Fleeing the Velvet Gulag:

‘New Zealanders’ exodus to Australia continued in March as more kiwis look across the Tasman for a better quality of life, even as the so-called ‘lucky country’ looks vulnerable to an economic slowdown.
Some 5,000 departures in the month of March left – a net loss across the Tasman of 3,928 last month, according to Statistics New Zealand. That took the annual net loss to a record 39,456, with 53,237 departures in the year ended March 31. That’s continued a trend of record annual outflows to Australia since November 2011, the department said…’

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  1. octagongrappler says:

    Well its ok because we will bring in 50,000 “skilled” Migrants from china and india to fill the gap so its really what the govt want to be honest..

    Spooner reakons that we have had a large influx of skilled migration to NZ and they are going through a period of bringing there families in..

    So an Indian migrant who does a 1 year diploma at the bla bla academy in Auckland, then gets a job at countdown and can bring in his parents and 30 family members :gunner :gunner

    • Adolf Fiinkensein says:

      Most of the Indian migrants with whom I have had contact over the past twenty years know the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their.’ They are also highly industrious, productive and hard working citizens.

      I can attest also to the value of a job at Countdown. Do you know how much the CEO there makes? Do you know how many people started out sweeping the floors or picking up trolleys from the car park at Countdown and then rose to occupy roles in management?

      Chances are more of these are migrants than lazy, entitlement driven, slack arsed New Zealanders.

      • octagongrappler says:

        Ok spelling and that proves what adolph?? I am a tradie that ownes his own home in central auckland so im no bludger!!!

        Indians i deal with always try to cheat you and they never Hire Kiwis..EVER that is the fact!!

      • octagongrappler says:

        Bollocks!! There must be Kiwis willing to work there Adolph!!

        • KG says:

          What’s more, we’re not so petty as to comment on or criticise other people’s spelling or grammar around here, Adolf.(that’s a leftard tactic)
          It’s thoughts and ideas which count, not style. “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…”

          • Darin says:

            The Indians (dot not feather) here have lying down as a past time,they well consistantly screw you over at the blink of any eye.

            Unless they were born here to Christian parents,then they are as good as Gold.

            • Kris K says:

              That would be my experience with them here in NZ as well, Darin.

              Spidy, my brother is a carpenter here in Wellington and he refuses to do any work for Indians for the same reason you outlined above.

              • The Gantt Guy says:

                I’ve had extensive dealings with them in a business environment, when my former employer sent all of its technical function (software develop,ent, testing, etc) to Bangalore. As a rule they would produce software which conformed precisely to the specification. They would never pick up the phone and ask for clarification of something that was ambiguous, as written specs almost always are. And they always, always took shortcuts with their code. My former employer excused a lot (A LOT) of BS, putting it down to ‘cultural differences’ or ‘lost in translation moments’ but these guys were dodgy dodgy dodgy! It’s why, after outsourcing the development and testing functions, the number of software testers in our western locations (Aus, NZ, Uk, etc) remained as high or gher than before the outsourcing! They will rob you blind while bowing, scraping and nodding to your face.

                • Kris K says:

                  Yet another reason why the multi-culti experiment and the related uncontrolled immigration into the West will never work.
                  These people do not share our values and most of those who come here en masse refuse to and have no desire to assimilate in any meaningful sense.

                  Not that the Spoonleys, Keys, Adolfs, Farars et al will ever admit this …

                • The Gantt Guy says:

                  ‘Assimilate’ is a four-letter word, Kris.

              • Darin says:

                Heh,Kris,there is an Indian couple here both American trained doctors who cannot find a contractor to do anything for them in town.
                Reason being,they have thoroughly bent over every single one that has worked for them.We made them citizens and paid their way through school and that’s the thanks we get.
                In some perverse way it’s like they have created their own little cast system.

                • Kris K says:

                  Like you alluded to above, Darin, unless we ‘Christianise’ Third-World immigrants I believe they will never, as a general rule, be compatible with Western J-C civilisation.

                  Of course this is EXACTLY the reason the socialist elite push so hard for open borders and uncontrolled immigration from Third World [and non-Christian] nations. For the NWO to rise the J-C West MUST fall.

                • Darin says:

                  Here is an example of immigration at it’s finest.-
                  She’s also giving the Dems a run for their money.

