With any luck they will hang the Bastard

People are finally getting wise to Soros-


“Until recently, out of all the EU countries, only his native Hungary had the courage to suggest his carefully crafted image of ‘global philanthropist’ may be a smoke screen. The country’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban pointed out that Soros is acting to destabilise Europe by supporting illegal migrants from the Middle East. Now his hold over Eastern Europe seems to be waning even further with Polish politicians also picking up on his suspicious activity.”

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Leftist homosexual propaganda

dutifully parroted by the NZ Socialist Herald, of course:
‘Children raised by lesbian parents received the highest “quality of parenting”, research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies has found.’

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I’m shocked,just shocked

I can’t believe it,I simply can’t believe it-


A muslim,committing an act of murderous terror against innocent people???? Gee,this must be a first?


Gas up the Woodchipper ! :evil:


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My take on Trump and the media

The media are going completely off the hinges bonkers that Trump is still gaining in the polls despite them having thrown everything including the kitchen sink at him.

Better still the press in their inflated,ego driven self certitude,haven’t taken into consideration that they are polling nationally at just 4% of the public who think they are trustworthy.Every attack they try and pull on Trump backfires.Even better Trump has run rings around the fools at every turn.

The media are so stupid they haven’t figured out that the reason so few trust them anymore is because they have spent the last 8 years telling people things that just ain’t so in their undying love affair with Obama.

We are headed into another recession,people are watching their finances carefully.They are watching the crime ramp up on the streets.They are watching terror attacks take place with no end in sight and no way to prevent them.They are watching foreign nationals showing up at work and people they have worked with for years being replaced by them and wondering if they are next.They are watching our government officials act as criminal thugs with impunity.They are seeing their incomes fall as their insurance premiums rise.They are seeing their retirement accounts shrink as their tax burdens grow.They are seeing Veterans die while VA administrators buy art and take vacations.

And then,then they are watching the nightly news where the talking heads are still selling the same lies and they are yelling BULLSHIT!!!! and growing in anger by the day.

So go ahead MSM,go ahead and continue working hand in hand with those destroying this nation.You might succeed,but you may not survive,cause when the time comes no quarter will be given in the business of retribution and business will be good.

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New Zealand “justice”:

‘More than $435 million worth of property, cars, cash and other assets has been frozen in New Zealand under a contentious law used to target gangs.
The Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009 allows police to freeze and take someone’s assets without ever finding them guilty of any criminal activity or even laying criminal charges….’  (bold mine)

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The Useless Left

Bruce Walker –


“Leftists secretly sense the pathetic un-importance of their work and the essential irrelevance of their careers in the healthy life of the nation.  This inadequacy translates into venom, such as when Hillary, who has never done a real day’s work in her whole life, looks down on those whose work has meaning and whose life has purpose while her life is a dreary parade of greed, ambition, and lies.”

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Drudge Headlines

LIMBAUGH: Riots new normal under first black president…

Update: PJW has some good points as usual-


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Milo in Drag-

Milo dresses up as Drag Queen “Ivana Wall”


Never a dull moment at a Milo event! :lol:

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SRV-Little Wing

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$25 Trillion in unsecured debt in the developing world.


With industrial output slowing even in the developing economies it’s only a matter of time.

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