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Breaking: Shots fired in ranch standoff Police ambush Bundy and Militia members traveling to a meeting,shots fired,one militiaman dead,others wounded.Hospital and several local roads on lockdown.

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hahahahahah……. Read it here- “So,say I’m a federal agency,and I sell a bunch of guns to Mexican cartels,do I need a federal firearms license?”

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Just who are the racists again?

An excellent article in American Thinker- Read it here- From the article-“And if you do happen to go on a hunger strike and win, the only thing you’ve done is proved that your enemy cares more about you than his … Continue reading

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58 facts about the US economy….

…and none of them are good- Read here- “The world didn’t completely fall apart in 2015, but it is undeniable that an immense amount of damage was done to the U.S. economy.  This year the middle class continued to deteriorate, … Continue reading

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These are simply Traitors

Jeff Sessions (R) floor speech regarding the current Omnibus spending bill concocted by dems and signed off on by republicans- Here “Bill would allow a four fold increase in muslim immigrants into the US” He mentions voters being in open … Continue reading

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Baby sitting buyingpower

Is destroying politics,culture and business- Gavin McInnes is on to something,the whole of our culture is now subservient to pre-pubescent girls.

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World’s shortest book?

The Koran with all the violent passages cut out.. See here- And here- So the images are being taken down as they appear,too shocking say the censors.The scenes too real,bodies lying where they fell,blood soaked carpet and concrete,a concert hall’s … Continue reading

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The religion of pieces strikes again

7 separate attacks 60+dead so far- So will this change any minds in Europe?Likely none that matter

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Do the math

In the State of Wisconsin there are roughly 5.6 million people.There are also roughly an estimated 5.5 million guns and just 4 Democratic legislators who thought a gun ban and confiscation was a good idea. More here They changed their minds. … Continue reading

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Never a peep of a question about the lying muslim though

MSM in full overdrive lie and smear mode over Carson’s past- Read here- Lie,get caught,hide the lie,never apologize -it’s the same pattern always with the MSM. Personally I think the lying,POS,Racist editor who wrote the first story should be fired

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