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I just can’t stop laughing   Whittle Mr Shabazz may regret making that call when the Whites,Latinos and Asians all load up and open fire on their sorry asses 

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Oh good grief,more stupidity

KFC in their never ending quest to be “halal”has banned,wait for it….alcohol wet wipes.  

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Paglia: The modern Campus cannot comprehend evil

“Colleges should stick to academics and stop their infantilizing supervision of students’ dating lives, an authoritarian intrusion that borders on violation of civil liberties. Real crimes should be reported to the police, not to haphazard and ill-trained campus grievance committees.” … Continue reading

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John McCain-Idiot

Sen John McCain (RINO) never learns,you cannot pick up a turd by the clean end.  

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Jeff Sessions-Righteous rant

Jeff Sessions on amnesty and big tech’s H1 visa scam- The Senators,President,and corporate CEO’s represented in this article are all traitors IMO and should be treated as such.

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Is there really any difference between Cops and criminals?

In America the Police can arrest your money- Lessons learned- #1 Never talk to a Cop #2 Never allow them to search your car #3 If they ask where you are going or what you are doing tell them … Continue reading

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Something seldom seen in the media

“Chicago crime rate drops as concealed carry applications surge” Whodda thought that criminals fear being shot?

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The latest Woodpile Report is up

And as usual it’s quality stuff

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Bicycles,race and attitudes and why they matter

Driving back to work yesterday I had two encounters with people on bicycles,particularly young,black people on bicycles. This isn’t an unusual thing,lots of black kids ride where I live,but the younger generations ride with attitude.Particularly the attitude that they and … Continue reading

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Well how do you like Islam now Journos?

ISIS,that wacky bunch of jihadis is at it again.Today they lopped the head off an American journalist and threatened to do the same to another.Normally I could care less,these are journalists mind you,but it does beg the question- How many … Continue reading

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