Want to Trigger some lefties?

Play some Lynyrd Skynyrd-


“Libby and I both stopped and looked at each other. “Seriously?” said my wife, a very disappointed Clinton supporter. She started gripping her soft Tomme Crayeuse a little too hard. By the time Ronnie Van Zant’s drawl started in with “Big wheels keep on turnin’,” everyone in the store was standing in shock. Brows were furrowed, people mumbled to each other. The song seemed to get louder as one of those New York moments happened, when everyone was thinking the exact the same thing.”

If they had played “Gimme back my Bullets” heads would have exploded 

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Black Friday Zombies

Headlines up on Drudge-

“Seasons Beatings”


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Israel under Attack


Looks like arsonists have set fires all across Israel.In Haifa, some firefighters said they were under direct attack from arsonists.

“I know for a fact that they deliberately tried to set fire to the department’s station in Haifa to cause the Haifa fire department to be paralyzed,” Shimon Ben Ner, a senior Haifa firefighter, told Army Radio.

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The Age of the Idiot

‘TV ad showing people drumming a rhythm on baked bean cans banned on safety grounds. A Heinz television advert showing people drumming a rhythm on its baked bean cans has been banned by British regulators on safety grounds.
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that Heinz’s Can Song advert should not be broadcast again in its current form after nine people complained that the ad encouraged unsafe practices or could be dangerous for children to copy. Over 1.6 million people viewed a version of the ad on YouTube…’

I’m so bloody sick and tired of this garbage. A few pants-wetters with no lives and nothing better to do than whine can deprive millions of people of something they (harmlessly) enjoy. What’s even worse is that it gives a bunch of unelected, narrow-minded assholes the power to tell us what we cannot see.
We now live in a world ruled by the lowest common denominator, and instead of making the useless bastards improve their act, governments and bureaucracies drag us all down to the level of the deadheads and fuckwits.
So…the template for the “good citizen” is some 16 year-old ignorant girlie with zero life experience and a head stuffed full of celebrity garbage and propaganda. A hysterical flower who wouldn’t  know a fact if it bit her on the ass, and that suits our lords and masters just fine.
After all, if you were building a mindless, compliant herd, would you go looking for intelligent life?

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“Mad Dog” Mattis for SECDEF?

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‘Zebra Killings’

From the esteemed Col. B. Bunny

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Jeff Sessions-May prosecute Sanctuary Cities


I hope Trump and the GOP can Bull doze him right through to nomination.That would work the lefties into a froth! :twisted:

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Open House

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Those with Twitter accounts,take a look at this-

A new alternative is about to come online that seeks to end the rampant censorship currently flooding Twitter’s offering-


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How Chinese Colonization will Crash the World Economy

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