Published in the NZ Herald – what a surprise!
‘Sea levels will rise 30cm around New Zealand by 2050 and threaten coastal properties and infrastructure in low-lying areas, a new report by Government’s environment watchdog warns.
Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright’s report, released this afternoon, says rising oceans caused by a warming atmosphere will have a significant impact on many New Zealanders within their lifetimes.
Dr Wright looked at around 200 years of scientific study of sea levels for the peer-reviewed report.
…Drawing on research from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the commissioner warned of a further rise of 20cm to 40cm by 2050….’
Odd, isn’t it, that the Herald makes no mention of the fact that the IPCC document is a political statement cobbled together by politicians. That’s presumably the “peer review” they mention. And they fail to mention the fact that there’s been no warming for more than sixteen years now. And completely absent is the fact that a court found that a refugee claim that sea levels were rising in several Pacific islands wasn’t supported by the evidence…..
The NZ Herald is  unfit to lay claim to being a “news” organisation. Again and again their so-called reporters merely recycle handouts and propaganda.

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‘Black Mob Violence Now a Sickness’

‘…Let’s close with the hardest — but most obvious — truth of all: Black hostility and racial resentment towards white and Asian people are now mainstream.
And they are easy to find it in all the black web sites, all the news shows, fueling all the black mob violence and black on white crime happening right in front of reporters around the country.
More dangerous than ever. More widespread than ever. Sicker than ever.’
American Thinker
And encouraged by a racist President and his Attorney General.

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Back to herding goats, Abdul


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James Delingpole:

katie-sidney-sussex ”These Cambridge Buttocks Have Restored My Faith in the Future of Western Civilisation
Check out these arses. Not just any old arses, either, but proper, educated Cambridge University arses. On a miserable, cold day in which I have been laid low with man flu, these pert buttocks have restored my faith in the future of Britain…’    Link

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Corruption, unhidden:

Al Sharpton and the next AG
…The Rev. Al Sharpton said his civil rights organization, the National Action Network, is “engaged in immediate conversations” with the White House as they work to name a successor to Attorney General Eric Holder…’
Sharpton, the apparently immune tax-dodger. And Obama’s pick for AG is a friend of Holder’s wife….can it get any more blatant than this?

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Francis Porretto on Ferguson, and more:

‘…Chiefest among the nominally nonviolent obscenities of this affair are the words of His August Majesty, Barack Hussein Obama, first Emperor of the United States:
…That this man should have the gall to stand before an audience and prattle about the rule of law – he who routinely flouts the law! – is a blasphemy beyond my power to adequately condemn. That he should call the rioting “an understandable reaction” – he who accused the police of “acting stupidly” in the Henry Louis Gates matter, without having even a superficial acquaintance with the facts! – recalls Maxine Waters’s defense of the Los Angeles rioters after the acquittals in the “Rodney King” trials. Has there ever been a less sincere, more barefaced liar in any American public office, much less in the Oval Office?
America, your greatest shame isn’t allowing Obama the presidency. It’s having returned him to it…’   (bold mine)

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Colonel B. Bunny:

‘..Another is the lie about St. Trayvon in Sanford and Michael Brown in Ferguson. Both were thugs and thieves and the insolent Brown took to walking in the middle of the street and clearly – clearly – attacking the police officer who witnessed his “fuck you” behavior and confronted him. The black segment, for I can find no evidence warranting the descriptor “community,” including our first anti-American occupant of the White House, have united behind the manufactured fantasy that Brown was a pleasant soul yearning to attend Rocket Science School. Even, the “conservative” Newsmax cable channel just a moment ago showed a picture of Brown wearing a . . . SHMG . . . school graduation cap. The scholar! Another image showed him wearing earphones. An innocent “youth” enjoyin’ him some tunes safe at home!
The picture of him stealing from the store clerk was not shown. The lie of omission…’
‘Systematized, on-going ruination.’

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Here we go……

‘A grand jury has decided not to indict the white police officer who fatally shot black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, a prosecutor says..’

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Yet another!

‘A Hamilton taxi driver accused of abducting and raping a female passenger says the sex was consensual.
Abdirahim Sheikh Mohamed Guled, 21, yesterday pleaded not guilty to multiple charges in the Hamilton District Court on the first day of his five-day trial over two alleged separate incidents in the city last year.
He is fighting two charges of abduction, one of rape, unlawful sexual connection and performing an indecent act on a 14-year-old girl….’

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‘Black Out The Blackers-Out

Francis Porretto on the MSM:
….On a tangentially related matter: have you followed the broadcast networks’ coverage of developments in Ferguson, Missouri? Have you felt adequately informed by it? Were you aware that private citizens and businessmen in that city have been buying guns and ammunition faster than local retail stores can stock them? That Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Al Sharpton have been egging the black mobs on? That the mouthpieces of those mobs have threatened “demonstrations” – mass violence – in 90 cities nationwide unless Officer Darren Wilson, not even the subject of an indictment yet, is convicted of murder?..’

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