Open House

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Don’t believe them

When the media says the coming total rejection of liberalism is just a momentary passing fad.They are losing big time and furthermore they know it.They have lied to us long enough that even some on the left are waking up to it.

Televised news and print media are losing money at a rate never before seen and as any 5th grader knows profitability in media is directly tied to market share.The once great hope of the print media,that the internet and online operations would be their savior hasn’t panned out for them either.They are slowly relegating themselves to being seen as the lunatic mumbling gibberish and scribbling on the asylum wall.

And what got them to this point?As the saying goes-“”You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”The media  as a whole have pushed the official narrative for decades,the sky is red,cats chase dogs and the Easter bunny drives a Porsch.As Daniel Greenfield said-“The problem is reality,that is the truth,has a way of making itself known”.People are waking up and realizing that things aren’t right and those that tell us otherwise are seen for what they are-Liars

So,what is replacing the LSM? You and I for one,humble blog writers and commenters,more people are gleaning their information from sources on the web,like anything else this trend has it’s good points and it’s bad points,but on the whole I believe it is a net positive.Proof of this is the threat level being felt by the LSM,the verbal and written attacks on the web feed and so called”fake news” is increasing to a dull howl.And who else has taken notice?Why governments of course,the propaganda bosses aren’t liking the way the shop is being kept.Notice the thrashing about by various government apparatchiks wishing to censor free speech online.

State controlled media is next to fail,the cracks are already showing and for the same reasons.As the Australian Youtuber Bearing recently pointed out,LSM readership is down across the board and it’s because the public is trending away from the BS they have been fed.When a guy in his pajamas sitting in front of his computer at home has twice the following of your flagship journalist at a major print media outlet you have truly shit the bed.

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‘The Year Reheated’

David Thompson:
‘In which we glimpse the world through the eyes of our self-imagined betters.
….And remember, they’re showing us the way.’

And of course, there’s Olga’s Problem.

(Thanks to Darin for the space)

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Cologne One Year On

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Happy 2017!

Here’s to a happy 2017 and may all of you find a greater measure of health,peace and prosperity in the new year!

I also want to thank all of you for making CR a task worth doing! 

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2016-Not the Worst Year Ever

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John Kerry’s Record of Ugly Betrayals

John Kerry,slimy traitor always-

“Now Kerry has apparently tired of the struggle for a safe and secure Jewish state, though one American administration after another — Republican and Democratic — held the line at the Security Council. Kerry organized an abstention on a resolution that says it’s illegal for Jews to settle in Judea and Samaria — and Jerusalem, inviting a claim that the remnants of the Second Temple are “occupied” Palestinian territory.”

Once a traitor,always a traitor 


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The Left’s Bloody Hands

As if the worst abomination of our time wasn’t enough-

Human life reduced to a marketable commodity

“Let us also hope the drive to defund Planned Parenthood of Americans’ tax dollars gains irresistible momentum. It is past time that organization, a dealer in death and the sale of human body parts — including the sale of baby skins — was put out of business.”

There have been an estimated 58,000,000 abortions in the US since 1973-A stain on our nation greater than any in my opinion.

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That’s okay lefties,we found somebody to sing

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Open House

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