Clowns bribing morons:

‘Greens plan gift packs for newborns
The Greens want every newborn child to get a “welcome pack” at birth including a bed, clothes and other essentials, says co-leader Metiria Turei…’
The elections here in NZ are on Saturday. If a minimum requirement for voting was that a voter’s IQ should exceed their shoe size by a minimum of three points, the turnout would be halved.

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Bloody irritating

I went to see a doc today about a very painful blocked Eustachian tube.
First a nurse, then a med student and finally the doc all presumed to give me advice on smoking, diet and various other lifestyle choices. What the fuck do they think is the advice worth when I must be one of the very few patients of my age who isn’t on any regular medication, isn’t overweight and visits a doc very rarely? The clown even questioned why I choose to get up around 0300 every day! She also told me in one breath that the self-prescribed antibiotics I was using were “useless” and in the next  prescribed more of the same.
The purpose of the visit (which I hate anyway) was to get a very specific problem fixed. When I want bloody lifestyle advice I’ll ask for it. Anyway, after my responses I very much doubt I’d be welcome back at that particular female-dominated clinic.

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One small step……

‘Council rejects divisive Gold Coast mosque’

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Just don’t mention islam, ok?

‘Rubbish bins are out-of-order and being removed around Brisbane train stations for ‘safety reasons’..’
Yet another example of how these barbarian animals are being allowed to degrade the quality of life in the West, while our cowardly so-called “leaders” refuse to identify and go to war with the ideology responsible for it. *spit*

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Happy birthday, Gecko!

rose2 My beloved best mate, navigator, travelling companion and wife.

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Yup, that’s about right.

And not only in America. This, via The Woodpile Report:

‘National child abuse ring – Government buses prowl the neighborhoods of American cities every morning, snatch millions of kids off the streets and drive them to a government facility where they are groomed to become liberals.’
Christopher Chantrill at

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Two straight guys get married.

Homosexual activists deeply pissed off.  At the “trivialization of marrriage”, would you believe! Bawaaaahahaha!
‘Mates’ marriage horrifies gay rights groups’

Francis Porretto:
‘…The dudgeon of the homosexual activists is a truly delicious item of Biter Bit. Having trivialized marriage by demanding that it be stripped of all relation to its functions, they have discovered that they’re not the only players in the game – and that the rules are not in their favor.’

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Open house

I meet them all the time…

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Francis Porretto:

‘…The rough beast has reached Bethlehem.
You have no allies in any element of the State.
It’s come down to individuals and awakened communities.
Nothing will substitute for individual and local preparedness.
If you cherish freedom, make ready to defend it personally.
Each free American must stand his own ground…’
‘The Rough Beast Has Arrived’

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Police State, much?

Via The Woodpile Report

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