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Ferrari-250-SWB-static-xlarge Ferrari 250 GTO driven

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The flight from Government skools

Massive demand for church schools
Hundreds of non-Catholic children are already registered on Catholic school waiting lists in Hamilton city alone and this has Hamilton Diocese planning a new primary school north of the city.
The surge in popularity of Catholic schools among non Catholics seems to be at odds with a 6.7 per cent decline in the number of Christians the 2013 New Zealand Census recorded.
..Bishop Stephen Lowe…said..He knew teachers in state schools banned from telling the Christmas and Easter stories to their students. Non-Catholics were looking for different things in Catholic schools…’
Interesting article. What’s even more interesting is the comments from the products of state schools under the item. Read ’em and weep….

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Criminalising truth:

‘..Since 2005, the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Cooperation) has been pushing relentlessly for a UN blasphemy resolution (Resolution 16/18 passed in 2011) to silence so-called Islamophobia — a term deliberately coined and marketed in the 1990s by the International Institute of Islamic Thought, one of the thousands of Muslim Brotherhood front groups worldwide, to drive public discourse and policy.  However, the OIC’s top priority is to globally criminalize any criticism of Islam, and is working with the Muslim Brotherhood to accomplish this. Ten years later, in 2015, telling the truth about Islam has become a crime in some European countries…’
Read the whole thing here. Sonia Bailley has written a great article.

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 “The truth is,” says Helen Clark, “I’m a role model for New Zealand women.”
FFS….somebody pass me an oak stake and a large hammer…..”the truth is” that Clark and the truth have only a nodding acquaintance.Klarkula

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‘Jihadis and the Jackbooted Left

Like Islamists, so-called progressives are obsessed with state power and its draconian use against those who decline to conform. That feminists or gay activists say little or nothing about Islam’s intolerance comes as no surprise. They are sub-species of the same statist monster….’
From the always superb Australian Quadrant

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‘Victimhood Poker’

Commenter Yokel needs help:

Continue reading

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‘Oklahoma revolts against Obama

A Facebook post featuring the many ways in which Oklahoma has fought back against President Barack Obama’s tyrannical rulings went viral, and for good reason….’
The Freedom Fighter’s Journal  has more.

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A beautiful bridge

002DF3F000000258-3149026-image-a-87_1435966092372 Scotland’s Forth Bridge.

”Work started on the bridge in 1882 and took eight years to complete
At 2,529m long, it was at the time the world’s longest multi-span cantilever bridge..’

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‘Letter from an Australian to America:

Here’s why I love you, USA
…America has also shown uncommon valor against the sword of tyranny. She has frosted the neighborhoods of tyranny and oppression, by freezing the sweat and chilling the bones of men harboring such aspirations. From the beaches of Normandy to the sands of Iraq, America has spread more freedom and fought more evil than any other country, expending enormous treasure.
Put simply, the world is a better place for America being in it. This is not to say America is perfect. She’s not. But she is the best thing we have…’

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Open house

And the funniest headline of the week:  ‘UK could launch Isil air strikes within months’
Obviously, they’re on red-alert status. Otherwise Cameron would have promised airstrikes by 2017.

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