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    • Ronbo says:

      The People’s Republic of California where the white middle class hardly exists – and the brown/black ultra poor and the white/Asian ultra wealthy – the latter in high security communities guarded by goon faced rent-a-cops – the former on the streets housed in cardboard boxes…In short, a third world country.

      BTW, so hated are California “refugees” in states like Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Utah – they dare not park cars with California tags on the street for any amount of time, because they will be trashed.

      • Darin says:

        Yup.I would like the know the voting record of the woman featured in the article.I don’t think she’s a hardline dim given she mentioned the sanctuary cities issue,but I would bet a Cali”moderate” republican.

    • Gregoryno6 says:

      Cali expats are referred to as ‘locusts’ apparently.

  1. Darin says:

    Draining the swamp-

    Truth here is federal employees average pay that is 120% of their civilian counterparts and benefits packages that don’t exist for most civilian employees.

    It’s time they get a haircut IMO.

    • Andy5759etc says:

      Britain in a few years’ time will have a retired class of us and them. The them being those who have the final salary index linked pensions. Us being those who paid the fucking taxes to keep these here them in brandy and cigars. These them are such smug cnuts basking in their certainty that this law abiding subject doesn’t go armed.

    • Robertv says:

      The man who should have been elected President. (or his father)

  2. Darin says:

    Sea level rise in the Pacific Islands?Not so much-

    “We tend to think of Pacific atolls as static landforms that will simply be inundated as sea levels rise, but there is growing evidence these islands are geologically dynamic and are constantly changing,” he said.

    “The study findings may seem counter-intuitive, given that (the) sea level has been rising in the region over the past half century, but the dominant mode of change over that time on Tuvalu has been expansion, not erosion.”

    • tranquil says:


      IMO, the sooner this ice-age comes along, the better! Muzzie scumbags much prefer warm climates. It will likely kill off a good number of them (especially the ones living in the streets).

      Oh, and an interesting fact I seem to remember from a while ago – climate changes from warm to cool tend to favour the re-emergence of the plague. A good example of this was the “plague of Justinian” (541-542 A.D.) which came along not long after a cataclysmic volcanic eruption in the late 530s – probably Krakatoa.

      There too, the Muzz-scum are likely to be worst hit, living on the streets and in crowded, dirty conditions.

  3. Darin says:

    Current cause of stockmarket volatility-

  4. Fred says:

    Your web page no likey my VPN when I try to comment.

    “Not Acceptable!
    An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.”

  5. Darin says:

    Sigh,why can I never find anything like this?

    Featured on the Barn Find Hunter YouTube series, classic car expert Ben Cotter was called out to the garage to help find a new home for a few old supercars, only to uncover a goldmine of automotive history.

    Sitting in the rundown garage infested with mice and crickets, Cotter discovered two of the most exceptional supercars of their time: a 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/2 and 1967 Shelby Cobra 427.

    According to a friend of the garage’s owner, the cars have sat untouched since 1991 after their regular mechanic passed away, and the owner refused to trust anyone else to service them.

  6. Michael in Nelson says:

    Imagine having to hire a lawyer to get a lien dismissed for not paying a fake invoice. Not so impossible as it amy seem.

  7. So Rob Porter had to be fired over allegations of abuse by his exes.
    Last I heard, Peter Strzok still works at the FBI.

  8. Lara says:

    Where does the PM of NZ get her dress sense? How is turning up for meetings with Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop in jeans and slippers ok? Has she no common sense at all. you would think her minders in Labour would at least have had a word in her ear! Maybe she should take some dress-sense lessons from Winnie. After all, she is supposed to be representing NZ. Funny in a way, and very very daft!

  9. Darin says:

    Xingyang Brickworks narrow gauge locomotive-

    Technological bookends,something old at the begining and something ultra modern at the end.

