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Breaking: Feds blink Happened about 20 minutes after Fox broke the story of Harry Reid’s possible involvement in the land grab.Gee….I wonder why?

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Figures lie and liars figure

As if anyone didn’t see this one coming-

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And the Band played on…..

Bawhahahaaaa…..”President Obama’s $4trillion dollar budget is an end to austerity” WTF? Austerity? When has there ever been any smidgeon of austerity in this admin?

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More from the religion of pieces

Knife wielding terrorists kill 33 and wound over a hundred more-

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Concord Bridge 2.0?

“The Sheep are refusing to be herded” as thousands defy Connecticut assualt rifle registration law. Anti-gun officials call for bloodshed-  

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Liberal fiction: The myth of Obama being an educated man From the article- “In fact, with his denial of Truth, the leftist places his ideology where Truth should be: the center of his life. This ideology, which just reflects his emotions, anyway, then takes on the role of God. … Continue reading

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Another great green bird killing machine

In addition to Wind turbines that James Delingpole brilliantly described as “Bat chomping,bird slicing eco crucifixes” we now have solar thermal power plants being built that birds mistake for the shimmering surface of a water source.Only problem is the mirrors … Continue reading

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A nation of bastards.

This article left me throughly depressed about the sorry state of my once great nation.Just more proof that progressive liberalism is a mental disorder.When a group pushes for and forces on their own nation policies that will lead to it’s … Continue reading

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Gotta be Illinois democrats

Saw this,quite an interesting tale with all the usual players-

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Government “Efficiency”

In the on going debate over health care and the Obamacare take over of it,the subject of private sector vs government efficiency came up on a local evening talk show.The show had the usual collection of conservatives and liberals hashing … Continue reading

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