the Four Lions trailer:

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Australia’s new leftist PM

‘The PM will seek to recast the government’s relationship with Muslims through more inclusive policies.’
Via The Australian. (registration required)
and this
Turnbull is – and always was – a leftist slimeball.  A Colonial Cameron. The treatment afforded him by the media tells us all we need to know about the creep. No wonder conservatives are leaving the party in droves.

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NZ’s Rosemary McLeod,

dishonest, bleeding-heart, idiot tool
According to this clown, Aussies are racist and heartless because they deport non-citizen serial offenders and because they house illegal invaders in conditions designed to discourage more of them.
In the real world, left to fend for herself this whining little woman wouldn’t last a day. She’d be trampled by reality.
Kiwis who don’t want to be deported from Australia have a simple preventative:
Don’t commit crimes.
Illegals who don’t want to be held in detention also have a simple fix. See above.

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The future

‘..Students are increasingly seeking help for, and apparently having emotional crises over, problems of everyday life. Recent examples mentioned included a student who felt traumatized because her roommate had called her a “bitch” and two students who had sought counseling because they had seen a mouse in their off-campus apartment. The latter two also called the police, who kindly arrived and set a mousetrap for them.
Faculty at the meetings noted that students’ emotional fragility has become a serious problem when it comes to grading. Some said they had grown afraid to give low grades for poor performance, because of the subsequent emotional crises they would have to deal with in their offices…’    The rest of it

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Open house

And some people need to get an effing life!   Taking offence is not a career.

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Lying piece of crap

‘Obama To United Nations: ‘Violent Extremism Is Not Unique To Any One Faith’…’
Because Christians, Buddhists and Hindus have also carried out over 30,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11.  Everybody knows that.

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Christians who fled ISIS denied asylum

‘..“This is extremely disturbing and wrong,” Jim Jacobson, president of Christian Freedom International, told “I’ve never seen anything like this and I’ve been doing this work for more than 20 years. Western governments should allow persecuted minority Christians asylum within their borders. This should be a priority over other asylum seekers.”
…Jacobson and other critics say the Obama administration has turned its back on Christians in the Middle East, whose numbers have dwindled in the face of ISIS, which forces Christians to convert, pay a special tax or face execution in the territory it controls within Iraq and Syria. A Gatestone Institute report notes that since the start of this year, more than 4,200 Muslims have been admitted into the U.S. from Iraq, but only 727 Christians…’   LINK
Seems executive orders only apply to muslims and Mexicans.

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Col. B. Bunny on that Cruz speech

‘Magnificent speech: the God’s honest truth about the GOP.’

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The muslim President and dhimmi brass:

‘That new U.S. Army patch with scimitars is downright creepy
here is an image of the new patch on the right, next to an image of a Muslim Brotherhood symbol on the left.
…..If our military is willing to become an arm of an Islamophile president who is actively helping to advance the Caliphate while weakening the United States, then what’s left?..’

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About Key’s “rock star” economy:

‘NZers have a lot of people in work, but they’re not producing anything.
Here’s a graph from Treasury that says it all’-   TrueblueNZ
It’s my guess that the decline in productivity almost exactly mirrors the rise in numbers and malevolent influence of the bureaucrat class.


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