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and from the Report:
‘The liberty movement does not care what the Federal government deems “legal” or “illegal.” Our only interest is what is Constitutional and what is moral. The dispute was never about the “legality” of Bundy’s use of the land … Statists and bureaucrats like Reid continually attempt to argue this issue from the standpoint of Federal legality, obviously because the Federal government has the legislative and bureaucratic power to make any despicable action legal if it wishes. However, the liberty movement has no interest whatsoever in Federal interpretations of legal precedence. We are only concerned with what is right.
Brandon Smith at ‘

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The two lefty wimmin dissent..

Supreme Court upholds Michigan affirmative action ban

“This case is not about how the debate about racial preferences should be resolved. It is about who may resolve it,” Kennedy said.
…In dissent, Justice Sonia Sotomayor said the decision tramples on the rights of minorities, even though the amendment was adopted democratically. “But without checks, democratically approved legislation can oppress minority groups,” said Sotomayor, who read her dissent aloud in the courtroom Tuesday. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg sided with Sotomayor in dissent. ..’
Hmm…so this arrogant, semi-qualified Obamapuppet affirmative-action beneficiary thinks that SCOTUS should be able to overturn the will of the voters of Michigan, based on nothing more than her personal feelings–the “checks” she refers to. I look forward to seeing the dissenting opinion shredded by qualified grown-ups.

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jail the POS!

article-2609838-1D0792D500000578-528_306x423  How often does this happen?

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Bill Whittle: disarming the warriors

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ANZAC under attack

‘Anzac deniers [are] the belligerent band of revisionist historians who see the Anzac tradition as a jingoistic myth, and look to the centenary of World War 1 as a chance to put the record straight.’
All part of dismantling a culture, a destruction so necessary if these Marxist assholes are to succeed.

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The tip of a huge problem:

‘Boys are being put off reading because of the influence women have on children’s literature, says an award-winning British children’s author.
Jonathan Emmett warned that children’s books were too girly because of the influence of mostly female panels of editors, publishers, reviewers and judges.
One publishing company’s research suggested women bought 95 per cent of picture books for children, he added.
..The writer believes boys are being starved of what they enjoy in books, such as swashbuckling pirates, battles, or technical details about space ships and so are driven to more action-packed video games instead…’
He doesn’t mention the fact that most teachers are female and that’s surely part of the problem, too.
Update: Boys would benefit greatly from reading books such as Oswald Bastable’s  ‘Meddlers in Time’. It sure beats “Amanda’s new Pony’..
As does Francis Porretto’s ‘Which Art In Hope’. Both books will spark the imagination and curiosity of young men.

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Open house

kg Leaving to go pig hunting in a few hours.


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Lunatic, or simply a liar?

Muslim UN Expert from World Rape Capital Claims UK Most Sexist Country in the World’

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have a fine Easter, you lot.

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A remarkable man:

150px-William_Walker_-_diver ‘William Walker (1869–1918) was an English diver famous for shoring up the southern and eastern sides of Winchester Cathedral…
…Before his work, the cathedral had been in imminent danger of collapse as it sank slowly into the ground, which consisted of peat. To enable bricklayers to build supporting walls, the groundwater level had to be lowered. Normally, the removal of the groundwater would have caused the collapse of the building. So, to give temporary support to the foundation walls, some 235 pits were dug along the southern and eastern sides of the building, each about six metres deep. Walker went down and shored up the walls by putting concrete underneath them. He worked six hours a day—in complete darkness, because the sediment suspended in the water was impenetrable to light…’

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