The New Zealand Herald is a disgrace.


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The ERA has become a racket, no less.

Like so many recently, this decision appears to have more to do with social work than an employment dispute.
‘Sacking from $155K IT job cripples Auckland immigrant family
A man went from earning $155,000 as an IT analyst to living in his car and working as an Uber Eats driver after he was sacked under the 90-day-trial rule.
Ahmed Alkazaz, 31, lost his lucrative position in New Zealand days before his wedding in Egypt, which he’d poured his savings into – and had to spend his honeymoon applying for jobs.
The Employment Relations Authority ruled he was unjustifiably sacked and has awarded him $35,500 in lost wages, compensation and part of the financial penalty imposed on his former employer, Enterprise IT.

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Merry Christmas!

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Open House

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‘It will destroy Australia as we know it’:

‘Dick Smith’s warning as population surges towards 25 million’

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It has a particular smell to it….

…It smells like Treason!


“We couldn’t finish this product, this bill, until we knew where the administration was,” Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), who has been negotiating a DACA compromise for weeks, said in an interview after the meeting with Kelly. “And that’s why this meeting was so important.”

If that Rat Flake is involved you can bet it’s a raw deal for America,AND THERE IS NO NEED TO COMPROMISE WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE HERE ILLEGALLY  you spineless twit :evil:

Congressional Republicans and the White House have long said any DACA deal would need to be paired with security and other enforcement measures. Democrats say that’s fine as long as the provisions weren’t too onerous. But the border security question has been a sticking point for weeks, as senators swapped proposals without cutting a deal, so far.”

“weren’t to onerous” is democrat speak for “gives them everything on a Silver platter” :evil:

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Haley: “We’re Taking Names”

In regards to the UN resolution that is intended to criticise President Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem-

Jerusalem Post-

“At the UN we’re always asked to do more & give more,” US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley tweeted on Wednesday,

“So, when we make a decision, at the will of the American ppl, about where to locate OUR embassy, we don’t expect those we’ve helped to target us. On Thurs there’ll be a vote criticizing our choice. The US will be taking names [sic],” Haley said.

High time we grew a spine in dealing with those corrupt bastards.

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The Sorry State of Education

Interesting essay in American Thinker from the perspective of a former teacher-

American Thinker-

“Three reasons determined my course of action.  For one thing, administration had come to deal less with academic issues and more with rules of conduct and punitive codes of behavior, as if it were a policing body rather than an arm of the teaching profession.  Woe betide the (male) student accused of sexual assault or misconduct; the administration will convene an extra-judicial tribunal to punish or expel the accused, often with a low burden of proof.  It will find ways to shut down conservative speakers.  It will browbeat faculty and students to attend sensitivity training sessions on matters of race and gender.  It will strike task forces to deal with imaginary issues like campus rape culture and propose draconian measures to contain a raging fantasy.  The administration is now beset by two basic compulsions: to expand its reach at the expense of the academic community and to ensure compliance with the puritanical norms of the day.  I thought it prudent to take early retirement rather than wait for the guillotine to descend.”


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Open House

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Trump and Brexit: Game Over?

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