And we’re supposed to trust these clowns??

‘Police handling of 4WD snow operation “hopeless”, rescuer says’
Never mind the hypothermia – make sure the Health and Safety boxes are all ticked….

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Destination in sight!

SHOWDOWN: EU Vows To Use New Powers To Block All Elected ‘Far Right’ Populists From Power
To the people of Europe who enabled this obscenity:
“May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen”    Samuel Adams

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Voter fraud in Austria.

James Delingpole:
‘..We were continually assured by the left-liberal media how awful it would be if the (supposed) “far-right” candidate Norbert Hofer won.
But actually the victory of Green candidate Alexander Van der Bellen – on, likely, a rigged ballot – is far, far worse.
It’s bad for democracy: Hofer lost by just 31,000 of the 4.64 million votes cast. Suspicions are bound to fall on the 700,000 votes cast in the postal ballot, which appears to be what swung it for Van der Bellen. But postal votes as we know – especially from the experience of Muslim-dominated constituencies in the UK – are prone to rampant fraud. Austrians who voted for Hofer are talking about “betrug” – fraud – and this may well be more than sour grapes. In some areas there was a remarkable 146.9 percent voter turnout. This stinks of a stitch up by the bien-pensant elite in unholy alliance with the immigrant bloc vote. As with the EU, so it is increasingly in national elections: the social democratic ruling class refuses to listen to the people…’

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Sunday night, and rain. Lots of rain.


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Open house

Wabbit is not imagining the ripoff mentality of many Kiwi businesses:
‘Kiwis’ wallets being siphoned daily by rorts and unjustified charges’
And the response to this widespread theft seems to be no response at all, rather it is total apathy.

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Bake that cake…or else

“Potential Jail Time for Refusing to Participate in Gay Marriages”

Read here

“With progressive causes, the goal is not the goal. The coercive means of achieving the goal is the goal.”

And there we have it folks,the endgame in full view,tolerance via force.

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Colonel B. Bunny:

America: Banana republic.
..Obama got his fundamental transformation alright but he built on a foundation laid by decades of work by leftist fanatics and liars. America has been gutted racially, legally, morally, and politically.
10,000 miles away our troops fight people who are either not our enemies or who can do us little harm all while our own homeland is being invaded by third-world parasites and enemies. No American soldier mans the southern ramparts. Not one…’

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“Pope Francis: Shut the F**k Up”

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Delingpole on Brexit:

Finally, The Wankerati Tell Us Which Way To Vote In The EU Referendum…

‘..Then again, what do I know? I’m just a journalist too busy doing boring stuff like reading about politics to hang with the Wankerati snorting lines of MDMA from the rim of my Mojito glass while being fellated by dwarves, or whatever it is the Wankerati do in their downtime when they’re not dressing up in costumes pretending to be someone else and getting paid gazillions for it…..’
Elegant savagery from one of the best in the business.

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maori stand-over tactics #356476

“nice pipeline you got there…..”

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