  10. Cadwallader says:

    I am sorry to learn that Trey Gowdy has walked away from politics. I thought he’d be the one to serve Hillary to the Justice System on a hot flaming spit. Seriously Trey would’ve made a great President. Is he too honest and ethical for the Republicans these days? I wish him well in private practice.

  11. Fred says:

    “Qaisar Mahmood, a Muslim born in Pakistan, is the new head of the Swedish National Heritage Board.”

  12. KG says:

    None of it means a damn thing until we see HRC and her minions being led away in handcuffs.
    None of it.
    If now isn’t the time for massive civil unrest and disruption, even civil war, then when will it be?
    “A republic, if you can keep it

  13. KG says:

    Timothy McVeigh and Anders Breivik were both heroes before their time.
    If you doubt that, just sit back and watch.

  14. KG says:

    Oh FFS! grow up and get a life you pompous, purse-lipped self important killjoy cows. :evil:
    And stop treating women as mindless tools who are unable to make their own choices.

  15. Darin says:

    Kentucky All State Choirs makes singing the National Anthem an annual event-

  16. KG says:

    The idiot girlies at the NZ Herald almost manage to outdo themselves
    The headline:
    ‘Russian plane crash victims revealed
    A five-year-old girl and her mother were among 71 people who perished.’

    • Grog says:

      I’ve wondered for a while now if anyone in Frogland had any stones left.

      Then again, this is already happening after a fashion in dearbornistan, michigan, with all the sound systems warbling the off key call to the blind worship of a paedophile.

    • Fred says:

      The Frenchies and the west in general think that they can keep a handle on the muzzies after this (failed) integration thing. They are wrong but that won’t stop governments everywhere from demanding more power, more money, more police in the streets always and forever…for your protection of course.

      None of this by accident or stupidity.

      • Darin says:

        Precisely,unfettered immigration/mirgration is being used as what I call a “societal solvent”designed to systematically water down and erode our basic human rights.Because those rights get in the way of what the central planners want.
        That is the only plausible reason for the mass stupidity we see happening before our eyes.

        • Fred says:

          I’ve also pondered the notion that much of the military is right leaning and probably won’t round up or shoot citizens but the left will need an army for their glorious revolution, won’t they?

  17. Darin says:

    The Consolidated B-32 America’s other heavy bomber in WWII-

  18. Darin says:

    1934 Duesenberg Hot Rod Jay Leno’s Garage-

  19. Fred says:

    Blacks are the most “racist”.

    From a scientific poll:
    “Americans prefer a system of prioritizing would-be legal immigrants based on their ability to contribute, based on their education and skills, over one based on immigrants having relatives in the United States, 79 to 21 percent. That includes a majority of white (79 percent), Hispanic (72 percent), and black (85 percent citizens, as well as majorities of Democrats (72 percent), liberals (65 percent), and Clinton voters (72 percent)”


  20. Gregoryno6 says:

    “This is the hypocrisy that Donald Trump, our quintessentially American president, is uncovering. This is the hypocrisy that the leftist media and their black and brown dupes have no answer for. This is the hypocrisy that is ruining this nation. President Trump is forcing blacks in America to make a moral choice. They can either choose to continue to be a part of the diabolical pretense, or they can begin to have honest conversations amongst themselves about what it means to be citizens of the West and not just black people in America.”

  21. Michael in Nelson says:

    Is it just me? In her official portrait Michelle Obama’s arms seem proportionally too long. Is the artist trying to match her face?

  22. KG says:

    Here we go. All based on “research”. For your own good, naturally.
    Another one on the same day in a different NZ “news” outlet:
    ‘The research was published in the international journal Tobacco Control.’

    • mawm says:

      …a habit that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), is one of the biggest causes of preventable deaths worldwide.

      I wonder where getting into a car rates, or being a citizen in a communist country?

