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Socialists and Economics

More proof that the two are like oil and water,completely incompatible. Forever stuck on stupid these idiots cannot handle basic math let alone economic fundamentals.From employees to consumers economic ignorance is wide and deep.These MENSA members show up from … Continue reading

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Farrakhan:”We gonna die anyway….

…let’s dies for something” Oh good,who wants to be first?

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Not Forgotten

Remembering the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam war,to all who served,the government may have, but we have not-Thank you!

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Her name was Chaya

On righteous anger and retribution and when turning the other cheek fails-

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I’m in the wrong business

$100Million for this?I’d giggle all the way to the bank if I got $50 for it. It looks like somebody stuck an old scarecrow atop a garden cart

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Spaceflight has a price

And sometimes that price is very high.Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship 2 explodes during test flight,Co-Pilot killed,Pilot seriously injured. The term “serious anomaly” is the understatement of the year.”Catastrophic Failure” would be more like it.

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Off the Plantation

Elbert Guillory,Black State Senator for Louisiana who left the Democratic party to become a Republican has launched a couple new ads that hit the dems where it hurts- “you are not her cause and you are not her … Continue reading

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Hmmmm…so when was your last audit Judge? Various reasons have been imagined for the ruling none of which I buy into.What seems obvious to me is if the IRS can harass and intimidate multitudes of political grassroots non-profit organizations,in direct violation of the law and do … Continue reading

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I just can’t stop laughing   Whittle Mr Shabazz may regret making that call when the Whites,Latinos and Asians all load up and open fire on their sorry asses 

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Oh good grief,more stupidity

KFC in their never ending quest to be “halal”has banned,wait for it….alcohol wet wipes.  

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