Open house

Wabbit will be lazing around in hospital for a few days, and he doesn’t expect to come back and find empty beer cans and wine bottles all over the place, ok?

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Buy shares in coal mining.

‘German Physicists: Late 20th Century Warming “Nothing Unusual”
Compared to the maxima and minima of the past, the current minima and maxima show that there is nothing unusual happening today. The scientists say today’s temperature changes are within the normal range. The German authors write: “Especially the 20th century shows nothing out of the ordinary.”
…The German scientists write that one result of the well established cyclic behavior over the past 2500 years is that it is justified to assume that the De Vries / Suess solar cycle will continue in the future.
They write that this means that “global cooling is to be expected over the next 60 years..’

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“Too many maori are suffering right now”  is the headline.
‘..A retired probation officer has filed a claim to the Waitangi Tribunal saying the Crown has failed to reduce the number of Maori in prison….’
Here’s an idea – radical, I know, but it might just work:
How about maori stop committing crimes? They might find the proportion of “their people” in prison could drop drastically.

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Screwed Britain:

‘Police Lead Gay Pride March While Investigating “Homophobic” Leaflets
Kent Police are investigating the provenance of leaflets distributed throughout Margate calling on residents not to support the town’s gay pride event. “Margate will never be MarGAYte”, the leaflets proclaimed. However, officers from the same force led the parade, driving a police car through the streets while holding a large rainbow flag….’

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Daniel Greenfield:

‘..What voters want is someone with the right attitude, not the right ideology. They’re willing to overlook Trump’s past positions, his flip-flops now, because he has an uncompromising attitude. This is not an ideological purity test; it’s an emotional purity test.
Trying to show them that Trump doesn’t pass an ideological purity test is pointless. Instead Republican candidates have to pass an emotional purity test. They have to show that they’re willing to fight as hard as it takes with nothing held back. They have to stop being politically cautious and get angry.
Because their base is mad as hell…’
How Republicans Can Win Back Conservatives

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‘Toronto taxpayers fund Muslim-only apartments’

‘In this age when “political correctness” is on steroids, one major city seems to be redefining how to interpret it.
The city of Toronto is allowing Muslims to have their own large apartment complex.  Not only is it exclusive to Muslims, but it is done with the blessing of taxpayer money.
Indeed, in January 2015, the City of Toronto provided a $1.7-million grant to a 16-story apartment complex  run by Ahmadiyya Abode of Peace, which is Islamic.  Under the terms of the 5-year agreement with the city, approximately 100 apartments have been designated for “geared to income” occupants.  In plain English, this means they are for low-income or handicapped tenants.  However, the same agreement stipulates that renters must be “members of the Muslim Jama’at.”
Non-Muslims need not apply…’        Link

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Very cool indeed!

‘Fired Italian hired on the spot at pizzeria
“At Gina’s we love people who say ‘hi darling’.”
One of Auckland’s favourite Italian restaurants has come to the rescue of Luca Cicioni, the Italian tourist who lasted one day in his forklift job after saying “hi darling” to his female boss…’
I hope the sniffy self-important intolerant cow who sacked him is this morning suitably embarrassed – but I doubt it somehow.

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On promoting Kiwi apartheid:

Dr. Muriel Newman

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What flavor tyranny would sir prefer?

There’s political tyranny, judicial tyranny and bureaucratic tyranny – or a combination of all three:

‘Judge blocks EPA water rule; EPA say they will defy injunction

A federal judge has ruled that a controversial regulation that would give the Environmental Protection Agency jurisdiction over small streams and ditches is bureaucratic overreach and has halted the implementation of the rule.
The judge was not pleased with the EPA, who said they would go ahead and implement the regulation in the 37 states that did not sue to end it…’
“A Republic, madam- if you can keep it”

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Palau_Nautiluses_3421647b ‘World’s rarest marine creature spotted after 30-year absence
The Allonautilus scrobiculatus has inhabited the earth for 500 million years and has only been seen twice, until now..’    Link

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