Only morons and anti-Westerners support the left.

‘..[Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali] verbally attacked women, endorsed suicide bombings in Lebanon and declared that Jews were plotting world domination…
Chris Hurford, immigration minister in the Hawke Labor government, tried in 1986 to have him deported after Hilali had overstayed a tourist visa in 1982 and settled in Sydney…
But Hilali had two powerful Labor supporters on his side – Paul Keating and Leo McLeay… They were under pressure from the growing local Muslim community in their neighbouring western Sydney seats of Blaxland and Grayndler…
Hurford and other players close to the action …  believe that Hilali was ultimately granted permanent residency by the Labor government in 1990 – in a decision made by Keating himself as acting prime minister while Bob Hawke was away – because the decision could help Labor in federal and state politics…’                           source The Australian

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7 Responses to Only morons and anti-Westerners support the left.

  1. mawm says:

    From the google Tom suggested…

  2. thor42 says:

    “Only morons and anti-Westerners support the left.”

  3. “The nation’s most senior Muslim cleric was not responding to public damnation over his Ramadan sermon last month in which he blamed women for inciting rape and likened them to abandoned “meat”.”

    I don’t see much change here. For the most part Muslims simply don’t change; they don’t melt into the so-called melting pot. The islamisation of Europe is a case in point; I really fear what this will result in. But I’m still baffled by the motive; why does the left continually push for more of this?

    • KG says:

      Because multiculturalism is a religion? They’ve spent so long demonising that which worked–assimilation, they can’t backtrack now despite the evidence that multiculturalism not only doesn’t work, it’s an ongoing disaster.

  4. Mawm, that video clearly tells it all; how stupid the left is; how blind they are to the truth, and we’re still importing them in droves. Even though Muslims are the main concern, the welfare candy is the draw card for many immigrants. Many have arrived in NZ for no other reason than welfare, which is exactly what we don’t want.

  5. sbk says:

    “and declared that Jews were plotting world domination”.

    I have yet to see any hard evidence for any Zionist/Jewish plan for world wide domination(sorry lefties..conspiracy theories dont count)yet i can refer you to a half dozen official document’s from Muslim Organisations/thinktanks that specifically call for a WorldWide Muslim Caliphate.