Islam’s useful idiots

‘..So where are the demonstrations against Iran and Qatar? Come to that, where are the marches against Islamist slaughter in Syria and kidnapped schoolgirls in Africa?
Or, for that matter, the mass protests against Russia’s annexation of Crimea or Putin’s sponsorship of terrorism in Ukraine?
The Stop The War crowd are myopically selective in their indignation.
They’ll overlook all manner of atrocities in the Muslim world and in the former Soviet bloc, but become incandescent with fury when Israel exercises its inalienable right to self-defence.
Underlying all this is a nasty streak of anti-semitism, the unholy alliance between the self-styled ‘liberal’ Left and stone-age Muslim headbangers, which I exposed in a Channel 4 documentary a few years ago…’

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In an airport gate-lounge…

Too much time on my hands, too much time to ponder. The result? Another open letter to another politician. Maybe one day I’ll learn, but in the meantime, today’s recipient is Colin Craig:
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Dismantle the ABC, Tony.

‘..why is the ABC handing over its broadcasting facilities for two hours a day to the state broadcaster of a Muslim Brotherhood sponsor?’   (bold mine)
Andrew Bolt

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Stealing taxpayer’s money:

‘A FIRM headed by a former senior Tourism Queensland employee has won a State Government contract worth almost $300,000 to trawl through social media comments for fewer than six months…’

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The ghost of 1938

Germany:  ‘..According to German news site, Hadas-Hannelsman said: “We have nothing against demonstrations or against freedom of expression – that’s the core of democracy. But when, as happened this weekend, it leads to violence against the police or against pro-Israeli demonstrators, then it is unacceptable. I think Germans should be worried by that, because you also hear anti-Semitic slogans like ‘Jews into the gas’ – in Germany?”…’

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What redress for those murdered by Maori?

‘Volcanoes given back to iwi care
The Crown is gifting some of Auckland’s most historic and recognisable assets – 14 volcano sites – to a group of 13 iwi and hapu as part of a landmark bill to redress historical injustices.
And the legislation paves the way for a new tree to finally sit atop Maungakiekie/One Tree Hill, which has had a barren summit since the iconic tree at the top was terminally injured in 2000…’
The government has no mandate for facilitating the wholesale theft of public property by maori. No mention – of course – of the innocent settler’s families murdered by maori. What redress, what apology by maori for those? And the iconic landmark tree was vandalised, not “terminally injured”. As was its replacement.
And I’d love to know just what “care” the maoris are going to lavish on the volcanoes……one suspects it’ll take the form of charging for their use and forcing people to ask permission to set foot on them.

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Social media:

Ashon Kutcher.jpgYes, yes..there are some people I like and admire who twitter and facebook.

We all have our faults….

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The soft, stupid, naive West:

‘This story has it all:’
The scummy underbelly of progressivism and multiculturalism. Welcome to dhimmiland.

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thief Protected by John Key, PM of New Zealand. ( bear in mind that this woman could spend taxpayer’s money as an MP, but nobody has ever cast a single vote for her!)

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No-class creep:


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