Francis Porretto:

‘If You Still Believe’
Is regaining liberty via the political process still possible? Wabbit would appreciate it very much if some of our fine commenters would head over there and give Francis their opinions. My own take on this is deeply pessimistic.

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16 Responses to Francis Porretto:

  1. Ronbo says:

    “Crusader Rabbit believes passionately in right, justice and individual liberty.
    But those things will not be preserved (or regained) via persuasion and the ballot box. The time when those could possibly succeed, I think, are past.
    Not least because an enormous slice of the electorate now lacks the ability to reason effectively, having been indoctrinated for several generation by the leftist “education” system. Dialog with such people is all but impossible.

    They don’t love the Republic – in fact I doubt many of them even know what a republic is or the history of their own. They’re dumbed-down foot soldiers in the service of a totalitarian agenda with no respect or reverence for those things which make civil society possible.

    Economic collapse won’t bring them to their senses or to an appreciation of reality, since their handlers in that event will simply pillage the productive and the prudent in order to continue buying off the barbarians.

    You can have civil war and perhaps keep the Republic, or you can cling to the hope of a political solution and almost certainly lose her.

    (my uneducated 2c worth as an outsider who reveres what America once was and hopes she can be again) ”


    This is my thinking as well.

    The Left has made peaceful change impossible by means of the hijacking nearly all major institutions in America in the past 100 years – government, academia, media, Religion, Hollywood, the arts, etc., etc.

    In Internet Speak, a virus has infected our computer and has successfully resisted numerous attempts by the techs to remove it.

    What to do with such an infested and useless computer?

    Two solutions come to mind.

    1. Throw the damn thing away and buy another one.

    2. Completely dump the software and upload a proven virus free software.

    In political terms this can only mean bloody revolution/civil war.

    Of course, today only a few of us forward scouts in the patriot movement can see this truth, but sooner or later the large main body just behind us will see the awful truth.

    The awful truth is that many millions of our fellow countrymen are vile traitors who deserve termination with extreme prejudice for their crimes.

    The liberty revolution is still in its awkward teenage years: Reform by peaceful means is impossible, but it’s still to early to shoot the bastards.

    However, shoot them we will in the end, because the course treason has set for the United States can only end in the complete collapse of the economy, which will inevitably create the anarchy necessary to overthrow the Obama Regime.

  2. Alan says:

    I have a nephew, who is an english teacher at a nearby college. He is what I call
    a committed liberal. Even he, a self confessed liberal, says he cannot believe the
    extent of radical liberalism among his fellow teachers at the college. He thinks
    that the level of political correctness there is beyond a joke. This from a bloke who
    is an avid fan of Michael Moore and the like. This is the state of play in
    society today. The left is far better organised and focussed on their goals. They
    take the law of Alinsky to its extremes and implement it. Looking at things
    logically, conservatism has no hope. It will take something beyond our
    reckoning to re-balance things.

    • KG says:

      I think what your nephew is observing, Alan, is the fact that a movement, once it reaches a point of “critical mass” (for want of a better term) becomes all but unstoppable. People join up, sign on and adopt the movement’s colouring simply because it’s the direction their world appears to be moving.
      And then they’ve effectively become members of a cult, and a characteristic of cults is that criticism merely reinforces their belief.
      It’s the New Religion of the left, filling the gaping hole in the human need to believe in something bigger than themselves and it’s immune to rational analysis and argument.
      The most dangerous aspect of it is the fact that it’s adherents are in charge of educating succeeding generations. Producing young people who regard leftist ideology–well they don’t regard it, they’re so steeped in it, it’s absolutely natural to them. I doubt they even think about it much.
      The education system – in a world where both parents work – has become a de-facto parent and that parent is raising good little marxist foot soldiers and biddable lemmings.

  3. KG says:

    Should anybody seriously doubt it’s time for war, let them read this:

    The West has become totalitarian–the difference between our establishments and North Korea’s is merely one of degree.

    • dondiego says:

      Sounds more collectivist than “right-of-center”. Might have seen it on this blog, is so then apols for re-post

    • Ronbo says:


      I’d say we in the West World are marching towards totalitarianism at double step, but unlike the people of North Korea, we still have the power of freedom speech and the world wide web of the Internet.

      So the time to panic has not come.

      In fact, the ham fist attempt by the Obama Left in America to destroy the Republic is waking up the American patriots as never before – and open talk of rebellion, secession, revolution and civil war are common topics on the Internet that haven’t been seriously discussed in this country for over 150 years!

