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World’s shortest book?

The Koran with all the violent passages cut out.. See here- And here- So the images are being taken down as they appear,too shocking say the censors.The scenes too real,bodies lying where they fell,blood soaked carpet and concrete,a concert hall’s … Continue reading

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The religion of pieces strikes again

7 separate attacks 60+dead so far- So will this change any minds in Europe?Likely none that matter

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Do the math

In the State of Wisconsin there are roughly 5.6 million people.There are also roughly an estimated 5.5 million guns and just 4 Democratic legislators who thought a gun ban and confiscation was a good idea. More here They changed their minds. … Continue reading

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Never a peep of a question about the lying muslim though

MSM in full overdrive lie and smear mode over Carson’s past- Read here- Lie,get caught,hide the lie,never apologize -it’s the same pattern always with the MSM. Personally I think the lying,POS,Racist editor who wrote the first story should be fired

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I watched it so you didn’t have to.

Watched the Spawn of Satan Rally,AKA the Dim Debate on CNN. The whole thing was basically a pissing contest to see who grew up the poorest,who was gonna tax the rich the most and who was gonna hand out the … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle-“It’s the Steel”

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Why the TSA doesn’t stop terrorist attacks

This week on Adam Ruins Everything,Why the TSA doesn’t stop terrorist attacks-

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What if it were Journalists?

Breitbart editor at large asks a good question- Read it here “The media’s priority is not to protect schoolchildren.The media’s priority is to use piles of dead schoolchildren as sacrifices to The Cause.” Absolutely it is and it is a perfect demonstration … Continue reading

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Hey hey hey,goodbye!

House speaker John Boehner out at the end of October- Read it here Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out!

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In order to tell a lie,one must first know the truth

The reason often given for the American Revolution,especially in modern education ,is excessive taxation,this flatly put is a lie. TJ Martinell in this excellent essay makes the case for why- Read it here

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