Stiff Upper Lip

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Rip-off New Zealand:

‘Kiwis in Aussie shocked at New Zealand food prices’

It’s not just food, the same thing is true almost no matter what the product is.

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We’re Going To Kill Them All

Media upset by General Mattis new mission statement-

“U.S. retired general and Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, has said the policy of the American military now in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq is moving from one of attrition to one of annihilation.”

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The hostility is getting more evident

Evening, everyone. As an adjunct to my last post about the antifa pukes, this is a parallel that looks at the “anti white” rage that is getting stronger out there.

First, Peter has a link with some raw comments.

Next, Nicki has some analysis of a “teacher” that has no hesitation in directing bile toward the man who died recently after being released from a nork prison.

This Callous, Evil Gargoyle is Teaching America’s Youth

All of us have known for some years that the division between people based on pigment was getting more vocal, that the “white privilege” diatribe was being pushed onto society because of “reparations’, and all that crap. We also know that any spark could light the bonfire, and this could happen at any time.

Well, as much as I don’t want the ruckus to happen, there’s a lot of people that don’t give a tinker’s damn what I want, or what you want. So, while this won’t be my last offering on current events, there’s no way to predict when everything will kick off, so I’ll say in advance, be safe, and thanks for allowing me to share some words.

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Open House

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Good news I would say

California bans state official travel to more states-

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Arse Hole Of The Week

So many f–kwits,so little time 

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If you want to see who the Puppet Master is…..

Just follow the strings-

EXCLUSIVE: Soros, Clinton-Linked Teneo Among Donors to McCain Institute

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crank it up!

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The Russians Strike Again!

Dems lose most expensive house race in US history-

$31million dollars,the full weight of the media,the most carefully managed and scripted candidate in years and they still couldn’t pull it off. 

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