‘Flag poll message clear: Leave it alone

SCCZEN_A_280105NZHMSFLAG2_180x120Kiwis’ support for change drops from 40% a year ago to 25%..’

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Open house

And a very fine car

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It’s only taxpayer’s money, after all….

Auckland Council has voted to set up a Rainbow Advisory Panel today.
The extra $56,500 cost will be met out of the mayoral budget.
Council community development and safety committee chairwoman Cathy Casey last month said the panel would provide an important voice for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) community.
“We have a responsibility to represent all groups within Auckland and this is an important step in that process.”..’

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U.N. troops caught molesting kids… again…


A U.N. aid staffer of 30 years now faces the sack, and probably prosecution, for getting tired of the coverup and going public with the crimes being comitted. Thank God they grew a spine.

Note the picture at the top of the article. Two white guys? Give me a break. Anyone want to take bets that the offenders are first generation French immigrants who are somewhere further back along the pigmentation scale? 


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A notice

For those people who kindly offered to help with the upkeep and maintenance of CR, there’s now a “donate” button on the right sidebar. It will be removed as soon as the target figure is reached. I can’t possibly express my thanks adequately.
UPDATE: Done! Thank you all so much, me and Gecko are amazed and humbled and grateful to you all. We now have enough to pay for another year’s hosting and for the tech help. I hope that one day we’ll be able to return the favour in some form to somebody in need. There’s always a spare place at our table. Bless you.

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Secession, civil war…or servitude.

There are no other options.

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NZ Herald, peddling bullshit. Again.

‘NZ’s dairy pollution cost may be $15b: report’
Many of the reader’s comments below the article are even worse than the report. No mean achievement, that.

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Australian town seeks secession.


It may be a political stab rather than a serious movement, but the word “secession” is certainly being returned from obscurity.

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Some people need to get a life:

Beach body poster row ‘Bomb threat over ‘offensive’ weight loss ad: Backlash over Protein World’s diet supplements intensifies’
The Brits manage to drum up more outrage over this than they did over the beheading of a British soldier on a London street. The place is screwed.
UPDATE. It gets even more ludicrous:
”Beach body ready’ ads to be pulled down as watchdog intervenes
The Advertising Standards Authority will establish if the controversial ad for Protein World breaks harm and offence rules or is socially irresponsible.’
(bold mine)
An online poll in this article shows that 70+% of respondents regard the ad as no big deal. Commonsense is not dead. Yet.

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‘Blood on Australia’s hands’
Aussie cops accused of dobbing Bali 9 into Indonesian officials.’
According to this, Australian police had information about the plot to import drugs and allowed the perps to leave Australia, tipping off the Indonesian police.
So what?
The perps knew the risks, knew the penalty. I reckon the “war on drugs” is useless, but the Bali 9 were not heroes and they’re not martyrs.

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