Open House

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NZ Herald, really scraping bottom:

‘Disbelief over Donald Trump’s two scoops of ice cream
Donald Trump’s love for ice cream has created a headache for the US president after it was revealed he got two scoops with dinner, while three visiting journalists only got one….’

This is insane. Whoever wrote this – and whoever decided to publish it – needs to get professional psych help.

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Tommy Robinson Needs Our Help

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Who would you pick?

I reckon of all the people Trump could pick to replace Comey as head of the FBI,Trey Gowdy would be the best man for the job by far IMO.


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Stop The Presses!

Important,Earth Shattering news!-

Publicity stunt much?

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Canadian Nazis

Flame up a smoke in your own car?You’d better not in Canuckistan-

Ontario man given three tickets by ‘the smoke police’ for having a cigarette alone in his SUV

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Refugee Resettlement Plummets Under Trump

Despite court rulings the Trump administration is quietly turning off the faucet-


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RIP France

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Open House

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Why Nationalism Terrifies Wall Street

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