Time to sign it, America:

the petition to get Antifa classified as a Terrorist Organization

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Open House

It’s Friday and Beer:30 

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Toby Manhire, you make me vomit.

Your touch-feely virtue signalling article is not only inaccurate (largely due to some inconvenient facts you chose to leave out)  it’s patronising, U.N. arse-licking garbage. In other words, typical NZ Herald socialist/U.N. compliant propaganda.

I guess the opportunity to insult the grown-ups across the Tasman was too tempting to pass up. It must be tough being a minnow in a chamber pot, eh? It’s no surprise there are no comments allowed under your little bit of self-indulgent wankery.

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The Media’s Islamic Double Standard-

Right on Que we have today numerous media outlets worrying and wringing their hands concerned over the almost certainty of islamophobia being directed against the muslim community in the US after the latest truck attack against innocent civilians.-


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Terror attack New York

An Amish buggy mowed down pedestrians in Manhattan today,killing eight and sending fifteen more to the hospital-

Daily Mail-

No,not really,it was a f–king muslim a–hole as usual.Damn this is getting repetitive,must talk to WordPress about getting a page template done up to save all the needless typing.

On a side note,NYC police can’t shoot for s–t!Come on guys,you can do better than that,next time,and there will be a next time,aim for the little spot right under the bridge of the nose.It will greatly increase your chances of making the f–ker’s head into a Canoe.Spit!

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Sponsor a Millennial Today

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The Manafort Indictment-Much to do about nothing

Big news,big deal,Mueller indicted Paul Manafort on a variety of charges,few if any of which that he can make stick-

National Review-

Here’s the bottom line-

“Even from Paul Manafort’s perspective, there may be less to this indictment than meets the eye — it’s not so much a serious allegation of “conspiracy against the United States” as a dubious case of disclosure violations and money movement that would never have been brought had he not drawn attention to himself by temporarily joining the Trump campaign.”

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The Global Failure of Globalism

Can we survive it’s collapse?

Daniel Greenfield-

“To Merkel and Obama, returning to pre-globalization times was every bit as mad as going back to the caves. Globalization had become synonymous with civilization. And its prophets, like Thomas Friedman, traced back its rise to the fall of the Berlin Wall in the city where Merkel and Obama were chatting.

But globalization didn’t bring down the Berlin Wall. Nationalism did. The pro-democracy activists wanted a country where the people had a voice. That’s the opposite of globalization in which there are no nations and only the influential figures of various stripes have any kind of impact.”

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Open House

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Catalan Parliament declares Independence from Spain

Read here-

“Barcelona (AFP) – Catalan lawmakers voted Friday to declare independence from Spain but Madrid immediately moved to quash the breakaway bid in a sharp escalation of a crisis that has caused jitters in secession-wary Europe.

As tens of thousands of pro-independence activists gathered outside, the regional parliament in Barcelona passed a resolution to “declare Catalonia an independent state in the form of a republic”

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