The road to WW 3.0

Via Col. B. Bunny
‘..Consider the implications here as the Obama administration begins bombing in Syria which also has a mutual defense agreement with Iran.
This is not the cold war 2.0. This is World War 3.0. The masses may not have figured it out yet, but history will remember it that way….’

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Open house

Sigh…I miss the Northern Territory.
‘Goose hunter wrestles crocodile’

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‘When We Were America’

“..this unsparingly incisive and supremely important essay”  says Francis Porretto.  He’s right. (as usual)

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John McCain-Idiot

Sen John McCain (RINO) never learns,you cannot pick up a turd by the clean end.


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‘Memo to the BBC:

The ‘Far Right’ Did Not Decapitate David Haines nor Rape 1400 Girls in Rotherham
James Delingpole. Breitbart London.

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If Canberra were to be nuked

would anyone care?

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Bordering on insanity:

islamstate  Australian leftards, on the anti-terrorism raids.

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What’s the Missing Word?

The largest anti-terror raids in Australia’s history, but notice what’s missing?

Yep, gotta be those bloody Presbyterians again. Supporting the “Yes” vote for Scotland. Of course, makes perfect sense.

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‘Environmental scientists at the University of Nottingham have made a shocking and expensive discovery: eco-friendly buildings made of “sustainable” wood burn much more easily than eco-unfriendly ones made of stone, concrete, steel or glass.

They made their surprise discovery over the weekend when their new Carbon Neutral Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry burned to the ground in what local firemen claimed was the biggest blaze in over a decade….’

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Open house

It’s amazing to see an article such as this published in the MSM:
‘New breed of anti-Semites
Germany’s new anti-Semites are not old style neo-Nazis – they’re Muslims.’

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