Arse Hole of the Week

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The Media’s New Red Scare

The same media that used to complain bitterly about Sen Joe McCarthy and the Red Scare,now sees a Russian behind every house plant in the Trump White House.Thanks to Mawm for the tip 

Idiot leftist media-

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The joys of multiculturalism in an unarmed society:

‘Women in Melbourne’s western suburbs are too terrified to leave home alone as marauding gangs of violent criminals run amok. Residents are now fleeing crime-ridden Werribee in droves.
…Victoria Police says it is satisfied with the progress being made against crime in Melbourne’s western suburbs..’

The police cannot and will not protect you. Learn how to use a weapon effectively, arm yourselves as though laws don’t exist (because they don’t, where defending your family is concerned) and – above all – take responsibility for defending yourselves and your loved ones. Either break the law or live on your knees in a state of fear.

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92% leftist activist live with their parents

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On Taxes and Thieves

KG posted in the comments two articles on subjects that are universal across the west-

Holier than thou Journo-

Public benefit cheat turned politician-not much difference eh?

Let’s explore this using some basic logic.

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Open House

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Uh…I don’t see this ending well

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Arsehole of the Week

Well it really has to be Shia LeBeouf this week doesn’t it? 


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Shortage of Educated Men?

Maybe they have thought things through and are saying- no?


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‘If you don’t like it, hop on a plane and go back to Laos’:

‘Sky News presenter tells race discrimination boss to leave the country after he claims Australian media and politics are ‘too white’..’

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