No One ever Drowned in Roy Moore’s Car

They can say all they want,but there is a stark double standard in DC and media complex-

American Thinker-

“Say what one will about Roy Moore, but unlike Kennedy, he did not make a career of debauchery, and no one ever drowned in his car.”

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Attempted Homicide Bombing in NYC

Must be those Amish at it again 


Small blessings these guys are idiots and can’t manage a properly functioning bomb.

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Yesterday’s Nazis and todays National Socialist Left

The more they change,the more they stay the same-

American Thinker-

“Does any of this matter?  It does if we want America to be America.  The left is doing its level best to turn us into another Third Reich.  The patterns are there for anybody who has eyes to see.  Be clear about it: the left, not the right, is the root of Nazism and national socialist leftism.”

And it’s true of every wester nation,not just America.

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Yegods! They’re getting desperate!

Huge headline in the Socialist People’s Collective of New Zealand’s propaganda outlet:

They’ve just replaced it with another item, but this was the headline photograph and article earlier today.
Of the dozens of articles about Trump and his Administration,(many of them sourced from the equally partisan Washington Post) I can recall only one positive item.
The NZ Herald is a festering pimple on the arse of real journalism, pushing various “progressive” agendas and providing almost no space to dissenting opinions unless it’s to ridicule and distort them.

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Open House

New Jersey Senator: “Throw CCW holders in jail for a long time if they enter New Jersey”


FOAD you corrupt kiddy fiddling POS! :evil:

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December 7,1941

Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson: FBI is out of control

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Deluded, or merely stupid?

Or perhaps the price of governing with Greens support? That this clown would take any notice at all of the discredited, scamming Gore tells us more than she might wish us to know about her gullibility – and ignorance of science.
‘Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spoke to Al Gore and remarked on New Zealand’s role in fighting climate change. Ardern touched on her belief that standing up against climate change is ‘the next stage for New Zealand as a country.’

This is an illegitimate government and the sooner it implodes, the better it will be for NZ.

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get it free from horses and bulls instead:

‘Why NZ is missing out on a $900m economic boost
Getting more women into leadership roles could boost the economy by $900m a year.’
Article by Tamsyn Parker
Money Editor, NZ Herald
Research by Linda Meade
Riiiiiight……and we believe in AGW, the gender pay gap and fluffy unicorns under the golden apple tree, ladies.

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DOJ and FBI threatened with Contempt of Congress

Finally a little push back from the do nothing Republican congress-

Washington Times-

“House Republicans could draft a resolution to hold Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress as soon as Monday for failure to turn over documents sought as part of an intelligence committee investigation.

The move comes after what House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes describes as months of stonewalling on the part of the Justice Department and the FBI as his panel sought access to records related to federal investigators’ use of the salacious Trump dossier compiled by British ex-spy Christopher Steele.”

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