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The New GOPe congress…..

Fresh new faces,spineless as ever. Make no mistake,the spineless traitor establishment RINO’s are still in control doing their best to insure the new majority is squandered.

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Protesters block I-95 in Boston It’s those lily white liberal idiots from “Black lives matter” again,they have unloaded barrels of sand in the middle of the Interstate and chained their arms together through holes in the barrels.Police and Fire rescue have been standing around … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: Robbing Peter to pay Paul

Not in so many words,but anytime you endorse the idea of government “helping” the poor that’s is essentially what you are doing. There is hope,read the comments section under the article,most people are having none of it. ” … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin 2016

A few more reasons why-

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Want a shiny new Bike Timmy?

Just Rat out your parents- Here we have it folks,another mile marker on the road to a totalitarian state.

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Socialists and Economics

More proof that the two are like oil and water,completely incompatible. Forever stuck on stupid these idiots cannot handle basic math let alone economic fundamentals.From employees to consumers economic ignorance is wide and deep.These MENSA members show up from … Continue reading

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Farrakhan:”We gonna die anyway….

…let’s dies for something” Oh good,who wants to be first?

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Not Forgotten

Remembering the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam war,to all who served,the government may have, but we have not-Thank you!

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Her name was Chaya

On righteous anger and retribution and when turning the other cheek fails-

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I’m in the wrong business

$100Million for this?I’d giggle all the way to the bank if I got $50 for it. It looks like somebody stuck an old scarecrow atop a garden cart

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