Obama’s plan to break the Internet

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Clinton’s State Department blew $6 Billion in contracts

Waste,fraud and abuse? Check.

Clinton’s State Department Blew $6 Billion In Contracts, And We’re About To Learn Why

  • Modifications and task orders were awarded to a company owned by the spouse of the State Department official managing the $52 million contract. The contract’s file was missing documentation reflecting those modifications and task orders, an IG investigation uncovered.
  • A State Department contracting officer on a contract valued at $100 million falsified technical review information and provided the contractor with advance pricing information.
  • Forty-eight of the 82 files the IG reviewed related to $2.1 billion in contracts supporting the U.S. mission in Iraq lacked required documentation.
  • None of the files reviewed by the IG for eight contracts issued by the department’s Bureau of African Affairs and valued at $34.8 million contained required documentation.


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Open House

Hmmm…now there is an electric car I might would drive 

Mercedes’ next vehicle is an 20-foot luxury electric Maybach that you’ll “want to drive yourself”

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Another one of those Red things

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Clinton and Obama are MIA in flooded Louisiana

Trump and Pence are on the ground however doing what a President and Vice President should do when people are hurting-

Trump Visits Flooding In Louisiana, Clinton Says State Needs ‘No Distractions’ [VIDEO]

Obama is on the ball though…..warning people in Louisiana not to discriminate


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18 August 1940 The Hardest Day

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Gender politics – the cost:

Promoting women because they’re women is a recipe for disaster.

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Australia-Now is the time

Step up,have a say and regain your God given right to speak your mind,reform section 18c-


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Another crooked lefty

DiCaprio in a bit of a fix-


Saving the planet by burning through wheel barrows of money at a time

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Will we ever be rid of this communist cow?

Merkel-“Refugees didn’t bring islamist terrorism to Germany”


Yes and the Sky isn’t Blue and Dogs don’t bark :evil:

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