“justice”, New Zealand style:

‘A well-known comedian and entertainer who performed a sex act on his four-year-old daughter has been discharged without conviction despite pleading guilty.
The man, who has permanent name suppression, appeared in Auckland District Court today for sentence before Judge Philippa Cunningham.
At the beginning of his trial in March he pleaded guilty to doing an indecent act on a child.
The judge said today the effects of a conviction “outweighed the gravity of the offending” and awarded a discharge without conviction…’
This is just the latest in a long list of such outcomes. Want to walk free in NZ, with name suppression? All that’s necessary, it seems, is to be a high-profile sporting or entertainment identity. There’s a whole set of different criteria for convicting and naming them.
AFTERTHOUGHT: Perhaps a Kiwi reader would like to list “well-known comedians and entertainers”. Then the injustice of tarring all of them with suspicion will be readily apparent.
UPDATE:  Lamebrain judge gives her reasons. (among them, “laughter is an incredible medicine and we need more of it”.) Wabbit wonders if the 4 year-old will be laughing about it when she grows up….
More about Jamie Linehan here

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