Spotted in Townsville:

arms family

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It’s up!

The latest Woodpile Report:
‘..The middle class is the designated prey in all this. This is unwise. Middle class America is no less violent than any other people. They seem passive because they’re results oriented. They rise not out of blood frenzy but to solve the otherwise insoluble…
…Come such a time, we shall find our personal default mode to be as bad as we imagine. It had better be. When good people arrive at the bottom they’ll find it already populated with masters of lawlessness and violence by both inclination and long experience. Chances are they aren’t you, but don’t despair, the learning curve is no more steep than the descent. Should societal norms give way altogether, should there be a catastrophe, it won’t matter much who or what you are, only what you’ll do or not do. And we’ll all find out together.’

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‘After 2,000 years,

the Last Christian is Forced to Leave Mosul
Let’s import more members of the “religion of peace” shall we? In the name of multiculturalism and tolerance, donchaknow. The multiculturalism and tolerance they themselves regard with contempt and loathing…..

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oh, FFS!

This is sick and obsessive.

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45 years ago tonight……”One small step

45 years ago tonight America put men on the Moon,now we have to hitch a ride from the Russians to get back and forth from the space station.

The latest numbers available for fiscal year 2012 indicate we spent $74.6Billion on federal food stamps last year,but just $17.8Billion on Nasa.Given the results of both programs I would say we should have spent more on Space.

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‘Immigrants turn Paris into another Muslim war zone’


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Glenn Beck is a fake

making a fortune out of his pretend conservatism.
‘..Glenn Beck  has said that we must open our hearts to the illegal children. His statement implies that our hearts otherwise would be closed to suffering children.’
This is a typical leftist media trick…obscuring a principle with an appeal to emotion.

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Wabbit’s next rifle

Ruger14 This, with an over-barrel moderator and a shotgun scope. A .223 should just about be able to cope with rabbits….and the mouse behind the ‘fridge. <20ft.

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A note for Andrei

over at NZ Conservative (I’d have left this comment at that site, but their comments login is a pain in the ass):
Apologists for the Soviets have a long and malodorous history, and you, Andrei, are one of them.

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Francis W. Porretto nails it:

‘..The Republican Party will not act to rescue Constitutional government. It hasn’t done anything about it for eighty years; why expect it to start now? Therefore, electoral politics, conveniently rigged by law and the collusion of the major media to permit only Democrats and Republicans to bid successfully for high office, is no longer of use to us. Indeed, it has become our enemies’ principal tool for keeping us in subjection.  (emphasis mine KG)
The implication should be clear. As unpleasant as it sounds, only if decent Americans tired of deceit and oppression were to boycott electoral politics completely, thus reducing national vote totals to unprecedentedly low levels, could we emphasize that the political elite has lost all mandate to govern us…’

“On Knowing Your Enemies”

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