                  Heard her give a talk the other day on the radio.No teleprompter,no script,just clear,concise answers.

                • The Gantt Guy says:

                  Saw her on PJTV a couple weeks ago. Very impressive.

  2. KG says:

    “…know the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their.’” ???????

  3. KG says:

    “Chances are more of these are migrants than lazy, entitlement driven, slack arsed New Zealanders.”
    Chances are, if your hero John Key had done the job he had a mandate for, Adolf, there wouldn’t be welfare available as a lifestyle choice.
    Chances are, also, if he’d done the job he had a mandate for, fewer Kiwis would be fleeing across the damn ditch.

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      You’ll get no response to that one, KG. it’s what they call an ‘inconvenient truth’.

      • KG says:

        It sure seems to be Gantt. The most enterprising and best-qualified are fleeing the country because Key’s gang simply don’t have the balls to stop paying protection money to the brown thugs and the DPB sluts.
        The immigrants are able to work at Countdown because Key and his party would prefer to leave brownies smoking dope and robbing their neighbours on the taxpayer’s dollars in places like Kaeo and Kaitaia than force them to work.
        Far easier to replace Kiwis with immigrants than to tackle the real structural problems….

        • The Gantt Guy says:

          David Shearer sure had it right when he described NZ as Australia’s Mexico, didn’t he?

          • KG says:

            Shit, Mexico is doing far better than NZ!

            • The Gantt Guy says:

              Yep. They have a vibrant import/export sector. They import automatic weapons and export their deadwood. New Zealand exports its productive and imports both deadwood and (time-delayed) automatic weapons! :gunner

  4. KG says:

    Damn good summary.

  5. caleb says:

    These statistics are a disgrace and an indictment on the country.

  6. octagongrappler says:

    They dont care what job they do they just want residence!! Thats it, and Adolph does not get it?

    • KG says:

      Nope. Like a lot of people, he seems to think that the host culture can survive no matter how many immigrants. These people do not assimilate. (I know, “assimilate” is a dirty word in this brave new multiculti world).

  7. Flashman says:

    Despite the manifold opportunities that exist, NZ is happy with a NIMBY attitude towards economic development and continues to consume its seed corn.

    In sum, this country is an economic Tasmania shackled to apartheid policies.

  8. Katie says:

    What will the government do when all the taxpayers have fled? But look on the bright side. Let them import Muslims and watch the fireworks between Muslims and Maori.

    Should be fun to watch. :popcorn

    • Kris K says:

      Sadly, Katie, the Muslims here are already targetting our prison population – which are disproportionately represented by Maori – and as a result a reasonable number of Maori are converting to Islam.

      Once again we see [Maori] tribalism and Islam coming together to overthrow their common enemy; white middle class [Judeo-Christian] Western society/civilisation.

      In much the same way as socialists align themselves with followers of the 7th century death cult in their attempts to overthrow the J-C West.

      There’s no doubt this is ultimately a spiritual war between the satanic forces of evil [Islam, tribalism, socialism et al] and what remains of the still vocal moral [J-C] minority in (by and large) Western societies.

      • octagongrappler says:


        he Maori Muslim converts are dressing like nation of islam with bow ties and those hat thingies…hmmm is shows its more an anti-whitey thing than a religous experience for our first nations peoples..

        • Kris K says:

          Indeed, Spidy. The “enemy of my enemy is my friend” dynamic at work.

          Islam is a culture of hate more than it is a religion as such. But there’s no doubt it is satanically inspired. Salman Rushdie got it right when he described the Koran as “The Satanic Verses”.

  9. Rufus says:

    Sorry, have to disagree with some here.

    Based on my own experience, I agree with Adolf that for the most, the Indians and Chinese are not the problem. They are mostly well-educated, hungry for success, and willing to work hard.

    Also, I disagree that picking on someone’s spelling is a sign one is adopting the tactics of the left. The left would call everyone who disagrees with them a bigot
    (Nothing wrong with maintaining standards – if we don’t, we’ll be down to South Auckland gangsta “English” soon. )

    Adolf was trying to show that knocking Indians, many of whom are very proficient in English spelling, while you yourself cannot differentiate between “there” and “their”, or “its” and “it’s”, looks silly.

