The horror! Neo-Nazis on the rise in Greece!

Lefty journos (I repeat myself) are all of a lather about the Golden Dawn Party getting some votes in the Greek elections. They got around 8% of the votes.
Yet the communists got three times as many votes! 100+million dead are apparently of no consequence to the scribblers.

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18 Responses to The horror! Neo-Nazis on the rise in Greece!

  1. Europe is a basketcase. I was watching some of the French election coverage and some “fans” Hollandaise Sauce were dancing, talking about “a great change”!

    Seriously where do these people think money/taxes come from?

    What part of bankrupt do they not understand?

    • mawm says:

      When the EC (European Common Market) was formed the French somehow got all the other countries to pay for their farmers to produce nothing…… stop excessive produce flooding the markets and driving prices down. I think it is still in force and hence all the members are still financing socialist France to sit on it’s collective arse. :roll:

      • Yeah the Ag subsidies have been a big problem. They also have some massive tariffs and import bans in some countries. From memory it’s illegal to import large amounts of cheese into Sweden… Weird…

    • octagongrappler says:

      Yeah TV3 were going nuts almost saying real change, jobs for everybody and high incomes for all!! :mrgreen:

  2. KG says:

    “Seriously where do these people think money/taxes come from?”
    How would they know? Most of them have never worked for a private business. There has never been a successful communist economy, but the fuckwits know all about managing the economy.
    Go figure…

  3. Jay says:

    Most probably have never worked at all. How else could someone think borrowing money while in debt is a good thing to do?

    It’s interesting how the communists are being conveniently ignored by bastard journalists. I see stories on Nazis, and groups being slandered as Nazis all the time, but I’m lucky to find a story that criticizes communist regimes for months.

  4. KG says:

    Simple, Jay:
    Gulag=Siberian health spa.
    Concentration camp=right-wing killing factory.

  5. Darin says:

    Utopia- Noun describing a mythical country=the only country ever to tax itself into prosperity,that’s why it doesn’t exist.

  6. mara says:

    Sigh… it’s obvious. On the face of it, the Commos are race neutral; the Golden Dawn Party is RAAAAACCIST. Being racist is worse than anything else on earth. What’s new?

    • octagongrappler says:

      Its ok for sociologists to attack men who earn less than 80k as not marriage material, or women attacking blue collar men as not worthy.

      Yet Racism is of limits????

      I know a stunning woman who is a lawyer , I grew up with her and she is 39 and not married. Labour voter and social justice advocate. Yet she hates blue collar men and men who earn less than 100k????Always says where are the single lawyers etc..

      Thats the point racism is off limits its all the rage. Homophobia and sexism is also off limits :rant

  7. KG says:

    sigh……so what’s the utero re-education camps?

  8. Elijah says:

    Oh, this brings back memories of nights laced with energy drinks and hair pulling. :D

    Good luck KG.

  9. mara says:

    Grappler. To call human preferences “isms” is, I think, to devalue perfectly natural means of discrimination which are after all, just a way of saying what we like and what we do not. And what is wrong with that? What social engineers don’t understand is, that if it don’t fit, don’t force it.
    This mentality doesn’t work. Never has, never will.

    • octagongrappler says:


      I have no issues with her only wanting Lawyers, But She gives me crap when I question multicultralism. It seems I dont have the right to choose and associate with certain people but its ok for the liberal elite grrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..