  23. Gregoryno6 says:

    If Crusaders haven’t caught up with Dave Rubin on youtube yet, I heartily recommend him.
    Paul Joseph Watson presents his observations bullet-point style. Rubin works the other end of the spectrum, engaging his guests in interviews that can roll on for an hour or more.
    Rubin identifies as a ‘classic liberal’ as opposed to a modern progressive. His guests have ranged across the political spectrum. And he’s seen something new coming out of the current political and cultural turmoil.

  24. Ronbo says:

    This excellent article discovered by way of Uncle Remus at the latest Woodpile Report:

    Anonymous Conservative – My guess is Trump is gaming to destroy the entire Deep State, and to do that he will ultimately let loose with the big reveal that blows everyone’s minds. I just don’t see his personality, or how far things have gone, pointing to a peaceful resolution. I am also not sure at this point he could ever just leave office and return to the business world, without the forces that are out there now hunting him and his family until their dying days. Until the big reveal, we will have the drip, drip, drip of a slow burn that will make everyone take their sides in preparation for what is coming.

    The destruction of the Deep State and the Democrat Party? BE STILL MY HEART!

  25. Gregoryno6 says:

    If the sporting field is tough on the female body, how much more so the battlefield?

  26. Gregoryno6 says:

    Mmmmmm… that’s a lot of fish and chips.
    Experts suggest 10,000 great whites off WA

  27. Michael in Nelson says:

    This may provide some interesting reading especially considering who some of the witnesses were.

  28. KG says:

    Liar? Forger? Incompetent?
    No worries – welcome to NZ
    ‘..He was “desperate” to leave his home in Australia for reasons that are suppressed..’

    • Darin says:

      And I am sure this is a real confidence builder for patients using the hospital system?

      • KG says:

        The confidence of the peasants is of no importance, it seems.

      • mawm says:

        Having gone through the process myself the NZ medical council is pretty thorough in their vetting of foreign trained graduates. The biggest problem is that there are just so many different systems around the world that they can’t possibly know how they work. When the majority of applicants came from anglophone countries with similar systems (this excludes the USA) it was relatively simple to do the background checks. Also it is a well known ploy to give glowing references to the employee/graduate you want to get rid of.

  29. KG says:

    Sigh…no firearms registry has ever worked, yet these totalitarian bastards won’t give up.
    The number of firearms offences by licensed gun owners in NZ is vanishingly small, yet the Police Union persists with this garbage and they’ll continue to do so until they get a Police Minister stupid enough to consider their proposals.

  30. Darin says:

    Well if we had known who all the players on the field belonged to this might not have happened huh?

    • Pascal says:

      its authors’ lack of common sense, the quality that psychiatrists, perhaps more than any other kind of doctor, need. [emphasis added]

      Hey KG. As the common sense of Jordan Peterson rockets him to yet further heights, be prepared for a gaggle of hens consensus of psychiatrists to deliver very public obloquys against him.

      • KG says: Just a matter of time, Pascal.
        I suspect many yearn for the days of Soviet psychiatry, and the power it gave to their kind.

  31. Gregoryno6 says:

    15 February 1942: The fall of Singapore.

    Percival asked for a cease-fire in two hours, at 7:15 pm. Yamashita agreed, then handed over a document of surrender. Percival started reading it and said, “Will you give me until tomorrow morning?”

    Yamashita replied angrily, “If you don’t sign now we shall go on fighting. All I want to know is: do you surrender unconditionally or not?”

    Percival went pale and started talking to the interpreter quietly. Yamashita, who later said he was not yelling at Percival but was really angry with the interpreter, who was fired after the ceremony, pointed his finger and shouted, “Yes or no?”

    Percival looked at Hishikari and said, with bowed head and faint voice, “Yes.”

    The capitulation of Singapore has significance well beyond the conflict of World War 2. Complacent assumptions were swept aside when the ‘impregnable fortress’ fell.

