Rumblings in Europe

Are they finally starting to wake up?

Germany under Merkel fails to form a coalition-

Greek Island goes on strike to protest becoming a “migrant prison”

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Wrong side of Heaven and the Righteous side of Hell

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Open House

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Gun Control Solved!

Gifford’s anti-gun group goes after…….Muzzleloaders

Can’t even buy this level of stupid-

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Fiction or Prophecy?

I had a few minutes today while waiting on a customer,so I let my mind wander a bit

“Headlines LNN News:
Nuntasa,Artego 10/14/2035
WHO officials have stated today that there has been an outbreak of a newly discovered airborne bacterial pathogen officially named CG2035A.Investigators on the scene have said that as many as 300 people have been infected in the remote village of Rotungia approximately 600km northwest of the capitol city of Nuntasa.
So far the bacteria has shown signs that it is completely resistient to all but the most exotic antibiotics.According to Dr Rashnisi Umbegwo of the WHO -“This is one of the most rapidly advancing infectious bacteria we have ever seen” “those who become infected by it are usually bed ridden in a matter of a few hours and death usually occurs within six hours of first symptoms”

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Apartheid New Zealand

or, the theft of a country:
‘Licensing business to operate on Lake Taupō is a responsibility says iwi
….All we’re talking about is the reasonable use of our airspace,” Rameka said…..’

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Arse Hole of the Week

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It just keeps getting weirder

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Mugabe on the way out?

Possible coup-

I’m assuming his replacement won’t be any better,but it would be nice at least for that POS to end up on a slab.

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It begins-

Sessions considering special counsel to investigate Clintons-

It’s about damn time.

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