‘Stockholm “Attack:” Invented by Controlled Media

The alleged “mass attack on migrants” by “neo-Nazis” at the Stockholm railway station last Friday never happened, and is a complete fiction invented by one far left Swedish newspaper which was then syndicated through the rest of the controlled media as “fact.”
….How the Aftonbladet invented this story, and how this lie came to be syndicated all over the world, provides a valuable insight into how the controlled media goes to work in spreading such outright lies as “fact.”…’

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‘Nonwhite Invasion Crashes Swedish IQ

More than one-third of all school pupils in Sweden are unable to complete the most basic of academic standards or pass any exams, a new report has revealed — the direct result of the mass nonwhite invasion of that country and the subsequent flooding of its school system by hordes of low IQ Third Worlders…
….Only one prominent intelligence researcher in Scandinavia has dared to tell the truth on the topic. Danish intelligence researcher Helmuth Nyborg, famous for his studies on how immigration affects IQ levels and social development in Western countries, wrote in a 2012 article in the Dispatch International journal that the influx of Third World immigrants had been the direct cause of the lowering of IQ in his nation and in other European countries.
“In the 14 largest German cities, every second child is already from an immigrant family,” he wrote. “Ethnic Europeans will soon be extinct in their own countries as a result of the enormous demographic upheaval, while the average IQ falls. And when the average IQ of a country has fallen to 90, then the viability of a democratic welfare state collapses. The same thing will happen in the United States,” he wrote…’

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Fancy a shrimp cocktail?

shrimp ‘They are the lightning fast predators capable of smashing through aquarium glass– but these fisherman are not afraid to pluck them from the ocean with their bare hands.
Footage from Christmas Island in Australia shows local fisherman luring giant mantis shrimp out their burrows before pulling them out of the water by their razor sharp claws…’   Link

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Real power, unaccountable and beyond reform:

‘Turning back the leviathan of the administrative state
There are two stacks of papers in Utah Senator Mike Lee’s office that should cause all Americans to pause. One stack is 400 pages; the other is over 80,000 pages. The short stack is all of the laws Congress passed in 2014. The 11-foot tall tower is all federal regulations.
Senator Lee and other members of Congress see this disparity as indicative of not just a growing government, but an erosion of the separation of powers. They are correct. When James Madison authored Federalist 47, he gave voice to a sentiment shared widely by the Founders: consolidating executive, legislative, and judicial power into one entity is “the very definition of tyranny.”…’

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‘Twitter Is Gearing Up To Interfere In The Election’

Milo Yiannopoulos:
‘Last week, a report from BuzzFeed claimed that Twitter was about to implement an algorithmic news feed, a departure from the chronologically-ordered tweets which users have grown accustomed to, and by which the platform is defined.
…..For conservatives, this is bad news. If our feeds are ordered by algorithm, this effectively means that Twitter, rather than users, decides which tweets should be seen. Tweets that the algorithm decides are “uninteresting” to users might not be seen at all. Needless to say, I am already receiving DMs from fans claiming that my tweets are not showing up in their feeds.
…With an algorithm, Twitter could easily control the content users receive on a politically partisan basis. For a modern social media company like Twitter, nestled in the ultra-progressive San Francisco Bay Area, it wouldn’t be unprecedented, would it?…’

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‘Police Chief: Gun in the Hand Beats Cop on the Phone

On February 7, a 73-year-old woman in Waterville, Maine, woman was raped in her home. Police Chief Joe Massey described it as one of those incidents that reminds you that “a gun in the hand is better than someone on the phone telling you police are on their way.”….’

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Mad, mad Britain:

‘Police tried to keep identity of ‘gay’ British jihadi Aseel Muthana secret to protect his human rights
Officers were concerned that details surrounding Muthana’s possible homosexuality would put his life at risk as Isil have been known to murder gay men and women..’

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Simply brilliant!

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Open house

‘New Hampshire Voters ‘Outright Crazy’ Says Soros-Backed, Ex-Prime Minister Of Europe’s Rape Capital
…Mr Bildt served as Prime Minister of Sweden from 1991 to 1994 and then as Foreign Minister from 2006 to 2014. Mr. Bildt is now a trustee of the George Soros-backed ‘International Crisis Group’ which has advocated for open borders.
His former political party is regarded as “centre right” in Swedish terms, which means to the left of the Democrat Party in U.S. terms.’

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Apathy and ignorance rulez

NZ Herald “breaking news” headlines, this morning:
Total number of headlines: 10
Of those, 5 concern sports. 3 entertainment.
Just 2 are real news.
Anybody who gets their “news” only from traditional print sources and television is frighteningly uninformed and that’s the way your government likes it.

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