Open House

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  1. Darin says:

    No more Grid Girls…..because feminism

    The world would be a better place without overbearing know it all cunts :evil:

    • Fred says:

      The worst part of this is that they cost these women their jobs. How is that pro woman?

      Oh, and, men like fast cars and pretty women. You can only change that by killing the viable mating male population and probably not even then.

  2. Darin says:

    “I didn’t get a free pass into America at age 6 and neither should the Dreamers”

    “In 1959 my father was visited by a commander of the Cuban Revolution to “volunteer” him as a civil servant to the nascent Soviet-Marxist dictatorship. With summary firing squads, routine tortures, life sentences handed out like candy without due process, beatings, and mandatory indoctrination of children as young as eight, my dad acquiesced to buy time to arrange my escape.

    He decided to abandon me because he had a dream. His dream, as it later became mine, was for me to be given the greatest number of opportunities to be successful, to live where freedom was intrinsic to the social fabric, to enjoy the protections of a constitutional republic. These are lost dreams for Cuba, but reality in America.”

    • Fred says:

      “His dream, as it later became mine, was for me to be given the greatest number of opportunities to be successful, to live where freedom was intrinsic to the social fabric…”

      That’s the American dream, not a house or good job or be safe or any of the other stupid explanations that are erroneously stated by politicians and other idiots. The American dream is to have a shot, just a chance to make it, to do what you’ve always desired.

  3. Fred says:

    This is the actual state of the union in America.

    “Russian Ads Promoted the 2nd Amendment So We Would Kill Each Other” – Rep. Adam Shiff (D-CA)

    How stupid is that?

  4. KG says:

    ‘Here are 16 things the media do not want you to know about the Nunes memo:’
    ‘Settled Science’ Just Got Blown Up’

  5. tranquil says:

    Some good news from Europe (at last!).

    There’s a new group called #120dB – started by women to fight back against the invaders and their violence – here’s their video –

  6. KG says:

    What. The. HELL?????
    ‘Victoria Police told Daily Mail Australia that it’s now a matter for the DHS. 
    The DHS said: ‘The Department of Health and Human Services is unable to comment on individual matters.’

    That’d be the same DHS that’s stood by for months and even years while kids are abused – and done nothing. Probably attended lots of seminars and conferences in very pleasant surroundings though, while collecting fat salaries.
    There’s nothing more to be said concerning the clear dereliction of duty by Victoria Police, other than “par for the course”. :evil:

  7. Gregoryno6 says:

    Concerning Trump and Turnbull. You can guess which one comes out second best.

  8. Darin says:

    Farmers taking on big tech with the Right to Repair act-

    • KG says: Having worked for a Deere dealership, I have some firsthand experience of this stuff.
      Seems we no longer actually own whatever we buy. :evil: Greedy bastards.

      • Darin says:

        And they don’t realize how much it has hurt their sales.The prices on 20 and even 30 year old JD tractors has gone up quite a bit simply because people aren’t buying the new stuff with all the bells and whistles.

        • KG says:

          Same here, Darin. An old 6 cylinder Deere in reasonable condition is now worth very serious money.

  9. Darin says:

    PJW: You Cannot Unsee this-

    Lesbian,SJW fight club :shock:

  10. Fred says:

    “…a taste of what our Australian “Gun Control Act” has meant to law abiding Aussie shooters…”

    When a government takes from people what belongs to God that government is not long for this world.

    • Phil Stephenson says:

      I couldn’t read the whole thing. A few paragraphs and I wanted to punch him. The picture should have been enough.

    • Michael in Nelson says:

      He obviously was not taught proper respect for women. Sure the hormones kick in but lack of true maleness is what makes him so cringeworthy. I doubt he has ever had a job where manual labour was involved. ‘De-balled’ indeed.

  11. KG says:

    Delingpole at his (considerable) best!
    ‘Delingpole: Climate Bully Mob Tries to Oust Trump Supporter from Natural History Museum
    …This is a political hit job co-ordinated by a bunch of malicious, embittered second-raters. They’ve been losing the scientific argument on climate change for years, so instead they’re fighting back in the only way they know how: using dirty, underhand guerrilla tactics…’

  12. Grog says:

    Seems that I remember her and a lot of others declare they would leave if Pres. Trump was elected, never heard of them doing so.