    Octanograppler’s post smacks of racism – he (I presume) knocks all Indians and Chinese based on his own (limited) experience.

    Muslims are the problem. Lazy kiwis are the problem. The Government is the problem.

    • KG says:

      Firstly, I don’t give a shit if you disagree with CR not tolerating picking on someone’s spelling. We don’t do that here, end of story. (I note also that you mis-spell octagongrappler…)
      Feel free to “maintain standards” in your own blog–I’ll take care of the standards here, thank you. And if you’re concerned with the rise of “gangsta English” I suggest you direct your efforts towards the teaching trade–they’re responsible for the vast majority of the semi-literate.
      First, you say Octagongrappler’s post “smacks of racism” then you say you presume it’s based on his own limited experience.
      If you presume, then you don’t know, yet you feel free to accuse him of racism.
      What’s more, you have no fucking idea if his own experience is limited or not.
      Do better, or don’t bother.

      • octagongrappler says:

        Its funng KG, Because I have vast experience with china and india and have traveled around the world since I was 5, sure I type a little quick and do know the difference between there etc, but I have dealt with chinese and indians and my educated guess through experience is not a pleasant one.

        Well Its the left that fosters the whole gangsta south auckland lingo ie SBW…

        • KG says:

          Two things (well, more than two, really :lol: ) piss me off, Grappler–people who nitpick and the use of the “racist” slur.

    • octagongrappler says:

      The Left look down at those who don’t go to University.. Its very sad indeed that they are so petty :roll:

      The Party of the underdog and those less fortunate??

      Oh well I’m glad I don’t get to see so many here on CR :grin:

      Indians may be hard working but there business practises have left me out of pocket and really caused great stress. You get it with all sorts of people, but indians are really at the top of the list..

      Rufus would be a little snob I can just see it :mrgreen:

      Talks about social justice and equality yet has nothing but hatred for the people who make society work ie plumbers and sparkies :rant

      • “Indians may be hard working but there business practises have left me out of pocket and really caused great stress.”

        I was taught that in business you always “leave something on the table for the other guy”, otherwise you quickly run out of people who are willing to do business with you. A business deal must be mutually beneficial – a concept that isn’t widespread, as yet, in Asia.

  10. octagongrappler says:


    Here is something for you.


    Twelve member of the Singh family now live in New Zealand, 14 years after they first settled in Auckland.

    “Everyone should be allowed to bring the parents or whoever he feels like for a great moral support which will boost the economy,” Singh said.

    Premjeet singh said it was his Family support that helped through the 500 rejection letters while trying to get a job and that the moral support can often outweigh the economic??????

    We are bringing in Migrants under the “skilled catergory”, yet he can bring in his extended family as well even though he was not contributing to the economy :rant …

    • The Gantt Guy says:


      We let people in as Skilled Migrants when they don’t have jobs/sponsorship? How the eff does that work?

    • Kris K says:

      Yep, “immigrant rights” trump those of native born citizens – epsecially WHITE native born citizens. Until we string up our traitorous ‘elite’ this madness will continue unchecked.

      • octagongrappler says:

        Adolph calls Kiwis bludgers that question migration, yet he defends bludgers that the right question?? Bizarre, It shows you the left are all about cultural marxism nothing less…

        • Darin says:

          Something I have been meaning to ask.
          Do Aussies and Nzers Hyphenate like we in the states?
          Latino-American African-American Hooligan-American etc?Or is it just another stupid American PC speak trend?

          • The Gantt Guy says:

            Can’t speak for Aussies, but in New Zealand we don’t tend to hyphenate. In New Zealand there are Maori and non-Maori, with Maori being the protected species.

          • Kris K says:

            Gantt’s right – I think I probably tend to hyphenate more than the average Kiwi does [mind you I use colons and semi-colons as well – the average Kiwi wouldn’t know what a semi-colon is or when to use it :roll: ]

  11. jonno1 says:

    OK, I’m having difficulty following this thread, but FWIW on the subject of Indian & Asian immigrants my experience has been almost entirely positive.
    Two examples:
    1) I work with a number of Indian and Asian engineers and they are superb (intelligent and educated, but also with common sense and wisdom). Some are FBIs (self-styled), others are from mainland India, China or Malaysia.
    2) We own some flats in Mt Roskill and most tenants are Indian due to the demographics of the area. To a man they are hard working (mostly self-employed), pay their rent on time and are easy to deal with. Sometimes they push the boundaries a bit, eg have a couple of rellies “visiting” (you can pick this from the water meter reading).

