse than their beta male counter parts.

            THESE “womyn” I SPIT ON!


            This was whom I was talking about – and I’m sorry if I offended any real women out there who stand by their Man, God and Country!

            • Darin says:

              The women who are constantly being told they can remain -little girls

              People still ask me when I am going to get married,I always tell them when I meet an actual woman my age or younger who isn’t already married.So far all I get are these mentally malformed 12 year olds in 30 something old bodies.I could use the compainionship and the possibilities of children,but I’m not willing to trade my sanity,what little there is of,it for the endless drama.

          • Michael in Nelson says:

            KG, the important phrase is ‘…equal standards’. I believe the lessening of physical standards so more women can qualify for dangerous work is getting men killed.

  3. Darin says:

    It’s now illegal in Iceland to pay men more than women-

    From the comments:

    “So let’s review, if a man can carry and install an 85 pound railroad boxcar coupling by himself and a woman can’t and needs help they still get the same pay?”

  4. Ronbo says:

    “Beam me up, Scotty! There is no intelligent life on this planet!”

  5. Darin says:

    PJW: This is What a Real Feminist Looks like-

  6. Robertv says:

    Hollywood Hypocrisy and Gender Pay Gap Fiction

    The Peter Schiff Show Podcast – Episode 55

    • Robertv says:

      A businessman/woman would be a full to hire men if women do the same work for less money.