Open House

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China’s covert infiltration into New Zealand’s government

‘In September of last year, professor Anne-Marie Brady of New Zealand’s University of Canterbury published a detailed report on China’s intelligence activity to guide, buy, and coerce political influence on a global basis, with emphasis on New Zealand. Brady’s work was extremely effective because she is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and she based her research on Chinese-language media both inside and outside of China.’

By 2030 the Pacific will be a Chinese lake.

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1931 Cadillac Fleetwood Phaeton

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NZ. Wimmin in charge.

Regarding the insane proposal to create a register of sexual misconduct allegations:
‘If you read this article, you’re an idiot. Now imagine if that statement was true. Imagine if the mere fact I said something about you made it so.
Or, even if it wasn’t true, people thought and acted as though it was.
That’s what the Women’s Minister, Julie Anne Genter, is proposing to do for allegations of workplace sexual misconduct. …’

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South Africa -Failed State 2.0

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Checkout Ice Age Now…..

…before going outside and chopping more firewood-

Hmmmm….record snowfall,record cold temps,all over the Northern Hemisphere.I see a trend forming here.

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Open House

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High Crimes-

FBI informant on Uranium One breaks silence-

FBI informant on Uranium One Breaks Silence

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Into The Mystic

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And Trump is supposedly a Racist??


For those of you not familiar,the man to Obama’s left is one Louis Farrakhan,outspoken racist,anti-semite Nation of Islam leader,a black version of David Duke if you will,only more vile.

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