    One Indian tenant ran a commercial cleaning business from the flat and washed his gear every night, consuming about 4x the average water for a small household, but he paid up faithfully.

    As for skilled migrants, another Indian tenant was a bank manager in India but couldn’t get a job in a NZ bank so drove a taxi. When he had visitors from home he took the kit off the car and asked me not to mention it if I met them. I guess he was ashamed that he couldn’t get a professional job, but I don’t think the fault lay with him. His wife was re-training as a teacher for much the same reason (qualifications not recognised).

    The only problem tenants we’ve ever had have been, well, local. In those cases we were usually sucked in by a sob story – that doesn’t happen now though!

    • octagongrappler says:

      Why does a “skilled Migrant” Not have a job in Banking? Maybe a job should be on the table before you arrive.

      I see Kiwis hiring asians all the time but never the other way around..

      You sound like you have had positive experiences with Indians and not with Locals? Valid point, But so is mine and just because you and rufus have no probs with indians in business, there are many who do.

      • jonno1 says:

        Perhaps I should have been more explicit re “locals”. By this I was referring to persons of colour (other than Indians and Asians of course!). No problems with caucasians, or indeed with most islander immigrants.

        My tenant experiences are of course entirely subjective, and to be fair, selective in that we screen prospective tenants very carefully (not an exact science of course). And I should also stress that my business contacts have also been at a professional level. So not random samples, and I accept that you and others have had different experiences – there is no “one size fits all”.

        As for the banking thing – again, no idea, not my business, but one possibility was accent; another may have been discrimination on the part of prospective employers.

  12. Rufus says:

    Jeepers, KG!

    You must have misread me.

    I’ve got no problem with you calling the shots in your own tent.

    Just saying that calling Adolf’s spell-checking a leftist tactic per se is wrong. He was using it to make a point.

    Calling it a leftist tactic per se is no different to a leftist calling someone who disagrees with multiculturalism a racist – both are unfair accusations.

    But whatever.

    I don’t really wish to get into a shit fight here, it is your tent after all. I like CR and have been reading it for years.

    However, I feel wronged.

    KG: “First, you say Octagongrappler’s post “smacks of racism” then you say you presume it’s based on his own limited experience.
    If you presume, then you don’t know, yet you feel free to accuse him of racism.
    What’s more, you have no fucking idea if his own experience is limited or not.
    Do better, or don’t bother.”

    Nope, you misread me.

    First, I presumed Octagongrappler was a guy.

    Second, I don’t need to have any “fucking idea”.

    Since Octagongrappler hasn’t met every Chinese/Indian in this country, logically his experience must be limited.

    We all have good and bad experiences with all sorts of people.

    With regards to Indian and Chinese immigrants to NZ, obviously he’s had more bad, myself more good.

    But to make a crass generalisation that based on your own limited experience you find all Chinese, or all Indians useless bludgers is unfair.

    That fits the definition racism. Spade’s a spade.

    (And yes I know it’s both overused and misused these days, but it is still a valid term to use, when appropriate.)

    (I am the first to admit I too am racist at times. It doesn’t make it right, though.)

    Third, you seem to have no problem with Octagongrappler calling me a snob, without him knowing anything at all about me. So he’s presuming and has no “fucking idea” either.

    Further, Octagongrappler, says I “Talks about social justice and equality yet has nothing but hatred for the people who make society work ie plumbers and sparkies “

    You know nothing about me.

    I never mentioned social justice or equality – that is you reading things into my post. I personally loathe the term “social justice” and what it is used to promote.

    I do not hate plumbers, sparkies, or any other tradie. Most of my friends are tradies – good, humble Christian folk.

    I grew up milking cows, shovelled chicken shit and worked as a labourer to pay my way through Uni, sweated and burned in kitchens for years, earned my scars the hard way. I wish we had more kids going into the trades. I love building stuff, using tools, and value working with my hands.

    Again that’s you simply making shit up.

    Sheesh. :???:

    KG – Re-read my post above. And then Octagongrappler’s responses, and reconsider your opinion of me.

    All I wanted was some fairness, some balance to Octanograppler’s first post.

