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Germany one year on

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Open House

And feast your eyes on this- A shiny new Woodpile report is up The Quote of the Day comes from Brett Stevens over at Amerika: Civilizations fail because they succeed. When they get wealthy and powerful, they start trying to … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage-Trump rally Jackson Mississippi tonight!

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I’m beginning to see a pattern here

Mohammad in trouble in Minnesota – Here- Mohammad in Mississippi- Here- Mohammad in Virginia- Here- Hmmmm….not too many terrorists named Dave or Bob it seems ….I know,I know RAAAACCCCISSSST! 

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Documents need nailing down

Otherwise they are apt to walk off and go missing – From Sharyl Attkisson And if you haven’t read her work,Sharyl  is one of the very last straight journalists left,which is why she’s no longer working for the MSM.

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November 8,2016

That date will be a test,the result of that test will determine whether we succeed or fail,where there are enough of us or too many of them.I’m not going to let my guard down or my hopes get too high,but … Continue reading

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Hillary Hospital Signs

BRILLIANT! ‘Hillary Hospital’ Signs Welcome Hillary Clinton to LA for Her Hollywood Fundraising Gigs

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Whodda thunk it?

“Report shows no group of Americans are more law abiding than concealed carry holders” PJ Media has it- “We find that permit holders are convicted of misdemeanors and felonies at less than a sixth the rate for police officers,” the … Continue reading

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A Conservative news site you might want to checkout

Mad World News- Home Added to our Blog roll as well   

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Obama’s plan to break the Internet

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