  13. KG says:

    Just in, from Fox:
    ‘Criminal referral says Clinton associates fed info to Steele’

  14. KG says:

    “Refugee” scammer gets A$2m for a common, manageable back complaint:

    Afghan “refugees” must be an especially fragile breed. I’ve lived for thirty years with exactly the same condition and it’s nothing that can’t be managed with regular exercise and mild pain relief occasionally.
    And I’m chainsawing trees and stacking firewood etc at over 70 years of age. That, after chemo and radiation treatment too. Not to mention a host of old injuries and a leg held together with a lump of steel as well as a hip replacement as a result of rolling a quad bike. Where’s my $2m? Oh, that’s right…I don’t have a line-up of lawyers waiting to sue on my behalf and being paid by the taxpayer. Silly us, eh?

    • Gregoryno6 says:

      Medterranean Back is now Refugee Back.

    • mawm says:

      Hard to prove that he does not have any pain. Typical army malingerer complaint.
      I used to be the MO at a Naval Base that had a “social program” going – they took in young Indian (dot, not feather) men from a low socio-economic background, put them through a basic training course (not a very difficult one) after which they trained them in trades, electronics, etc. Some even made it onto the ships. They went back into civvy street with a trade 4 years later.
      Anyway, I used to get a morning sick report of any number of these guys complaining of back pain. After a few weeks I worked a way to separate the malingerers from the others – I had a pencil at the edge of my desk which I would accidentally nudge off. If they bent down and picked it up they went back on duty. The numbers turning up tailed off rather promptly.

  15. KG says:

    ‘…Steyn told host Tucker Carlson such behavior by the intel community was “an assault on the rule of law.”
    “An American citizen who has not been convicted of any crime and actually has never been charged with one has nevertheless been under United States surveillance on and off for half a decade,” he said. “This guy’s life and reputation has been ruined. And the Democrats are OK with that because he’s just this week’s useful MacGuffin, as Alfred Hitchcock used to call it, to distract people in the Russia investigation. It’s an assault on is the rule of law and it reminds us of a very important listen, which this memo is all about. There’s a point at which there is a legitimate intelligence community, and then there’s a point at which it becomes actually secret police activities. And what they have done to this U.S. citizen carter page crosses well into the line, I believe, of secret police activities.”..’

    • KG says:

      ‘the ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’
      Gawd ‘elp us…..

      • Darin says:

        This is the problem with dims,they think the rest of us are as stupid as they are.

        • mawm says:

          But Schiff seems to be more so than the rest of them….excluding Mad Maxine, Shifty Schumer, Fauxcahontas, the Black Caucus.. I could go on.

  16. KG says:

    “No one should wonder why the dictatorial left covets the FBI, they intend it to be their Stasi.”

  17. Darin says:

    Touring an Ethanol fuel plant-

    The comments section reveals some very interesting discussion on the fuel industry including oil and gas.

  18. KG says:

    “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing” a text between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page read in September 2016

  19. KG says:

    The Catholic Church is corrupt and an enabler of rape, murder and terrorism. If anybody can find a better way to describe its actions I’ll be interested to hear it.
    ‘Pope Lied About Knowing Pedophilia Charges Before Promoting Priest to Bishop’

    ‘Francis: Human Trafficking Fueled by Lack of ‘Regular Channels’ for Migration’

    ‘Top Vatican Official: China ‘Best’ Model of Catholic Social Teaching Today’
    (via Breitbart)

    • mawm says:

      Chinese property developer! Don’t we have any New Zealanders who can do it?

      Just what the Chinese do all over the world – use Chinese labour as they work hard and don’t complain. I can’t imagine them putting up with a few of our dope-smoking snowflakes on a building site.

      • Darin says:

        Have you seen -“The Empire of Dust”?

        Documents the Chinese effort to rebuild the rail system in the Congo.Poor bastard Chinese manager spends the whole film pulling his hair out dealing with the locals. :lol:

        • mawm says:

          Same in Rhodesia in the mines. One even pulled out a gun and shot dead the local.

          The new masters are not going to be as nice as the old (excluding the Belgians).

  20. Darin says:

    PJW: Justin Trudeau is a Complete Idiot-

    Apparently being an annoying little fruitcake wasn’t enough for the substitute drama teacher.

  21. Darin says:

    1940’s Bandsaw Restoration-

  22. Darin says:

    #metoo female lawmaker accused of sexually harrassing a male staffer-

    Of course she was a “victim”

    “Garcia was one of hundreds of Sacramento women who signed a letter with the hashtag #WeSaidEnough protesting harassment, and told the New York Times that she had been the repeated victim of sexual harassment by men in the Capitol in the course of her legislative work.

    “Multiple people have grabbed my butt and grabbed my breasts,” she told the Times. “We’re talking about senior lobbyists and lawmakers.”

    I would have thought lobbyists and senoir lawmakers would have better eyesight than that