    I couldn’t give a toss if you read this or bin it. I don’t give a toss if you think I’m a pinko, or a leftard or whatever.

    I myself know I’m a conservative Christian, an agrarian, a lover of the old ways, and share many of your own beliefs/opinions/thoughts/ideas.

    That’s why I enjoy reading CR.

    Do with this post what you will. I’ll still read CR.

    • octagongrappler says:


      Explain then rufus why it’s a good thing to have 65% of our annual immigration intake from asia is a good thing??

      And if these people are so talented why is immigration all one way?

      Do you think a whitey would have local special interest group falling over themselves in the name of “diversity”..

      Why would you bring in migrants that are not as easily to fit into our dominant culture?

  13. Rufus says:

    Octa – I’m not defending our current immigration policy.

    I’m taking your racist attitude as displayed in your post above to task.

    We are all immigrants to this place.

    Some are good, some are bad.

    • octagongrappler says:

      Racist Attitude??

      And what is wrong with wanting an immigration policy that favours our traditional source?

      Because we are all immigrants mean that we ban white immigration and there will be no problems because “we are all immigrants”, sorry that does not work with me.

      Ever read the book the king the mice and his cheese??

  14. KG says:

    Ok, Rufus, some fair points. But if I misread you, then the fault is with your phrasing, not my comprehension. It wasn’t at all clear that you were referring to his gender rather than presuming that he refers to all Indians and Chinese.
    “Third, you seem to have no problem with Octagongrappler calling me a snob, without him knowing anything at all about me”
    Well, he was replying directly to a perceived slur, as is his right. What I think about that reply is another matter.
    “Since Octagongrappler hasn’t met every Chinese/Indian in this country, logically his experience must be limited.”
    It’s entirely fair to make generalisations based on personal experience. We all of us categorise that way, every day, on lots of subjects. Life would be impossibly complex and slow otherwise. I’m reminded of the shit-storm surrounding John Derbyshire’s advice to his children to “stay away from black crowds”. A generalisation that’s unjust to large numbers of decent black folks, but nonetheless good advice based on the odds. It’s only necessary to guess wrong once..
    As far as racism goes, well, it’s inherent and it’s stupidly Utopian to pretend otherwise. Evolution and experience has given us a strong preference for our own kind and a distrust of the “other”. The most cohesive societies are the least racially diverse. To recognise that is not racist.
    The word gets short shrift here, since its used so often by lefty multicultis to shut down or stifle debate.
    (I had a wonderful time in India and got to like Indian people very much. But my experiences with them here have been strongly negative. It’s surely possible that some of them don’t -or cannot transplant -successfully?)
    I hope you’ll continue to comment in CR.

  15. KG says:

    “We are all immigrants to this place.

    Some are good, some are bad.”
    Is certainly a true statement, one that nobody here would disagree with. But mostly, the immigrants who came up until around 1980 or so (generalising here) came with a view to assimilating, not demanding we change to suit them. They came from similar cultural backgrounds and fitted in with the minimum of fuss.
    Nobody will ever convince me that a Somali or Afghan is the equal either in value or values to a South African or Italian or American newcomer, to take just three examples. It’s called “pick the common cultural heritage”. ;-)

  16. mara says:

    Kris K. A semi-colon is the skinny bit of your guts that the stomach empties into and the colon is the gross, horrible bit that you poo out of. Education mate ;-) Wouldn;t be without it. Speaking of Indians, the local grog shop owner, a Chinese lady who didn’t have my fave tipple in stock last week, said it was the fault of a particular supplier; an idle, unreliable Indian chap and who would be surprised as Indians are all a bit unsavoury. She offered no opinion on the Iranian food store next door or the Turkish kebab folks adjacent. I’ll ask her tomorrow.

    • Kris K says:

      Having dated three nurses in my younger years, Mara, is no doubt why I have such a good understanding of both colons and semi-colons.

      Nurses have made me the man I am today …

      • KG says:

        Me too, Kris, I only ever dated nurses. And now it’s too late to undo the damage. :roll:
        (that’s a joke, Gecko!)

  17. octagongrappler says:

    I always had a thing for Candy Stripers :mrgreen: They were the girls on work experience that fluffed pilllows :smile:

    Thats when I was 20 of course :mrgreen: