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45 years ago tonight……”One small step

45 years ago tonight America put men on the Moon,now we have to hitch a ride from the Russians to get back and forth from the space station. The latest numbers available for fiscal year 2012 indicate we spent $74.6Billion … Continue reading

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There’s no getting the lid back on now Pandora.

Documentary on 3D Printing guns and the implications it brings. Midway in we have the typical liberal(NYT author) inability to see the obvious future implications new technologies bring with them and their continued denial that a tool is just … Continue reading

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Not so fast says SCOTUS

US Supreme Court in a unanimous verdict ruled Obama recess appointments illegal. It’s not often an American President gets that sort of slap down,let’s hope more is on the way.  

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Taking out the trash

Father shoots creep who molested his daughter after state fails to keep perp locked up- Father shoots home invader who used his daughter as a human shield during robbery-

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An absolute disgrace

“Iraq spiraling out of control” “Mass be headings reported in Mosul” “Tikrit falls to Al Queada  as residents flee” Also we see from the article what releasing terrorists from GITMO gets us- “The FBI “most wanted” mugshot shows a … Continue reading

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Complacency is a Sin

The Cartoon says it all, the facts spell out the rage- We in America could try and pin all the scandal on just the Obama administration, but in all fairness ALL of our recent administrations have failed our veterans miserably, … Continue reading

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Thomas Piketty-Neo-Marxist drooling idiot

And why the most dangerous man on Earth isn’t a terrorist or even a dictator,he’s a French economist.Read it and weep- So his policies are Marxist and he’s a member of the French socialist party…..but he’s not a Socialist? … Continue reading

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Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Jr.

Lawman,Patriot speaking at the NRA national convention. “Keep your hands off our guns Dammit!”

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Murdering bureaucrat Maggots ! From the article- “In Phoenix, more than a thousand veterans were placed on a special waiting list, kept secret from the outside and from higher-ups, where they often waited for more than a year to get care. At least … Continue reading

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Perpetual motion proven….

The lefty smear machine,the only machine that never quits and never runs out of fuel. The real story here

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