“We are four days away from fundamentally transforming America”

And here is one of the most effective tools to do just that, in action:
Erich Von Holder transforms the DOJ into a marxist agency
‘Today marks the latest installment of PJMedia’s multi-part series investigating the politicized hiring practices of the Civil Rights Division at the Obama Justice Department. The series has revealed a liberal litmus test for landing a job in the Civil Rights Division. It took a protracted lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act to extract the resumes of the Division’s newly hired attorneys, and it is not difficult to understand why…’
It won’t matter if Obama loses in 2012, because although large numbers of people have been appointed on the basis of their politics, it will be almost impossible to then get rid of them on the basis of their politics. And the process is well underway across a number of government agencies. This administration has successfully injected a lethal virus into the body of America.

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