pffft..never mind Ebola,

We are so fortunate, having people so aware and concerned looking out for our wellbeing.

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“Justice” Ruth Bader Ginsburg

hang Betraying the Republic for her own short-term ignorant porcine pleasure.

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Open house

0400 and there’s a gale blowing, I feel distinctly worse than yesterday. This will be a long day…….

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Protesters storm Burkina Faso parliament

‘The United States expressed concern about the unrest, in a statement issued by the White House press secretary’s office.
“We believe democratic institutions are strengthened when established rules are adhered to with consistency,” it said.
“…President Obama fully intends to put this principle into practice here in America. As soon after the current round of fundraisers and golfing engagements allow”

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Off the Plantation

Elbert Guillory,Black State Senator for Louisiana who left the Democratic party to become a Republican has launched a couple new ads that hit the dems where it hurts-

you are not her cause and you are not her charity,you are just a vote,nothing less and nothing more

He nails it

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Well, that should buy a few more dead Jews….you idiot.

SCCZEN_AP141110055940_620x310 ‘Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai said she is giving her entire winnings from a children’s rights award to help rebuild schools in war-ravaged Gaza…’     Link
To re-build schools….which, of course, were targeted because hamasthugs have a fondness for using them as handy firing points. But nobody’s mentioning that inconvenient fact. How bloody desperate are people for a hero – any hero – when they give such prominence and uncritical fawning approval to this girl?

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Very sad news for those of us who look forward to The Woodpile Report every week. A fine writer, a gentleman and a unique voice.
‘Hello. I’m stepping out from behind my Remus persona to tell you something directly. Woodpile Report will come to an end soon, a month say, maybe sooner. Yep, jes like that. Gone. Why? Well, it’s been fun. I’ve enjoyed doing it. I’ll miss it. But I won’t miss it enough to keep doing it for ten more years. And I’ve put off other things long enough. So it’s time for ol’ Remus to tap the dottle from his pipe, get his coat ‘n hat and go back to where he came from. I now return you to your regularly scheduled Woodpile Report. Remus, take it away.’

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Much more of this, please:

‘Riot Police Clash With 4,000 Strong Anti-Islam Protest
Rallies by German anti-Islamist protest group “Hooligans against Salafists” have grown from a few dozen, to a few hundred, to some 4,000 people marching in a matter of weeks, triggering a deployment of 1,000 riot police in Cologne on Sunday. The group, which marches under such slogans as “foreigners out” has concerned police because it includes a number of disparate movements which normally focus on fighting each other but have united to fight a common enemy, Islam…’

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Simply stunning!

Scale Modeling in Metal 1/16 size P51 Mustang & Corsair

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Wabbit has been very unwell for a few days now and it’s not getting better.
Hence the sparseness of posts.

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