    Japanese soldiers had landed in northern Malaya at the same time as their brothers in the navy were attacking Pearl Harbor. Their advance down the Malay Peninsula to the Straits of Johore gave the British forces on Singapore time enough to prepare their defences – and yet they did practically nothing. Lt General Percival, the island’s military commander, became a new standard by which to measure incompetent leadership.

    But Percival was only blinkered in the same way as most of his contemporaries. Tokyo’s expansionist vision had been demonstrated in Manchuria a decade before the march on Singapore. But what was that, after all? Asiatics fighting Asiatics. They wouldn’t dare pick a fight with a white man’s army! The attitude of the times is captured perfectly in the words of Sir Shenton Thomas, the wartime governor of Sinapore. When the Japanese made their initial landing at Kota Bharu in the early hours of December 8, the governor’s response was ‘Well, I suppose you’ll shove the little men off.’

    Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

    – Sun Tzu.

    History hobbled Singapore’s defenders. They were descended from explorers and conquerors, the men who had risked all in their travels around the world. It was inconceivable that a Japanese land army could overrun Singapore. On the fifteenth of February that unassailable fact was left in the dust.

    For Australia the shock of defeat carried a special weight. With Singapore gone it seemed inevitable that Tokyo’s armies would continue the sweep through South East Asia and right on across the Great South Land. Australians had long feared the Yellow Peril, but that was seen as a degenerate corrupting entity. Miliatry might had no part in that picture.

    Many of our best troops were already fighting far from home. The fight seemes already lost. The Emperor’s soldiers were invincible! But that was proven to be only another myth – one that our Diggers smashed themselves, at Milne Bay.

  32. Darin says:

    Peter Theil leaving Silicon Valley-

    From the comments-

    “Intolerance, hatred, bigotry, and rampant sexism and racism; How do you feel about how the Democrats and Left has evolved into exactly what they used to stand against?”

    • Gregoryno6 says:

      He’s moving from SanFran all the way to… LfknA?

      • Darin says:

        THAT is just how bad SF has gotten,a friend recently went there on business for two weeks.He said he was totally creeped out by the place and this from a man who saw 18 months of daily patrols on foot in Iraq.

      • mawm says:

        Looks like an old sheep station on the waters edge of Lake Wanaka. IMHO that is a sound property investment.

        They only rate an article deriding them and their choices and politics if they are right wing. Barely a mention of all the rotting Hollywood maggots that have bought property and citizenship here who are prepping for doomsday (i.e. another Republican Presidential term).

        • KG says:

          ‘Who owns the high country?
          We’ve paid $65m to get rid of some of our most treasured landscapes, through an obscure process critics have described as a vast wave of privatisation. Wealthy foreigners are snapping up valuable land once owned by the public, who in some cases paid to dispose of it. As gated estates and manicured golf courses spread through our wild places, Charlie Mitchell investigates:

          • mawm says:

            Scandalous! One cannot halt development but when something is so badly handled by the government and profit for the public purse is cavalierly given away, those responsible should be taken to task.

            The development around Lake Wanaka is going to destroy such a delightful place just as Lake Wakatipu/Queenstown has been. It is now a Chinese photo-op tourist destination and a drunken ski-bum/backpacker 24/7 party venue.

            “For those who had lobbied for the land to be retained for the New Zealand public before it was too late, the new buyer was particularly objectionable. – I wonder why?

  33. Darin says:

    SpaceX Falcon Heavy Luanch and Booster landing-

  34. KG says:
    Pure snivelling “cultural” crap – because there’s a buck in it for Maori. They no more care for dead animals washed up on the beach than the sea lice do. They’re so close to their “culture” they’ll whine about somebody making off with a bit of dead whale while they check their smartphones to make sure the latest welfare payment has been deposited in their account. Then they’ll drive the FalconV8 down to the nearest ATM to withdraw enough for the ciggies and booze….and go home to watch TV.
    Culture my arse. :evil:

    • Darin says:

      “Our tipuna never used chainsaws to hack whales to pieces.”

