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Half of US coal plants to close by 2017

Prog logic at it’s finest- “Coal generates at least 44% of electricity in the United States.” The treason continues  

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Majority of Americans want more aggressive deportation

Seems the media has been lying again,turns out we don’t want the current massive influx of  third world leeches we have streaming in now.

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Pilot locked out of cockpit you say?

Airline still hasn’t released the pilot’s names?Hmmmm…..must be those Presbyterians causing trouble again  

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So who was that trailing in the polls again?

Netanyahu returns to office handily-

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Boehner:Now with more treason

What we all suspected is proven once again- The weeping carrot has done it again,”bipartisanship” to a RINO means cutting deals with the dems to sellout your constituents. Difference between Boehner and Judas? At least Judas was decent enough … Continue reading

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Police State USA….

Police no-knock raid ends in murder of 7 year old girl- After two trials ending in hung juries officer involved walks.Had it been my child he would be Chum by now

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Black middle schooler slams Obama

We need more like him,many more.

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US Marines ordered to surrender weapons…..

By the US State department

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Just how much more evil do they have to get?

Hostage Jordanian Pilot burned to death by Isis-  

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The New GOPe congress…..

Fresh new faces,spineless as ever. Make no mistake,the spineless traitor establishment RINO’s are still in control doing their best to insure the new majority is squandered.

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