Open House

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British “justice”

‘Fury as murder probe is launched into all killings by British soldiers in Northern Ireland
EX-SERVICEMEN in their 60s and 70s are set to be investigated under a new inquiry launched into 302 killings by British troops in Northern Ireland…’
But no mention of the terrorists given “get out of jail free” cards by Tony (vomit) Blair.

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PJW-The Cultural Enrichment of Germany

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More Trump picks

Thanks to Pascal for the tip

Trump picks climate change skeptic to head EPA-

Also picks retired Marine General Kelly to head DHS-

Liberal heads explode!

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December 7-1941



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The Sixth Branch of the US Military

The Chair Force-

Rampant waste-

“The data showed that the Defense Department was paying a staggering number of people — 1,014,000 contractors, civilians and uniformed personnel — to fill back-office jobs far from the front lines. That workforce supports 1.3 million troops on active duty, the fewest since 1940.”

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Brexit Betrayal

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“Political Turmoil” More please!

Merkel ,the last idiot in the room-


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Open House

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On time and under budget

What’s going on in the Trump transition-

“Donald Trump has many flaws, more than his fair share, but in this area of being on time and under budget, his track record is close to brilliant.  One of the main reasons I preferred Trump early on was this clear aura of competence, one he earned.  He didn’t do these projects in cities that are all that business friendly; he did them in New York, and other large cities all over who are just as bureaucratic and just as tough.”


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