      First comes THE TALK.

      Then comes THE DEEDS.

      Private American citizens in the last five years have become the most heavily armed militia on Planet Earth with numbers in excess of 80 million.

      This was done in bad economic times and for a REASON.

  4. Oswald Bastable says:

    Democracy has been a total failure and it’s time the restore the Republic.

    Stakeholders only when it’s time to vote.

    To get there- well, the sheep will need a harsh lesson that numbers cannot force a vegetarian diet on the wolves… :evil:

    • Ronbo says:


      However, a representative republic such as the United States had a potential fatal flaw from the beginning in that voter qualifications and poll locations were left up to the various states.

      After all, a republic means rule by an oligarchy – an elite. In the early days of the USA, the representatives in Congress and the presidency were usually self-made men (capitalists) who became successful at business or farming (or in the military) and used their wealth to stand for political office. Ditto on the state/local level.

      This original oligarchy has been replaced – at least on the national level – by Leftist parasites – like Obama – who never produced anything except problems, and never ran a business or made a payroll. Ditto on the state/local level in about 20 states.

      Therefore, with the original oligarchy of self made capitalist/farmers you get a proud nation of reason based patriots, heroes who and self starters who believe that in every private’s knapsack in a Field Marshal’s baton. In contrast, with the socialist model you get an emotional mob of traitors, cowards and parasites living on Big Government with large welfare checks for the oligarchy, or smaller ones for the rank and file.

      My solution for republicanism is a New Oligarchy (open to all qualified members of the public) that would limit government service and voting – at any level – to only those who served in the military/law enforcement/fire service for an honorable term of at least three years.

      This would reduce the voter rolls to perhaps as low as 10% and create a far less qualified pool for government political service, but such is my intention.

  5. K2 says:

    Oh please. Given a better political strategy and a few less idiot political mistakes, the Republicans could be running all three branches of the US government today.

    You can talk all you want about cults, but if the left is winning it’s mainly due to the right doing bupkiss where it counts. If conservatives can’t rouse themselves to do the things that unions and radicals do in terms of getting off their butts and demonstrating, getting out the vote and confronting the politicians, media celebrities and professors then we really do have a collapse and it originated from the right.

    • KG says:

      Only partly true, K2 but I’m supposed to be working right now (coffee time) so I’ll come back to that later.

    • Ronbo says:


      Excellent point!

      Yes, it is true that the the patriot Right is just now waking after a long nap to discover the traitor Left controls the institutions of public life and the machinery of federal government in this country.

      This has happened because Rightists are productive and reason centered people who generally make their living outside the Big Government/Big Business/Big Entertainment/Big Education complex.

      In raw numbers these people make up half or more of the total population of America – and in at least 25 states in the south and west in the USA are the majority – and linked to one another via the Internet.

      So there are plenty of potential rebels in the American Heartland, who are educated white middle class, well armed and right sitting on top of the nation’s food and energy supplies.

      Yes, I know there are many people, even on the patriot side, who say a liberty revolution is impossible….but it was not so many years ago these same people were saying that a Communism would be impossible in America.

  6. mistress mara says:

    While Blacks, Latinos and the brainwashed Youth continue to believe that the Obama goose will keep on laying golden eggs for their benefit, they will encourage its survival. But only till then. When the old bird is inevitably layed out, it will be killed for food but the above mentioned will be outraged to discover that its carcasse won’t feed them all. Only THEN will there be big “trouble.” Until then …..

  7. Darin says:

    Bwhahahahahahaha….Obama tells his biggest whopper ever-

    I hope he takes on Dick Cheney as a hunting partner

  8. Brown says:

    Americans have liked cars and TV’s etc… more than freedom for a long time now. They seem to have thought could have whatever they wanted at anyone else’s expense and didn’t contemplate that dealing with bad people to have the easy life would have consequences. Having the reserve currency can tempt to a bit of foolishness as well. On that basis I suspect its not just Obama’s fault – the seed of rot was sown a long time ago.

    I think its too late to save the US and wonder if the US, say post 1950, was the ideal anyway – maybe it was a fools paradise and not sustainable. For example, the cars were big but crappy if measured against imports but they boxed on with them way past a sensible date. Every empire falls and maybe its just the US’s turn. It was quite a show while it lasted though.

    Being a christian I try to look at most things from a biblical perspective. God doesn’t do democracy in any shape or form. There’s a message in there somewhere.