      Stone axe?

      “There is no mana in that material being taken in that way. It really devalues a beautiful, majestic creature…and the art of carving.”

      A majestic pile of soon to be maggot infested putrifying rotten flesh.

      That no one got off it and harvested any leftover spermicitic oil is an afront to Horology and my cultural ancestors.Where’s my check?!!!!

  35. KG says:

    Yet another dumb cow:
    ‘Hunters or those who enjoy shooting clay pigeons don’t use semi-automatic weapons…’
    Liz Peek “’s time for conservatives to stand against mass murder”
    Because everybody knows conservatives just love mass murders, right?
    This shit is front page on Fox News.

    • Darin says:

      Same old same old,always arguing mode instead of modality.

      Oh and speeking of mass murder,when will liberals stop calling unborn children being dissected alive while still in their mother’s womb “choice”?

      I’m not holding my breath.

  36. Gregoryno6 says:

    Still winning friends and influencing people. Kathy Griffin, come on down!
    “I just want to thank all the powerful writers and show-runners in this room for f**king no support. Where the f**k have you been?” she asked. “I was supposed to thank everyone for their support, and no one [lifted] their finger.”

  37. Darin says:

    Justice Thomas decries the victimhood metality that’s gripping the US-

  38. Darin says:

    Bearing: Transgender Woman’s Feelings now outweigh physical safety-

    Apparently nail polish=transgender

  39. Ronbo says:

    Meanwhile, New Zealand has been deemed “Utopia” by the plutocrats in the USA, and they get the fast track to NZ citizenship without even having to set foot in the country!

    What a deal! Also, they send their agents out to scout out the best place to wait out the coming END OF DAYS – and to build, furnish and guard the TOP SECRET bolt hole on the South Island far from the madding crowd.

    So it’s just a matter of grabbing the loved ones, hopping on the private jet and island hopping to New Zealand and the bolt hole ranch on the South Island just before THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT.

    • Darin says:

      The Sixth Seal: Terror
      …15Then the kings of the earth, the nobles, the commanders, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and free man, hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16And they said to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the One seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb. 17For the great day of Their wrath has come, and who is able to withstand it?”…

  40. Darin says:

    National media trolled by 4chan again-

    Cruz is not a family name prevelent in WS circles :roll: All this from the SPLC the same group that named Ben Shapiro a “white nationalist” :roll:

    Just cannot fix stupid

  41. Darin says:

    PJW:The Truth about the Black Panther movie-

    I give this one 5 zero fucks up!

    • Gregoryno6 says:

      Can you believe there are actually SEVEN negative reviews at Rotten Tomatoes as of this moment?
      But wait… only 75 percent of the audience likes it!
      I guess the 25% haters were white racists who bought a ticket just to prove their white racism. Or something.

  42. Darin says:

    Wranglerstar reads mean comments-

  43. mawm says:

    Hot on the heels of the Oxfam “child prostitute scandal” we have this.

    “Andrew MacLeod, who was chief of operations at the UN’s Emergency Co-ordination Centre, said that “predatory” abusers used development jobs to get to vulnerable women and children.

    He estimated that 60,000 rapes had been carried out by UN staff in the past decade, with 3,300 paedophiles working in the organisation and its agencies.” (bold mine) That is 60 000 rapes in 10 years!

    And you can bet your bottom dollar that other big charities such as The Red Cross have the same kind of predators. I see Medicins sans Frontiers have already owned up to some. What is it about the left and raping women or condoning it – Bradford, Sweden, Oxfam, etc.

    • Gregoryno6 says:

      The CEO of a private firm who admitted such a thing would be dismembered both figuratively and literally.
      Since the UN is a networking centre for Do-Gooders Inc., the punishment will be more like a lashing with wet lettuce.

      • Darin says:

        The UN has always done more harm than good.Look at their peace keeping track record.May as well change the name to “war lengthening”.

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