Hypocritical prick:

‘Facebook Spends $16 Million on Armed Guards for Open-Borders Activist Zuckerberg
…This means that even as Facebook was incrementally barring law-abiding citizens–including licensed gun dealers–from advertising firearm sales for self-defense, they were spending millions to keep Zuckerberg surrounded by hired guys carrying guns.

Facebook’s ban on the advertisement of gun sales has even led to the deletion of accounts on which the word “firearms” is included…’

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Welcome to the asylum:

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Latest Woodpile Report

‘….Stripped of its cloying, nasty-sweet marketing jargon, the particulars of White Privilege track the otherwise inchoate whines of their pet client, the overfed, limitlessly entitled and perpetually offended Struggling Single Parent Woman of Colour in the ‘Hood.
You’ve seen ’em. When they stand it’s like watching creation itself. From a formless puddley heap, lumps of varying heft and shapes emerge and align toward verticality. When up and walking they tip rhythmically from side to side, their flipper-arms rowing in cadence as if pantomiming penguins. It’s not an affliction, nor is it forced on them in any way, or a consequence of limited options, or carelessness, no, it’s a high-value, even erotic ‘look’ in their universe, intentionally acquired, maintained and displayed to full effect….’
Just brilliant stuff, as usual.

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On the Maori claim to ownership of NZ’s water:

A commenter in Stuff News has it exactly right:
“If they own the water surely they must guarantee a minimum and maximum flow, a guaranteed quality of water, pay for all damages caused by excess water such as floods, truck in water to users if supply is low, pay tax on all sales as they are not a charity trust, and pay rates to councils like all other land users do”

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This is jaw-dropping stuff!

‘Fundraising Christian musician traumatised after US police seize $77,000 without warrant’

This shit will only be fixed by thousands of angry, armed citizens – and a willingness to do what’s necessary.
Machine gun

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‘Anti-White Racism:

The Hate That Dares Not Speak Its Name

..Republicans may feel they have the luxury of being nasty towards each other because they fail to grasp that in the hands of their opponents politics has become a form of warfare conducted by other means. It is no longer about getting elected and enjoying the perks of office. It is about defaming opponents with the intention of driving them from the public square, so that only the party of “decency” and “compassion” remains standing. Its effect is to traduce the culture of civility that respects dissent, and its logical conclusion is a one-party culture and state….’

And that state will be fascist in all but name.

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A message from the U.N.’s scumbag:

Caprioboat ‘DiCaprio: ‘Our Planet Cannot Be Saved, Unless We Leave Fossil Fuels in the Ground’..’

That thing must be a bastard to row…

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Open house

And another example of apartheid in New Zealand. (as well as an insight into the stupidity and dishonesty of the people supporting it)
Speaking of race-based scams…
As always..follow the money!

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Barcarolle – Anna Netrebko & Elina Garanca

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We will remember


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