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15 questions White People have for Buzzfeed racists

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Pay the utility bill,vote,launch terrorist attack

Cascade Mall shooter,here on a green card,voted in three elections illegally- “Online voting system relies on the “honor system” guess which party affiliation he is?

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NFL ratings tank as protests continue

And now it starts to bite them in the wallet- Via Brietbart Ratings for Sunday Night Football featuring the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys scored a 12.9 Nielsen rating, down from the game’s 13.7 rating last week. Week two, in … Continue reading

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Juanita Broaddrick to Chelsea : “Your parents are not good people”

Juanita Broaddrick tells it like it is- DM has it here- “Your father was,and probably still is,a sexual predator and your mother has always lied and covered up for him” Brave lady

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Open House

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Let the fun begin

Debate starts in one hour,this should be interesting.

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With any luck they will hang the Bastard

People are finally getting wise to Soros- “Until recently, out of all the EU countries, only his native Hungary had the courage to suggest his carefully crafted image of ‘global philanthropist’ may be a smoke screen. The country’s Prime … Continue reading

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I’m shocked,just shocked

I can’t believe it,I simply can’t believe it- A muslim,committing an act of murderous terror against innocent people???? Gee,this must be a first? NOT! Gas up the Woodchipper !  

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My take on Trump and the media

The media are going completely off the hinges bonkers that Trump is still gaining in the polls despite them having thrown everything including the kitchen sink at him. Better still the press in their inflated,ego driven self certitude,haven’t taken into … Continue reading

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The Useless Left

Bruce Walker – “Leftists secretly sense the pathetic un-importance of their work and the essential irrelevance of their careers in the healthy life of the nation.  This inadequacy translates into venom, such as when Hillary, who has never done … Continue reading

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