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Almost forgot: Earth Day 2016


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More glaring double standards from the left

With all the intellect of a braying Jack Ass the left once again points out it’s own hypocrisy. Read here “The left knows it can’t win on the merits in the debate about religious freedom and bathroom privacy. These bills enjoy strong … Continue reading

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Absolutely beautiful!

Today,Space X’s Falcon 9 made it’s first successful first stage landing on a barge at sea Watch the video here This is a big deal,the phrase is over used these days,but this really is a game changer.Being able to launch … Continue reading

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Pediatricians Call It What It Is – Child Abuse

It’s about time someone calls down a marker and plants it were it belongs. Read here From the article:The American College of Pediatricians has released an in-depth report stating that the move to indoctrinate children with the idea that they … Continue reading

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“How’s he going to get his money?”

By getting job maybe ?? Read more Hood rat dindu nuffin logic on full display 

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T.J. Sotomayor has a thought

T.J. Sotomayor-“Tell Obama,don’t worry about banning guns,ban Niggaz instead” Coarse language runs thick,but still spot on. “You should get mad when someone is telling you a lie,not when they are telling you the truth”

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And still there are those who want this?

One has to wonder what sort of mental illness a person must be afflicted with to still insist that socialism is even a viable system,let alone a successful one.Especially in light of all the evidence to the contrary,even in recent history.I spotted … Continue reading

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In case you think these things aren’t coordinated

The latest “women get paid less” narrative fluff piece- All three articles posted 20 hours ago.

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Europol chief says thousands returning to Europe after training in Syria and Iraq- Read here This should be interesting,will Europe wake up?Their house has been on fire for awhile now,wonder if the roof collapsing will jarr them awake or will … Continue reading

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Breaking: Shots fired in ranch standoff Police ambush Bundy and Militia members traveling to a meeting,shots fired,one militiaman dead,others wounded.Hospital and several local roads on lockdown.

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