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“Facts matter. Opinions and predictions matter. When they point in the same direction they matter more. Crisis are coming closer together. Everything’s an emergency, and every fix spawns more emergencies. We don’t know, and maybe can’t know, who’s in charge of what. Equilibrium is everywhere giving way to instability, which is devolving into insanity. What’s coming may defy belief even in hindsight, an inescapable, unstoppable collapse into medieval ruin….”

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This one is for all the Chips

The Rich Higgins Memo-


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Patriot Nurse has a few words on Charlottesville

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Delighted with Trump

Brief Article pretty much describes the one quality Trump’s fans love so much and the one that pisses off his detractors royally.

American Thinker-

“Normal Americans have watched our politics turn to mud for a quarter century, since Bill Clinton, the Arkansas corruptocrat.  We’ve watched it and watched it while the media turned into a copycat Soviet propaganda ministry, and now, finally, somebody is acting like an adult and talking without having to explain every single word.”

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Open House

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Arse Hole of the Week

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Last Saturday the city of New Orleans flooded again.Not really news right?It is a city basically built in the bottom of what would be a lake if it were not surrounded by levees and bailed out by massive banks of pumps.

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Faith Goldy: Google’s Social Justice Dream Team

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“The truth shall set you free”

Free to look for another job, that is. You bet it went beyond Google’s idea of “free speech” – the only speech tolerated by these avaricious, dishonest leftist bastards is that which they approve of.

Google fires employee behind controversial memo on diversity, reports say
‘…The employee’s memo, which was up for several days before going viral and igniting an internet firestorm over the weekend, attracted both vehement support and backlash. It reportedly left Google’s top brass in the quandary of deciding whether it had gone too far beyond the realm of free speech.
The author started by stressing that he valued “diversity and inclusion,” but that the matter required an “honest discussion” to truly solve the problem — instead of silencing conservative voices, as he claimed.’

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