CNN anchors:Allergic to the truth since forever

I just love it when lefty journos get their faces rubbed in it-

Clinton corruption in plain sight

-“CNN Money’s “fact-checkers” Cristina Alesci and Laurie Frankel ended up with egg on their faces on Wednesday after they rated as “false” a well-established and proven Clinton Cash fact involving Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. approving the transfer of 20 percent of U.S. uranium to the Russian government, as nine investors in the deal funneled $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.”

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EU parliament heads vow to take ball and go home

Butt hurt losers-


President Martin Schulz says speeding up of UK exit being considered after ‘continent taken hostage because of Tory party fight’

I have to agree with the arsehole,but for different reasons,getting Britain out fast would be the best,the best way to demonstrate to the rest of the EU member nations that leaving is the best option. 


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200 Musicians sign letter

Advocating for more gun control of course.To them I just want to say thank you,thank you for providing us with a convenient list of stump ignorant overpaid celebs to boycott.

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Open House

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upyu_002 copy  A massive “up yours” to the ruling elite.

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Brexit: Should I stay,or should I go?

Seems a pretty easy choice to me-

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Delingpole on Brexit:

(My thanks to Darin for the space to post this)

‘…At the beginning, I talked about David Cameron and why he’s prepared to win this referendum at almost any cost.
Now here’s the worrying part. This doesn’t just apply to David Cameron. It also applies to:
George Osborne; Christine Lagarde; the 10,000 EU apparatchiks who earn more than the Prime Minister; Goldman Sachs and most of the rest of the finance industry; the Magic Circle law firms; the big corporations which just love all that Euro regulation because it wipes out smaller competitors; all the big left-wing charities, environmental ones like the RSPB and the WWF especially because the EU pays them so much money; corporate lobbyists; SJW activists at Avaaz and and; the IMF; George Soros; wealthy landowners – especially those with EU-mandated wind turbines paying them squillions; everyone who works in diversity, compliance, human resources, sustainability, and equality; Nick Clegg; Nick Clegg’s lawyer wife; Liberal Democrats generally; Chris Evans and Jeremy Clarkson; everyone at the Guardian; everyone at the BBC apart from Andrew Neil, probably; and so on.
Make no mistake, we’re up against a bunch of bastards here so determined and unscrupulous they make Ramsay Bolton look like Mary Berry. These guys have EVERYTHING to lose from this – money, power, reputation, five-course lunches with foie gras, lobster, and Chassagne-Montrachet… – and they’ll stop at nothing to prevent us taking away their often ill-gotten privileges which too often the rest of us have to pay for.
What they’ll do to us, if we let them win, will be unspeakable.’

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Lefty journo buys a gun….

It was supposed to be so easy,too easy to buy an AR-15 in America that anyone could do it-NOT!

Not for alky-wife beater journos it’s not


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How am I doing?

No,really,how good a job am I doing with CR?

Comments,suggestions,things you all would like to see?

Tell me,otherwise the beatings will continue until morale improves :mrgreen:

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I smell white wash

Hmmmm… “Gucifer 2.0” “hacked” the DNC servers and “stole” a bunch of financial records they had accumulated on Hillary?

So a phony break in,that revealed nothing,so everything must be just A-o-kay with her right?Riiiight….. :roll:

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